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Patio cleaning with pressure washing

Is your patio dirty, grimy, and full of mould and algae?

Would you like to know how to clean algae from patio slabs?

Does it spoil the look of your home?

Here’s the answer:
Pressure washing to clean your patio

Pressure washing. Protecting your family and property.

Take a look at your patio.

Is there a build-up of algae, moss mould, slime and dirt?

Are they ruining the look of your home’s exterior?

Is your home devaluing because of this?

A slippery patio surface can be dangerous too.

Do you want to be held responsible for accidents or injury?

The longer you leave your patio dirty, the more difficult it will be to clean.

Pressure washing your patio – where do we clean?

The most effective way to clean your patio is with pressure washing technology.

During the wet winter months, patios get covered in dirt, mould, and slime.

They become slippery. Dangerously so. You need to protect your patio and your family.

A pressure cleaning solution is required. Fast! Before your patio becomes a hazard.

Our professional patio cleaning service will restore your patio to its pristine best.

Rest assured that our patio pressure cleaning equipment, will have those slabs or paving looking as good as new!

Regular patio cleaning

For high-pressure jet cleaning to be effective, we need to visit you twice a year. Cleaning concrete patios and other patio types to the highest standards is what we do.

Ideally cleaning should be done in Spring and Autumn. The more often we pressure wash your patio, the less chance that algae, moss and slime will build up.

How do we carry out our patio cleaning service?

  • Step 1 – We measure out the area that needs pressure washing.
  • Step 2 – We confirm the price before preparing to pressure clean. Of course, we need access to electricity and a water source.
  • Step 3 – With the pressure washing machine set up, we start the patio cleaning process. The machine shoots out a powerful stream of water, blasting away dirt and grime from your patio—no need for detergents. The high-pressure water alone is enough.

We can only carry out a patio jet washing service if there’s sufficient near drainage.

Patio cleaning services near me?

Did you search “patio cleaning services near me?”. Cleaning a patio will remove dirt, mould, moss and mildew. Our service will help to refresh your property’s exterior.

Many try the DIY cleaning approach, using various methods including using warm water, cleaning concrete patios with bleach, rinsing off with clean water, and so on. But there’s no substitute for hiring a professional pressure washing expert if you want that deep clean.

Damp weather encourages the growth of algae. You can attempt to remove algae with a good patio cleaner, soapy water, baking soda, washing up liquid, and a few other cleaning solutions. But to get a truly fantastic clean, use experts patio and driveway cleaners, like Stardust.

We’ll clean-up any stained areas, any dirty paving stones, ensure you receive a fantastic cleaning service.

You’ll need a pressure washer which is not a DIY job. Choose a patio cleaning company like Stardust, and we’ll start cleaning.

Hire Stardust Cleaning to do the jobs you don’t want to do

Stardust uses industrial pressure washers. Industrial pressure washers aren’t available to the average homeowner. Let Stardust put in the elbow grease. Black spot and white spot show after a few years.

They start small but as they grow as known as lichen. If left untreated, lichen can continue to grow. Lichen will eventually cover your patio.

It’s better to treat lichen early and regularly. For this, you’ll need to hire a professional cleaner.

Stardust Cleaning knows the best way to clean a patio. We clean patio slabs. We provide the best patio cleaning services available.

Multi coloured patio slabs
Pressure washing technician cleaning a garden patio

Trust the cleaning experts to clean your patio the right way

Would you like to know how to clean a patio with Jeyes Fluid? Would you like to know ways of cleaning patio slabs with bleach?

Cleaning patio with bleach may be the right solution. But it depends on the type of patio that you have. Stardust will know the best solution for your particular patio.

Looking for patio cleaning fluid? Or looking for “patio cleaning near me”?

Or whether cleaning patio slabs with washing powder will work? Stardust can provide professional advice.

Well, Stardust provides a much more effective cleaning solution, as we use industrial solutions which get the job done more quickly.

We provide longer-lasting results.

Using industrial-grade pressure washers for best results

We also use industrial pressure washers which aren’t feasible for homeowners to obtain. We also know the correct pressure (bar) to use, to avoid damage to your patio slabs.

So trust the experts, for better results. What about how to clean a sandstone patio?

When you’ve got weeds growing, with lots of lichen and black spot, you need to use a professional cleaner.

Keeping your patio weed-free for longer

We’ll pre-treat the patio, lightly power wash with hot water around 90 degrees Celsius and post-treat the patio. It will come up looking clean and tidy. Professional patio cleaning is an ideal solution for Indian sandstone patios.

We remove weeds

Use the correct solution when cleaning patio pavers. There are many steps to cleaning pavers, and we tend to find that many DIYers at least a few steps. You’ll need to remove weeds.

If you remove weeds properly, they shouldn’t return for six months or so. Stardust uses powerful herbicides.

We know the precise mix from years of experience and know-how.

Get the job done right, first time

A professional cleaner must properly seal pavers. Sealing pavers helps to protect your investment. Before hiring a cleaner, check they will carry out this task, if appropriate to do at the time. Call Stardust today.

A patio paver re-seal should be carried out every couple of years at a minimum. Choose Stardust.

Repair pavers when necessary, so they will last longer and look newer for longer. Replace pavers when necessary. Please don’t neglect this step, as it will keep your patio looking newer for longer.

Stardust use the latest pressure cleaning technology to ensure the best results!
That’s where Stardust Cleaning comes in.

Expert patio cleaning services

We provide expert patio cleaning services and understand that keeping your home’s exterior in tip-top condition is essential to you, to improve kerb appeal.

