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Softwash Render cleaning – thorough and safe

Are you fed up with the look of your rendered surfaces?
Does dirty, stained and soiled render spoil the appearance of your property?
Are you worried about the value of your property?

Have your rendered walls cleaned quickly and efficiently by Stardust Cleaning Services – the render cleaning specialists. We’ll clean your rendered walls in no time, restoring the look and the value of your property.

Don’t you hate those grimy rendered walls?

We have the equipment and know-how to restore your rendered surfaces to their original condition.
We’ll make your property look good without damaging your rendered walls.
We’ll protect both your property’s appearance and its value.

Render cleaning – what we clean

Does your rendering suffer from various types of algae? We’re here to help. Our claim to be experts is no idle boast. We’ve studied the science behind algae and mould growth. We have a deep insight into the causes of discoloured rendering and why it seems to attract algae growth.

We professionally clean all types of render including

  • Parex

  • K-rend

  • Weber

  • Monocouche

The techniques we employ and the biodegradable chemical formulae we use will protect your building long after we have completed the clean.

How do we clean render?

We’ve developed specialist treatments and equipment to ensure that we deep clean your render, leaving it in the best possible physical condition. We leave your render free from both organic growth and discolouration.

We take great care with your rendered surfaces. Rendering, though attractive, can be surprisingly delicate. That’s why we use the gentle, yet thorough, soft wash cleaning method.

Rendering can also, in the long run, be especially vulnerable to harsh chemicals. All our cleaning formulae are eco-friendly and biodegradable and recommended by the render manufacturers themselves. None of the chemicals we use will invalidate your render supplier warranties.

Render Cleaning Services

Professional render cleaning services ensure that your exterior surfaces are safe from cracks, moisture, and algae. It will clean the accumulated dirt and reveal the early signs of damage, if any.

Render cleaning is an essential part of house maintenance and keeps your property in prime condition. Don’t compromise on the quality and condition of your home or business. Keep your rendered surfaces looking brand new is possible with regular render cleaning and a little bit of aftercare.

What does exterior rendering do?

Rendering your exterior surfaces gives them a beautiful, smooth finish, protecting them from the harsh outdoor elements. It is common in the UK because of the added defense against the cold, wet weather.

Rendering is low maintenance and doesn’t need to be painted for a good twenty years. There are different finishes you can choose from, such as colour rendering or a pebbled finish. There are protection and glossing coats on the render to make them last and look beautiful. It gives your house or building a clean façade that boosts its curb appeal and appreciates property value. Don’t forget the feeling of pride you get when you come home or when guests or clients visit you.

Rendering is armour against the environment and the weather. Think of it as the first line of protection between your walls and what lies inside. It even gives you added insulation, bringing your bills down in the long, cold winter months.

There are different types of render you can choose from. They include textured and smooth finishes and coloured or pebbled render if you don’t want to paint. There is cement, lime, and clay render. You can also choose from acrylic and polymer-modified render that offers more protection but is expensive.

Rendering is a smart investment if you’re building, renovating, or just want to give a new look to old walls.

Main maintenance issues with outdoor rendered facades

The most common rendering in the UK is usually a mixture of lime, cement, sand, and water. It is applied with a trowel on your bricking or concrete walls. Rendering is layered on your inner wall material in two or three coats until it covers the wall completely. Lime render is used for older buildings to protect the core structure.

If your rendered walls show:

  • Cracks
  • Powdery or flaking paint
  • Rendering that is coming loose or is hollow in places
  • Mould spots on the inside
  • Dark or green spots from algae and lichen growth on the outside surface
  • Older repairs to the render that are still visible

Then you need to fix them fast. Ignoring them will cause irreversible damage to your rendered walls.

The constant weather exposure can lead to cracks on your rendered surface that allow moisture and spores to permeate in them. The dampness can permeate into the inner wall priming them for rot and decay. It can even lead to structural damage as the moisture seeps into the entire wall weakening it.

The cold winter days bring with it frost that lands on the small raised bumps on your render. It traps moisture between it and the inner wall. It leads to hairline cracks in the render that you must seal immediately to prevent further water penetration. Otherwise, the cracks will expand as the water or frost gets more space to settle in. It is the main cause of mould and rotting of timber inside your house.

Not only is it unsightly, but smells horrible and is unhygienic. The rotting wood attracts woodworms and bugs that spread rapidly and damage the structural integrity of the house.

The vegetation spores dropped by birds and wind on your render make their home in the damp or cracked areas and grow into horrible black and green spots.

Physical damage to the render makes entire pieces fall out and reveal the inner wall underneath.

You can avoid these issues with professional render cleaning services that will clean the build-up of grime and pollutants. It will reveal any surface or deeper cracks on the render so that you repair them before they spread and damage the render material.

Render cleaning will wash off the spores, and the algae and lichen growth, preventing it from spreading.

Your render cleaning company can point out the areas that need work and point you in the right direction. It will save you thousands of pounds in house repairs and the stress that goes along with it.


Rendering is a popular choice for most homeowners in the UK because it is low maintenance and has a life of almost twenty years. You don’t have to spend money on painting or surface work if you maintain and clean your rendered surfaces routinely.

You know you need render cleaning services if your exterior walls are looking grubby and washed out.

Why use only professional render cleaning companies?

