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Driveway cleaning with pressure washing

Fed up with a dirty, grimy driveway or patio?
Does it spoil the look of your property?

Here’s the answer:
Professional driveway services.

Pressure washing – Protecting property and people

Take a look at your driveway. Is there a build-up of algae, weeds moss, slime, oil, and dirt? Are they ruining the look of your property – and its value. A slippery or oily drive can be dangerous too.

Do you want to be held responsible for accidents or injury? The longer you leave your driveway dirty, the more difficult it will be to clean it.

Pressure washing your driveway – where do we clean?

The best way to clean block paving is with pressure washing technology.

During the wet winter months, driveways and patios get covered in moss, mould, and slime.

They become slippery – dangerously so. You need to protect your driveway and your people.

You need a pressure cleaning solution – fast. Before your property becomes a hazard.

Our professional driveways, paths cleaning service will restore your drive to its pristine best. Our industry-leading pressure washer equipment will have that tarmac, concrete or block paving looking as good as new – in no time at all!

Pressure washing technician cleaning a garden patio

Regular driveway cleaning

For high-pressure jet cleaning to be effective, we need to be visiting you twice a year – ideally in spring and autumn. The more often we pressure wash your driveway or patio, the less chance that moss, algae, weeds, oil stains and slime will build up.

How do we carry out our driveway cleaning solution?

  • Step 2 – We confirm the price before preparing the equipment. We need access to electricity and a water source.
  • Step 3 – With the pressure washing machine set up, we start the cleaning process. The machine shoots out a powerful stream of water, blasting away accumulated dirt and grime from your driveway. No need for detergents. The pressurised water alone is enough.

Jet washing requires enough drainage to be nearby.

How do I find a professional driveway cleaning company?

Stardust provides professional driveway services. We can clean driveways, paths, etc. and come highly recommended.

Whether your driveway is concrete, tarmac, etc., the cleaning work carries a quality assurance. Tarmac surfaces come up clean. Driveways, patios, decking, you name it, Stardust can clean it.

Driveway cleaning companies: Which one should you choose?

Choose Stardust. Check our many happy customer testimonials and reviews.

How do I find a driveway cleaning service near me?

If you’ve searched “driveway cleaning near me” and found this page, then you’ve come to the right website. If you need your driveway cleaning, contact Stardust.

How do I find block paving cleaning near me?

If you’ve searched “block paving cleaning near me,” then you’re probably looking to hire a driveway cleaner. Stardust can help.

How do I find driveway cleaning and sealing near me?

If you’ve searched “driveway cleaning and sealing near me” and you need a driveway cleaning company, then Stardust can assist you.

Driveway cleaning in Northampton
Steam removal for Lichen growth
Dirty driveway cleaning

How do I find driveway cleaning jobs?

Stardust Cleaning is often looking for experienced cleaning operatives to carry out driveway cleaning jobs. Contact us and send your CV to be considered for a position.

How do I find patio cleaning services near me?

If you’ve searched “patio cleaning services near me,” you’re probably in need of a patio cleaner. Stardust can assist you.

How do I find driveway sealing services near me?

If you’ve searched “driveway sealing services near me,” it sounds like you’re looking for a driveway sealing services company. Stardust can help.

How do I find a professional patio cleaner?

Are you looking for a professional patio cleaner? Stardust are experts.

How do I find patio maintenance near me?

If you’ve searched “patio maintenance near me,” it looks like you need a patio maintenance service. Keeping your patio looking fantastic requires a professional’s touch. Stardust can help with this.

How do I find patio paver cleaning companies?

Patio companies have a very specialist method of ensuring weeds, moss, etc., so they’re unlikely to come back for a long time, which is often very difficult paver cleaning with a DIY cleaner approach. Hire Stardust today.

How do I find aggregate driveway cleaning and sealing companies?

Aggregate driveway cleaning and sealing is a service that Stardust Cleaning carries out to the highest professional standards. Aggregate is a broad term used interchangeably with gravel. It can include sand, crushed stone, concrete, and other materials.

What’s the purpose of blackjack driveway sealer?

Blackjack driveway sealer ensures your driveway remains in a fantastic condition and can provide resistance to wear and tear, making your driveway last longer. Stardust Cleaning can help with this.

Is block paving restoration a good idea?