Do you want to know how to clean a patio without chemicals? Not everyone has the time or patience to clean the exterior of their property—this why there are cleaning companies like us.

Not sure of the best way to approach patio cleaning?

Are you searching for ways of how to clean a patio without a pressure washer? How about how to clean patio slabs with bleach?

Or just different ways of how to clean patio stones? Stardust cleaning provides the best way to clean patio slabs and other kinds of a patio. Enhancing your patio is usually best left to an expert. Contact Stardust.

You may have read online guides on our website about patio cleaning chemicals and patio cleaning tools to use. Call Stardust.

driveway and patio cleaning services
Driveway cleaning with a pressure washer

Confused by all the different cleaning options for your patio?

The vast range of patio cleaning methods can be quite confusing to the homeowner. Some guides mention how to clean patio slabs without a pressure washer.

The patio cleaning approach depending on the type and condition of the patio. Pressure washing is often the best option for a cleaner, newer looking patio. For patios made from softer materials, jet washing (which uses heat) is usually the better option.

Some DIYers use bleach. Some DIYers find that cleaning patio slabs with vinegar work well for them. Some DIYers find that cleaning patio slabs with washing power works.

Not all patios are the same. Different approaches work better for different types of patio.

If you’re unsure of which kind of patio you have or which cleaning approach is applicable, use an expert cleaner.

Please don’t leave it too long to have your patio professionally cleaned

Many homeowners tend to leave it too long before cleaning their patio. Cleaning patio stones must be a regular task.

So whether your patio is concrete, natural slate, natural stone, natural limestone, natural sandstone, or natural granite, there’s a cleaning solution.

Need mould and algae removal services?

We know exactly how to clean patio slabs with pressure washer machines, using our tried and trusted cleaning expertise.

But each cleaning approach will be different. In terms of general patio maintenance, any of your patio’s paving slabs which have seen better days can be replaced.

Your patio type might be paving slabs, paving blocks (often known as block paving), carpet stones (stone cobbles) and so on.

Worried about your guests thinking your patio looks old and tatty?

Enjoy those alfresco Summer evenings in the back garden. When your patio has had a deep clean by a professional cleaning company, you’ll feel better!

This Summer, will you be entertaining with a few drinks? Will you be having a BBQ or just relaxing on the sun lounger on a lovely Summer’s day? You don’t want lichen on your patio. Choose Stardust.

Hire a professional cleaner like Stardust today.

Are you looking for a homemade patio cleaning solution and how to clean garden patio tiles? Call Stardust for a chat today. We clean all types of outdoor surfaces, including driveways and patios.

Southern facing patios will tend to have less moss since sunlight kills moss naturally.

North facing patios will tend to have more moss growth though. Choose Stardust.

Moss, algae, lichen and so on, can all be removed by Stardust Cleaning.

Patio and driveway cleaning services

Whilst your professional cleaner is at your home to clean your patio, they can also clean your driveway.

So whether you need decking cleaning, driveway cleaning, block paving cleaning, concrete cleaning, pressure washing services, power washing
services, jet washing or other types of home exterior cleaning, let us know.

Have you ever tried cleaning your patio by yourself?

You’ll know small domestic pressure washers such as Karcher can’t achieve a deep clean. Choose Stardust.

Patio slabs covered in black spot Lichen spores
Multi coloured paving slabs with lush green plants either side.

World-class patio cleaning services near you

Stardust uses industrial pressure washers. Industrial pressure washing machines cost several thousand pounds to purchase. But they get the job done to the highest standards.

DIY patio cleaners tend to turn all settings to the highest. Depending on the type of patio, this can cause damage.

In untrained hands, a pressure washer can be dangerous. Pressure washers can cause injury to people and pets and damage to your home.

Imagine a stone hitting your greenhouse due to an incorrectly angled pressure jet.

We’ll take care of keeping paved areas clean and tidy.

From block paving to cleaning paving slabs, and other outdoor surfaces, Stardust are here to help.

Trust the experts

Trust the experts. We use the very best pressure washers and rotary cleaners, and we know how to use them.

Why use elbow grease and patio cleaning brushes? Instead, hire Stardust and can provide the solution you’ve been looking for. We know the best way to clean patios and driveways.

If you want fantastic cleaning services, choose Stardust! Having your driveway pressure washed or power washed has never been easier. Have your patio and driveway cleaned together?

Outdoor furniture such as garden furniture cleaning can be carried out in several ways. Simply sweeping your patio isn’t enough. Giving furniture a good scrubbing is a fantastic idea.

The cleaning process depends on the furniture type.

Cleaning wooden outdoor furniture can be achieved using three heaped tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda. Then mix two parts white vinegar and one and a half parts water (warm or hot water).

Using elbow grease

Stubborn areas may need more elbow grease!

When considering cleaning and decluttering your patio furniture, just asked Stardust when we’re out cleaning your patio. You’ll find out how to clean oxidised metal patio furniture,

We’re happy to clean any patio. We can also help with concrete paving, crazy paving and driveways!

All work carried out to the highest standards. Using high pressure to blast through the toughest dirt and grime.

Book jet washing services today. Our Whirlaway pressure cleaning machines and high-pressure rotary cleaning machines will make light work of dirty and grime. We remove unsightly lichen and black spot.

Black spot lichen removal is straightforward when you choose Stardust Cleaning.

We cover Leicestershire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire areas.

If you’re in Kettering, Wellingborough, Northampton, Milton Keynes, Bedford or surrounding villages, towns and cities, give us a call.

We’re your local cleaners.