Expert Gutter Cleaning Service carried out by trained professionals

Get gutter cleaning done quickly from ground level

  • A one-month guarantee for no blockage

  • Before’ and ‘after’ cleaning pictures of the guttering

  • Reducing the risk of mould growth & pest infestations

  • High-reach, ground level gutter cleaning equipment

  • Protect your roof and walls – inside & out

  • Protect the value of your home

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Gutter Clearance

Keeping your home clean, smart & safe

Way up high you can’t see the moss, leaves and twigs.
Out of sight, out of mind? Maybe until the £000s repair bill for fixing your roof, walls, and ceilings. And don’t forget the health risks caused by damp and mould.

But there is an answer:
Gutter and downpipe cleaning from Stardust Cleaning Services – the specialists. Keeping your home clean, smart, and safe.

Moss, leaves, twigs, plastic bags, and other debris. They all get stuck in your gutters and downpipes. The problem is, they’re often out of sight. You can’t easily see the damage they do to the fabric of your home. Not to mention the possible damage that interior damp and mould can do to your health. Blocked gutters can ruin the look of your home – and its value.

Gutter cleaning – where do we clean?

Do you put off having your gutters and downpipes cleaned? You know they need doing. You can see the stain on your walls and the damp patches inside the house. You can hear the constant trickle and ‘drip-drip’ after every shower. Do you put to the back of your mind the damage to your home … and its value?

Gutters are awkward to see into and difficult to reach. They’re often given little attention.  Over time, they will naturally fill with moss, leaves, twigs, and other debris.  This stops rainwater from flowing properly and can lead to leaks, mould, pests, and damp. None of this is good for your property.

No need for a cherry picker

We’ll get all that gunge cleared in a jiffy! Using our industry-leading cleaning system, we will safely inspect and clear gutters up to 4 stories high from ground level.  No need for ladders or cherry pickers!

Regular gutter cleaning

For clearing residential gutter to be effective, we need to be visiting you twice a year – ideally in spring and autumn. Your guttering will fill with debris whatever the season.

How do we carry out our cleaning service?

Our equipment sucks up all the debris that’s blocking your gutter. It doesn’t just wash it over the edge of the gutter or into the downpipe. It easily removes the largest clumps of moss, twigs, or plant matter – ruthlessly flushing through your gutters.

We use inspection cameras to get a thorough look at the gutter and downpipe. We check that water flows properly and we don’t leave any debris behind. When we carry out your gutter cleaning, we guarantee

  • Fast and friendly service from our father and son team
  • Professional gutter cleaning equipment operated from the ground – no ladders required
  • Inspection cameras
  • Safe removal of debris – no fuss, no mess
  • Flexible equipment that can reach gutters up to 4 storeys high using our telescopic pole.
  • Fully trained and uniformed cleaning staff
  • Month guarantee
  • Suitable for domestic & Commercial gutter cleaning
  • Fixed prices
  • Fully Insured


Call us for professional gutter cleaning services for your domestic and commercial properties.

Stardust Cleaning offers specialised gutter cleaning and maintenance services, from clearing blocked gutters to minor and major remedial gutter repairs. We have experience with both local and industrial guttering systems.

Prevent, prepare and repair to keep your gutters functioning perfectly all year round with high-quality cleaning services within your budget. Avoid costly repairs caused by water damage to your roofing and exterior surfaces with the help of our expert gutter technicians.

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Your gutters are the first line of defence against leakages, mould, and dampness. They work by effectively draining the rainwater from the roofs and away from your property.

Clogged or dirty gutters and blocked downspouts cause rainwater to accumulate on your roof surface and  lead to:

  • Curling roof shingles
  • Leakages in your roof that drip inside property exterior, which leads to mould and mildew
  • Rotting fascia boards dirty soffit
  • Moss, lichen, and algae growth
  • Pest infestation like bugs and rats
  • Rotting wood which leads to woodworms and carpenter ants
  • Waterlogging near your property foundation leads to structural damage

You can avoid all of that with regular gutter cleaning services done by experienced professionals. Stardust Cleaning Company employs certified, local gutter cleaners experienced with all types of guttering materials and systems.

We make gutter cleaning hassle-free.

We use powerful gutter cleaning vacuums and machines to rid your gutters of even the largest clumps of blockages. Our safe Sky Vac gutter clearing system can be operated from the ground to a height of 4 stories.

There is no need for dangerous ladders and invasive scaffolding. Our flexible telescopic poles can reach difficult to reach corners, which are impossible to clean without ladders.

We use combination ladders combined with carbon fire poles and gutter vacuums for high rise commercial buildings. Any debris or trash on your roof is cleaned beforehand and deposited offsite. That leaves no chance of any debris, leaves and twigs finding their way back into your gutters.

We use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and the latest cleaning equipment and tools, with strict adherence to safety protocols and measures. We ensure a guaranteed clean every time with visible results and promised customer satisfaction.