Often block paving restoration is preferable to a new block paving driveway or block paving patio. If it’s possible, we’d recommend going with restoration over a new patio deck, if possible. Stardust Cleaning can help with this.

What’s the benefits and options for a clean driveway?

Having a clean driveway can help to keep your family, you and your pets safe. It can also improve your property’s kerb appeal. Helping you to maintain the value of your property. Hire Stardust Cleaning for a professional cleaning service.

How do I find a concrete cleaning service near me?

If you’ve searched “concrete cleaning service near me,” you’ll probably be looking for a professional cleaning company to help with your concrete driveway or concrete patio. Choose a reputable cleaning company to help with this cleaning task. Stardust Cleaning can assist with this.

Driveway cleaning and sealing – is it worth it?

Driveway cleaning and sealing is a popular service provided by professional cleaning companies. It’s certainly worth it as it keeps your driveway looking fantastic. Cleaning your driveway is a great idea, and sealing your driveway after every clean is vital. Stardust Cleaning can help with this.

Block paving cleaninger
Driveway cleaning with the Whirlaway
Block Paving Cleaner carrying out work in Wellingborough

What does driveway cleaning cost? What’s the price of driveway cleaning

Driveway cleaning costs can vary depending on location, type of driveway, and the size. Around £100 to £300+ is what you’d expect to pay. Stardust Cleaning can provide you with all your professional cleaning needs.

What type of driveway cleaning equipment is used?

Cleaning equipment includes a pressure washing machine. The consensus amongst cleaning experts is that the lower-cost home use pressure washers don’t typically have enough power to provide the deep clean that a commercial grade pressure washer can provide.

Commercial-grade pressure washers must be operated by a trained professional. Stardust Cleaning can help with this.

How do I find driveway coating companies near me?

If you’ve searched for “driveway coating companies near me,” you’ll likely be looking for cleaning quotes to improve and protect your driveway.  The coating is an excellent idea.

Driveway experts – why should I use them?

Driveway experts fall into the category of experts who can create and replace driveways and patios and cleaning companies who provide maintenance to driveways or patios.

Hire a professional rather than going down the DIY route, to prevent any damage done to your driveway and ensure your driveway has a professional clean. Stardust Cleaning can help with this.

What are typical driveway jet washing prices in the UK?

Jet washing prices are generally between £100 and £300+. Stardust Cleaning can help with this.

Driveway pressure cleaning – how popular is it?

High-pressure cleaning is popular amongst homeowners. Many hire professional driveway pressure cleaning companies to carry out the work.

Hiring a cleaner allows them to spend more time doing what they want to do, such as spending more time with their family, safe in the knowledge that their cleaning is being taken care of by an expert. Stardust Cleaning can help with this.

Driveway pressure washing prices in the UK?

Driveway pressure washing prices in the UK are typically anywhere between £100 and £300+. Stardust Cleaning can help with this.

Driveway restoration? Is it a good idea?

Driveway restoration is often preferable to having a new driveway. It depends on how damaged and how much wear and tear the driveway has.

This is a typical driveway service. Are you looking for block paving maintenance? We can help.

How do I find driveway sanding services near me?

If you’ve searched “driveway sanding near me,” you’re probably looking for kiln dried sand to be applied to a block paved driveway. Driveway sanding is essential following pressure washing. It’s a step that’s often missed out by many DIY pressure washers.

How do I find driveway steam cleaning services?

Driveway steam cleaning is essential to maintain its longevity. When steam cleaning, move the cleaning wand back and forth to loosen accumulated dirt and grime.

Steam uses much less water than pressure washing, using only 5 litres per minute rather than 30 litres per minute with pressure washing.

Hire a professional steam cleaner to carry out the work. Stardust Cleaning is a cleaning business that can help with this.

How much does patio cleaning cost?

It depends on your property’s location, the size and structure of your patio, and the patio’s current condition. Prices start from as little as £100 to £300 and more. Stardust Cleaning can help with this.

How do I hire a professional cleaner to provide an outdoor patio cleaning service?

Exterior cleaning and outdoor cleaning are terms used interchangeably. Patio cleaning utilising a pressure washing machine is an ideal solution.

Hire a professional cleaner to carry out these cleaning tasks with confidence by checking references, insurance, testimonials, reviews and so on.