  • Cleaning companies have the professional render cleaning equipment and the training required to use them
  • They will not start cleaning your render until the underlying issues like cracks and hollow spaces have been fixed. Otherwise, the water will permeate into your inner walls and lead to a whole host of other problems
  • Render is prone to cracks that come right off with too much pressure. Experienced render cleaners will never use high-pressure washers on your rendered facades as it will break the layer right off causing unrepairable damage
  • They know how to clean rendered walls with top-quality render cleaning products
  • Render cleaners can remove the algae on render and take care of any other vegetation spores making their home on your walls
  • They use soft washing render cleaning machines so that there is no damage to your outdoor surfaces
  • Exterior house cleaning companies apply protective coatings after the wash to make the wash last longer

What is the Process?

There are many different types of render done on exterior surfaces. They include self-cleaning render, K rend, and Weber. You need to wash each type accordingly, and the experts are the best people to guide you about that.

Some of the different ways cleaning companies wash render are:

Soft Washing

Soft washing requires using low-pressure equipment with jet sprays and nozzles to effectively clean your rendered walls. It is less invasive than high-pressure washers and does not damage your walls. There is no danger of breakage and chips in the walls as the low-pressure water, combined with jet sprays, gets all the accumulated grime, dirt, and hidden spores from your render surface. Soft washing with a mild detergent is a perfect K rend cleaner.

If you want to know more about low-pressure washing, look for a soft wash near me to get more details and the best quotes.

Jet Washing

Jet washing uses a high-powered stream of heated water to wash all kinds of stains, including cleaning bird poop off render. It uses power washers and hoses to clear the build-up of dirt and black spots caused by natural growth. Steam cleaning render gets even the most stubborn stains and dirt out of your rendered surfaces.

But jet or power washing for cleaning rendered walls is best left to the professionals. It breaks off pieces of your render, strips off the paint, if any, and leaves permanent marks and etchings on the rendered walls.

Therefore, don’t try to use high-pressure washers on your rendered walls. They can break through solid pieces of concrete and stone.

Cleaning specialists will carefully assess the rendered area before using power washers. They only use the required PSI levels to wash and never blast off the water at full pressure.

Render Cleaning Solution

A render cleaning solution speeds up the washing process by getting the blemishes, discolouration, and natural growth spots off. They are great for keeping your render well maintained and clean between professional washes.

Render cleaning contractors have specially formulated render cleaning solutions that work in tandem with their equipment to get your outside walls cleaner, with a pristine, even finish.

Biocide or Algae Cleaner

Biocides work as a render algae cleaner, killing the algae and preventing it from growing again. Render cleaners apply biocide during and after the cleaning process to effectively kill all algae and moss growth.

You must apply a good-quality biocide to your rendered walls, like Benz biocidal wash that keeps it safe from algae growth.

Fungal Cleaners

Fungus is commonly found on your outdoor wall beneath terraces, near windows, and roofs. It looks like small, dirty patches and spots layering your walls. If you look closely enough, you will find it’s usually a fungus growth caused by environmental factors.

A routine power or jet wash will remove it, but cleaning companies apply fungicides after the wash to stop re-growth. If ignored, it can spread and lead to serious render damage.

Reapplying the Render

Sometimes your rendered surfaces can only be fixed with a reapplication. Natural aging, poor render application, or physical damage can make the render fall out, leaving empty and hollow, gouged patches on your walls.

Render cleaning contractors can suggest which material to use to match your original render or if you need complete re-rendering. They will not wash over damaged or broken render. It will cause damage to your inner wall and can weaken the structural integrity of your house.

Specialist cleaning companies will:

  • Access your property to formulate the best plan for repairs and the render cleaning
  • Apply the biocide for cleaning algae from render
  • Follow it with low pressure render cleaning or jet wash, depending on the render material.

Specialist cleaners are experienced with all aspects of render cleaning including:

  • How to clean render before painting
  • Cleaning algae off render
  • How to clean pebble dash render
  • How to clean white rendered walls
  • Painting silicone render
  • How to clean coloured render
  • How to clean K rend and other different types of render.

Rendering is a long-term investment in your property. It not only protects your house’s exterior but also makes it look gorgeous and well maintained. Render cleaning is an essential part of building upkeep and care.


Who doesn’t love a little DIY? After all, Google and social media will give you the answers, solutions, and DIY guides for any problem you want.

But render cleaning is not easy. It requires technical equipment like low- and high-pressure washers and the knowledge to use them without damaging your exterior rendered walls.

If you don’t know how to clean render, there is only so much help you can take from Google. The most obvious mistake people make when cleaning render themselves is using a power washer when they don’t have any experience using it.

Regular homeowners are not familiar with the different types of render materials. They don’t know about their inner wall construction material and what kind of damage power washers and wrong cleaning products can make to the rendered surfaces.

Another error people make is cleaning render with bleach or painting over it. Paint on coloured or white render will improve the surface look, but it will also lock the moisture inside. It eventually leads to cracks and erosion.

Bleach will kill the living organisms on the render. But it can also ruin the render surface with discolouration and faded marks if not used correctly.

And power washers like Karcher will simply break or loosen the render off your wall when used at high PSI levels. Don’t forget the accidents and injuries that come with using high-pressure washers.

Soft wash from regular residential hoses without a jet spray will only take off the surface dirt and grime, leaving you with tired-looking walls.

Find reliable exterior house cleaning near me to protect and beautify your homes and businesses.

We offer cleaning services for all types of rendered surfaces. Our cleaning technicians are experienced with handling power washers and low-pressure washers both. We remove pesky algae, lichen, and moss growth, leaving no trace of even the spores on your walls.

Our superior cleaning solutions combined with biocides and fungicides give your render a complete rejuvenating treatment. It will increase its life span and make your rendered walls look bright and vibrant.

We also provide protective coatings for all types of render surfaces.

Catch the first signs of damage in your render and maintain their spotless façade with our professional render cleaning services.

Call now for a quote.