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Professional Exterior Cleaning Services carried out by trained experts

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Exterior House Cleaning Services

Our professional exterior cleaning services are not limited to just traditional cleaning methods and pressure washing. We use a combination of modern technology and specialised cleaning techniques to give your exterior surfaces a deep clean that shows.

Our cleaning contractors are equipped with the latest commercial-grade cleaning equipment and are certified to use it. Entrust your exterior property cleaning in the hands of our experienced and reliable cleaning professionals for a result that is visible.

We don’t believe in a one-cleaning approach that suits all. We customise our cleaning methods to suit your specific requirements that meet your needs.

Breathe new life into your dull and grimy exteriors with Stardust Cleaning Services, a trusted name in the professional exterior cleaning industry in the UK.

Exterior Cleaning

Our exterior cleaning services include:

…commercial exteriors.  If your cladding is looking a little worse for wear and affecting your business image, look no further. We have experience with cleaning all types of cladding surfaces, from wood and metal to stone and wood.

Our specialised cleaning staff will never use a power wash on fibreglass or apply cleaning solutions that corrode your metal cladding. Our company always starts a job with a complete assessment of the exterior surface to be cleaned. Our job begins with:

  • A complete assessment of the cladding surface to be cleaned
  • Any damages like cracks, rotting, and corrosion are pointed out so that there is no damage to your cladding
  • Growth and microorganisms are killed with the appropriate solutions
  • The cladding surface is cleaned with soft, jet, or power wash according to your cladding needs
  • Sealants and protective solutions are applied for a longer-lasting clean

Never worry about dirty cladding again with our professional cladding cleaning services.

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…your exterior services. We use bio-degradable and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that deliver a squeaky-clean finish without any damage.

Even the slightest sign of graffiti can set off a chain reaction of damaging paint and ink on your walls and buildings. Call us at the first sign of graffiti on your property and save yourself from expensive repairs and uninvited street art that garners a negative image.

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…render cleaning services. We remove all signs of algae growth from your render and restore its colour and finish. We understand that rendered surfaces are delicate and require careful care. Therefore, we combine soft washing with eco-friendly cleaning solutions to give your rendered exteriors an immaculate finish and a longer life.

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…business property? Rid your outdoor surfaces of stubborn chewing gum globs with our professional chewing gum removal services.

We clean chewing gum from your driveways, pathways, business premises, and walls.

Don’t compromise on your business reputation and hygiene. We use a combination of heating and jet washing to leave your exterior surfaces free of chewing gum spatters and stains without any sticky residue.

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…debris and the growth that rolls down your gutters. A clean and hygienic exterior environment can only be achieved with routine gutter maintenance.

Our efficient gutter cleaning services ensure a thorough sweep of your guttering, flushing out debris, leaves, twigs, and bulky foreign objects. Our specialist cleaners inspect, clean, and unblock your gutters to keep your homes and business free of leaks, rot, mould, and bugs.

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…grimy fascia and soffit. Getting your roofing and walls washed without fascia and soffit cleaning will only make it look even dirtier. It’s an offending mar against a clean house exterior.
We use soft washing techniques to clean your uPVC, aluminum, or wood fascia and soffit without any harm. We diligently check for any repairs or damages before the cleaning process.
Our expert team of cleaners gets the cleaning done from ground level for a height of thirty feet. That gives you low-cost fascia and soffit cleaning services that fit into your regular maintenance budget.

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…specialised commercial washing services. Our experienced and friendly team of cleaners quickly and efficiently clean your exterior surfaces without any interruption to your business operations.

Give your clients a hygienic and hazard-free environment with our professional commercial pressure washing services.

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…leave your solar panels covered in a layer of dust and grime. Not only does it look dirty, but it also restricts its effectiveness at absorbing sunlight.

We use:

  • Purified water (Reach and Wash)
  • Water-fed and extension poles
  • Soft brush attachments

It gives your solar panels a deep clean that removes all signs of dust, growth, and pollutants from them without any damage. You get solar panels that don’t just look good but work at their max efficiency as well.

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…Dirty and unmaintained car parks are a surefire way of losing your customers. Plus that reflects negatively on your business image.

Avail our efficient and effective car park cleaning services for an immaculate car park that invites customers, not drives them away.

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…Then our soft washing services are for you. We deliver an exceptional clean with mild cleaning solutions and a thorough soft wash without any damage to your property exterior.

No flaking, no breaking, no cracks.

Only flawless and smooth results with our soft washing cleaning services.

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…unprofessional. Eliminate the streaks and the grub from your business widows with our commercial window cleaning services.

We offer fully insured commercial cleaning services carried out by our reliable and trained cleaning technicians. Give your clients a spot-free façade that attracts and beckons with cleaning that shows.

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Pressure Washing Services

Pressure washing removes even the most difficult stains, growth, and grime from your exterior surfaces. Revamp and restore your home and business with our professional power washing services.

