Render Cleaning

Thorough | Effective | Affordable

High quality render cleaning – domestic and commercial
Removal of all organic growth,algae, dirt and grime
Experienced, friendly teams of technicians
Softwashing render cleaning method

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Red algae growing on render wall

Render cleaning Service – Where we clean

We clean all kinds of render – thoroughly and safely

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lots of dirt on a render wall

How do we clean render?

We use the safe, thorough processes to clean and remove all signs of Algae

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Why use Stardust Cleaning Services?

Fast, Efficient, Friendly, Affordable

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Softwash Render cleaning – thorough and safe

Efficient | Fast| Affordable

Are you fed up with the look of your rendered surfaces?
Does dirty, stained and soiled render spoil the appearance of your property?
Are you worried about the value of your property?

Have your rendered walls cleaned quickly and efficiently by Stardust Cleaning Services – the render cleaning specialists. We’ll clean your rendered walls in no time, restoring the look and the value of your property.

Don’t you hate those grimy rendered walls?

We have the equipment and know-how to restore your rendered surfaces to their original condition.
We’ll make your property look good without damaging your rendered walls.
We’ll protect both your property’s appearance and its value.

Render cleaning – what we clean

Does your rendering suffer from various types of algae? We’re here to help. Our claim to be experts is no idle boast. We’ve studied the science behind algae and mould growth. We have a deep insight into the causes of discoloured rendering and why it seems to attract algae growth.

We professionally clean all types of render including

  • Parex
  • K-rend
  • Weber
  • Monocouche

The techniques we employ and the biodegradable chemical formulae we use will protect your building long after we have completed the clean.

Building with black render wall
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Algae growth on a render wall
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How do we clean render?

We’ve developed specialist treatments and equipment to ensure that we deep clean your render, leaving it in the best possible physical condition. We leave your render free from both organic growth and discolouration.

We take great care with your rendered surfaces. Rendering, though attractive, can be surprisingly delicate. That’s why we use the gentle, yet thorough, soft wash cleaning method.

Rendering can also, in the long run, be especially vulnerable to harsh chemicals. All our cleaning formulae are eco-friendly and biodegradable and recommended by the render manufacturers themselves. None of the chemicals we use will invalidate your render supplier warranties.

Render cleaning Service– why use Stardust Cleaning Services?

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So many reasons!

Clients tell us they’re astonished by how fast we respond and how quickly we get the job done.

Our expert, highly trained teams use only the best, up-to-date, render cleaning equipment. With the help of eco-friendly chemicals, it ensures that every bit of unwelcome algae or slime is washed away. No rushing. No half-measures. We never cut corners – we clean them!

We’re a family run business with years of experience. We’ve been cleaning rendering from walls for many years. We understand the value of courtesy and good manners. We’ll treat your property with the respect that we treat our own. Why else do our customers come back to us time and time again?

Cleaning rendering will maintain both the appearance of your property and its value for years to come. We keep our render cleaning prices low – you’ll keep the looks and value of your property high!