From Oxford, Leicester, and Nottingham to Birmingham and Coventry and everywhere in between, call Stardust Cleaning by checking gutter cleaning near me to get your nearest location.

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Our dedicated work ethics and high standards drive us to go beyond delivering mediocre and sub-standard services. We strive to meet all our customer requirements and needs by listening and communicating with them.

We aim to give you faultless services that exceed your expectations and never disappoint. We have:

  • Industry compliant methodologies and techniques
  • The latest gutter cleaning equipment and tools
  • Sophisticated drain cameras for gutter inspection, clearing and repairs
  • Certified and trained gutter cleaners
  • Flexible and quick appointment times
  • Full insurance

Our friendly customer service is always available to answer any queries you have or schedule a visit.  Our priority is to provide you with expert gutter cleaning services at affordable prices without any mess.

We understand that disruptions to a business operation can make a negative impact on customers and profits. That’s why we aim to provide you with quick and efficient services with minimum disruption.

We understand the pride homeowners and business proprietors have for their homes and businesses. We also empathise with the sweat and tears involved in running a business or making a home.

That’s why we treat your property and assets with the utmost respect and professionalism. We arrive on time, do our work quietly and diligently and within the promised deadline.

As a family-run business, we put immense value on building and maintaining relationships. We pride ourselves on offering transparent and honest services. Our integrity and commitment to our work speak for themselves. That has made Stardust the go-to cleaning company for our existing customers.


Stardust Cleaning Company offers a comprehensive range of exterior and interior cleaning services for your homes and businesses. Along with your annual or sub-annual gutter cleaning, you can get any of your exteriors’ pressure, steam, jet or soft-washed.

We also offer roof and cladding repairs, with moss and lichen removal from roofs, block pavements, fascias and soffits and patios.

Our complete range of guttering services include:


We offer complete gutter cleaning services, including unblocking downspouts with water efficiency tests after service. We also provide roof, soffit, and fascia cleaning services for a uniform and flawlessly clean.

Save time and money by getting your roofing and guttering maintenance done in one sitting. Our helpful cleaning crew is always available to give you any advice or tips you need. They also inform you about any repairs you need before the service.

Our gutter cleaning methods include both machine and manual cleaning. We clean the gutter sides and corners with a gutter cleaning brush and scoop out the debris that isn’t accessible with a gutter cleaning machine.

Our gutter cleaning services are thorough, and you won’t find any leftover caked mud or clumps near or inside your gutter. We also wash off any moss or algae growth outside your gutters with a pressure hose. That stops it from spreading inside your gutters or on your roof.

We leave your gutters clean and functioning perfectly, equipped to face the onslaught of fall leaves and winter rains.


Our services are not only limited to gutter cleaning. We offer gutter repair and maintenance services as well. Whether you are looking for a one-time cleaning and repair service or a routine cleaning program, we do both.

Our gutter repair and maintenance services include:

  • Fixing sagging or loose gutters
  • Correcting gutter tilt and position
  • Replacing gutter brackets, joints and missing gutter caps
  • Checking gutter joins and union pieces
  • Replacing broken gutter and downspout gutter brackets
  • Replacing rotting fascia boards
  • Installing and cleaning gutter guards
  • Resealing leaking gutter joints and repairing leakages
  • Flashing repairs

Our guttering experts can carry out both small and large scale gutter repairs, including new gutter installation. We are familiar with all types of gutters, including aluminium, cast iron, concrete and PVC.

We also know how to work with all sized gutters and shapes, including half-round, Kline, box, and Ogee gutters.


Our local gutter specialists are on-call round the clock for guttering emergencies like overflowing gutters, gutter leaks, and broken gutters. We also offer installation of new guttering services as well installing and correcting gutter positions optimum water flow.

Our gutter and roof technicians work with you to give you an effective guttering system within your budget. Our long term and effective gutter solutions will keep your gutters and property protected from rainwater and erosion.

We arrive at your location with a fully stocked van to handle all types of guttering emergencies quickly, with minimum damage. You can get an obligation free quote for any gutter installation and repair services you are interested in.

Gutter cleaning is the smartest preventive measure you can take for protecting your homes and businesses from internal and external water damage. Clear gutters help keep your property dry, extending the life of your bricks, cladding, rendering, and roofing.

It keeps your home and business environment safe and hygienic and increases its curb appeal.

After all, first impressions matter! Whether it is with paying clients, potential customers or having guests over at home. Home and business maintenance starts from within. Gutters may be hidden from view, but ignoring their cleaning and maintenance won’t make their blockages disappear.

You may require gutter cleaning at least twice a year to keep your gutters clear of blockages. For properties surrounded by denser woodlands, it can go up to more than that.

Leave your guttering cleaning and repair needs in our capable hands and enjoy a stress-free lifestyle and work environment. Call Stardust cleaning Company for professional gutter cleaning services at a cost-competitive price and quick response time.

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