Stardust Cleaning can help with this.

Patio cleaning cost in the UK?

Patio cleaning cost in the UK is around £100 to £300+. Stardust Cleaning can help with this popular cleaning task.

How do I find a patio jet wash service near me?

If you’re searching for a “patio jet wash service near me,” then you’ll be looking to have your patio jet washed by a professional company.

When choosing a cleaning company, ensure you check references, reviews, testimonials, and insurance. Stardust Cleaning can help with this.

How do I find a patio pressure washing solution?

Patio pressure washing services can save you time and improve your property’s kerb appeal. Stardust Cleaning can help with this.

Block paving cleaning
Professional cleaner carrying out a job
Block paving cleaning
Driveway/patio cleaning

Patio restoration? Is it worth it?

The decision to restore a patio rather than replace a patio with a new one will depend on your patio’s condition. Patio restoration is a popular option and less expensive than having a patio redone.

So it’s preferable in most cases to restore rather than redo a patio, if at all possible. To restore and renovate is usually the best option if possible.

The cost depends on several factors, including how many square metres the patio is. Stardust Cleaning can help with this.

How do I find patio restoration near me?

If you’ve searched for “patio restoration near me,” you may be looking for an alternative to replacing your patio. Restoration can be more cost-effective than restoration.

How do I find a patio steam cleaner?

A patio steam cleaner can come to your home or commercial premises and do a great job. Stardust Cleaning can help with this.

How do I hire patio cleaning services?

Patio cleaning services are available from professional cleaners. Keeping your patio clean improves the look of your property’s exterior. Stardust Cleaning can help with this.

How do I hire a pathway cleaning company?

Pathway cleaning is vital to reduce slippery surfaces and remove nasty looking grime, dirt and debris. Pathways should be kept clean. Stardust Cleaning can help with this.

How do I hire a block paving cleaning company?

Block paving cleaning is extremely popular in the UK. Take care when pressure washing block paving in particular because it’s more expensive than the more basic driveway and patio types.

Some homeowners take the DIY cleaning route, but it’s often better to choose to use a block paving cleaning company’s services. Stardust Cleaning can help with this.

How do I hire a black spot lichen removal company?

Black spots can be hazardous to human beings and animals. A professional cleaning operative will remove black spots as part of a black spot lichen removal service.

Hire a company like Stardust Cleaning to assist with this.

How do I hire a jet washing services company?

A professional cleaner can provide both domestic cleaning and commercial cleaning services. Jet washing is suitable for many different features. Use them for the property’s exterior. Also, for commercial premises, from the exterior of large buildings to car parks.

Stardust Cleaning can help with this. Also, see How Often Should I Have My Driveway Jet Washed?

How do I hire a moss removal company?

Moss is unsightly, and a professional cleaner usually removes it. Stardust Cleaning can help with this.

How do I hire a decking cleaning company?

If you need decking cleaning, then pressure washing is an ideal solution. Stardust Cleaning can help with this.

How do I hire a weed removal company?

Weed removal is part of driveway and patio cleaning. Expect a professional cleaner to carry out weed removal as part of the process. Stardust Cleaning can help with this.


How much does driveway or patio cleaning cost in the UK?

Driveway or patio cleaning costs can vary depending on location, size, and type of driveway. You’d generally expect to pay between £100 and £300+. Stardust Cleaning can help with this.

Blocked paved driveway cleaning for a Northampton homeWhat time of year should I seal my driveway?

Spring is generally the best time to seal your driveway, as it provides the best weather conditions for a well-set coat.

If you have cracks developing in your asphalt, it’s better to get it sealed in the Spring months’ warmer weather rather than colder Winter months. The air temperate needs to be at least 65° F or 18.3° C.

What happens if you don’t seal your driveway?

If you don’t seal your driveway, it may be more susceptible to discolouring and cracking to an extent—many like the fact that driveway sealing can refresh the look and provide a fresh, black finish.

Using sealant will also ensure it’s easier to remove oil stains.
Some people don’t like to seal their driveway as they prefer it to retain its original colour.

However, there are translucent sealants available.

For block paved driveways and patios, it a great idea to seal them. Block paving is considered at the higher end in terms of how much driveways cost, so you’ll want to protect your investment.