Our pressure washing services include:

…affordable block paving cleaning services. We utilise the expertise and experience of our cleaning staff to give you block pavements that are free of stains, growth, and grime.

Relax, unwind, and enjoy the guaranteed clean that comes with professionals that know how to clean.

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…But should you leave your driveway dirty and packed full of grease stains? It will ruin the look of your home, and the routine wear and tear without maintenance will make it unsafe.
Avail of our specialised driveway cleaning services that get out even the most stubborn oil stains and build-up of dirt with pressure washing. Enjoy parking in a driveway that reflects the pride you have in your home.
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…deep-rooted dirt and stains that cannot be cleaned with traditional methods. It effectively cleans all exterior surfaces of dirt, growth, stains, and environmental exposure.

We offer jet washing for all your outdoor areas like decking, patios, outdoor furniture, walls, fences, paths, and more.

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…enlisting the help of our reliable patio cleaning services. We use only pressure cleaning equipment that washes away the dirt from every nook and cranny of your patio. We don’t use any harmful chemical cleaners or abrasive cleaning equipment.

Never sit on a dirty and dull patio again. Trust us with delivering you a patio that is:

  • Grime-free
  • Growth-free
  • Stain-free

Take the first step. Get Pricing Now.

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…capable brick cleaning services. We treat your bricking with the reverence and love it deserves with the pressure washing that only cleans, not damages.

Maintain and increase your property value with a cleaning company that understands your needs with our brick cleaning services.

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…clean dirt, moss, algae, lichen, oil and grease stains, and graffiti from your exterior premises. It is the perfect alternative to pressure washing where delicate surfaces such as limestone or older bricking require careful maneuvering and restoration.

Leave the safety and cleaning of your domestic and commercial property exteriors in our capable hands with our effective power washing services.

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…tried and tested decking cleaning services. Our expert team of cleaners uses eco-friendly cleaners with targeted streams of water to power-wash the build-up of dirt and pollutants from your decking. We finish with sealant and coatings that further protect your decking and extend its life.

Employ our decking cleaning services to protect and maintain your decking today.

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…and other exterior surfaces. They burrow beneath the surface material and slowly spread to the entire area. Our black spot lichen removal services ensure the complete removal of black spots from your property exteriors.

We not only kill the lichen growth underneath but also take care of them:

  • Stubborn black spots beneath the stone or surface
  • Existing spores or beginning of a lichen infestation
  • Protection against future lichen growth

Our experienced team of cleaning professionals uses the force of high-pressure washers and the heat of power washers to get rid of the ugly black and green spots littering your exterior surfaces. Our cleaning methodology ensures a perfect clean every time.

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…But if left unchecked, it can spread between cracks and crevices, causing irreparable damage. It leads to cracks, leaks, structural damage, and mould.

Employ the services of our qualified and trustworthy cleaning specialists to eliminate moss from your outdoor surfaces. We use heavy-duty moss cleaning solutions to kill the moss before pressure washing. Our use of moss killers and protective solutions prevent further re-growth.

Our staff is certified and trained to remove moss from all outdoor surfaces without any damage to surrounding areas.

Choose well. Choose smart. Use our fast and affordable moss removal services to maintain your exteriors and extend their life.

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We’re Not Like Other Cleaning Companies

Learn how we’re true experts and world-class exterior cleaners, striving to be transparent, honest and the best at what we do:

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We understand each client has different requirements. Therefore, we put your needs first to give you:

  • Cost-effective cleaning solutions
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  • Insurance for your peace of mind
  • Quality cleaning services for all your exterior services
  • We’re reliable – we turn up on time, every time.
  • We offer unbeatable value for money. We’re not the cheapest – but we aim to be the best … and at a price that’s fair and affordable.
  • Every customer is different, so we make sure that every cleaning service we offer is bespoke to their needs.
  • Whatever cleaning service we provide, you’ll have a dedicated contact who will keep you up-to-date with the process.
  • We’re efficient – Our expert, highly trained teams use only the best, up-to-date, commercial cleaning equipment. No rushing. No half-measures. We never cut corners – we clean them!

Entrust us with your home and business exteriors and benefit from a complete range of cleaning services done by experienced and qualified professionals.

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Commercial and Domestic Cleaning Accreditations

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Here at Stardust Cleaning Services, we wear our badges with pride. We’ve spent years in the Commercial and Domestic cleaning sector, building our reputation, experience and qualifications.

As the leading Cleaning company in the East Midlands, we’re a member of numerous accreditation bodies. We make sure we use only the latest proven equipment, tools and techniques for our cleaning work.

These are all industry approved and support us in our guarantees to our customers.

Our technicians are trained to the highest professional standards of cleaning techniques and practices. We owe our success to the standards that they apply in their work.

As an accredited member of many professional industry associations, we stand proudly at the forefront of the cleaning industry. Our membership of these bodies demonstrates our commitment to that industry and our customers.

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All services provided by Stardust Cleaning Services are accredited by the British Institute of Cleaning Science.

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