Sealing block paving not only looks fantastic but will be better protected from the elements, wear and tear will be reduced and your driveway can look better for longer. It can also protect your driveway or patio from oil, algae, and weeds.

Do driveway sealers need two coats?

When seal coating an asphalt driveway, it’s better to apply the sealant in thin layers, so yes, a couple of layers is usually better than one. Two thin layers are preferable to one thick layer.

Think of what happens when painting a wall; if you apply thick layers, it doesn’t tend to look as good as it could do once it’s dried. Also, before applying a second coat, ensure the first coat is dry.

What happens if it rains on a newly sealed driveway?

The sealant would be damaged and need to be re-applied if the sealant layer hadn’t dried before a heavy downpour of rain. Small drops of rain wouldn’t matter too much, though.

How often do you need to seal a blacktop driveway?Pressure washing with the Whirlaway

It would be best if you had a blacktop driveway sealed every one to three years.

How much should I pay to have my driveway sealed?

Driveway sealing prices vary based on location, size, and type of driveway if you’re paying a professional to clean and seal your driveway.

Costs for a two-car driveway to be sealed, for example, maybe in the region of £600.

If you’re DIYing, you’ll need to buy the materials, and quality sealant can be up to £200. You’ll also need to purchase kiln dried sand, and a professional cleaner and sealer will also use a quality chemical fungicide.

The process will need a few days in between for the process’s drying part. So a repeat visit is required to complete the job.

Should I seal my driveway myself or hire someone?

It depends on your confidence level in doing the job, and the time you have on your hands. A professional will know exactly how to do the task.

If you have beautiful imprinted concrete or block paving, then we’d certainly recommend hiring an expert.

Is driveway seal coating worth the money?

Yes, to protect your driveway from the elements. Also, to protect from oil and reduce wear and tear on your driveway.

Is it better to spray or squeegee driveway sealer?

Spraying can often be the more practical option since squeegee may not leave enough of the sealant behind. But it depends on how smooth the surface is as to which method you’d choose.

What is the best driveway cleaner?

The best driveway cleaner will be the industrial cleaning chemicals that professional cleaners use. Industrial chemicals are highly concentrated. Dilute them before use. They’re dangerous to handle, so wear the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times.

Only trained professionals should use them, and they aren’t available for the general public to use. Professional cleaners can buy them in large quantities, so it’s economical and pass these savings onto customers.

We provide cleaning services throughout the UK (depending on the size of the job/project and availability of our highly skilled cleaners – book early to avoid disappointment) including:

  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland
  • Wales
  • North East
  • North West
  • Yorkshire and the Humber
  • West Midlands
  • East Midlands
  • South West
  • South East
  • East of England
  • Greater London

Block paving cleaningOil stain removal: Does WD-40 remove oil stains from concrete?

WD-40 is a grease stain remover and may be able to remove some oil stains from your concrete driveway to a certain extent.

However, it isn’t the best or most efficient way of eliminating oil stains from the driveway. There are much better options available. The age of the stain matters; generally, the older the oil stain, the more difficult it is to remove.

A professional driveway cleaner will use industrial-grade machinery and environmentally friendly chemicals to remove oil stains from driveways.

Oil spills tend to absorb into the concrete in driveways. A professional cleaner can also remove asphalt driveway oil stains and block paved driveway oil stains.

This may also work for imprinted concrete driveways. If in doubt, hire an expert.

Can you bleach your driveway?

Remove oil-based stains using a mixture of bleach, soap, and water, but a professional cleaner can have the job done in less time, probably more efficiently, and to a higher standard. Cleaners can also advise how best to tackle disinfection and sanitisation.

Oil stain removal: How do I get old oil stains off my driveway?

Older oil-based stains are indeed more challenging to remove as the driveway absorbs the oil. You’re better at tackling the issue while the oil is still dry.

But if the oil has already been there for a while, then a paste of baking soda and water, scrubbed quite hard against the oil stain, can help. If the stain still doesn’t disappear, and especially if you need other cleaning tasks carrying out too, then hire a professional.

Oil stain removal: Does white vinegar remove oil stains from concrete?

A mixture of a tablespoon or so of white vinegar and a tablespoon of liquid dishwasher detergent and, with a couple of warm water cups, applied to the oil stain with a sponge, can help to remove the stain. Old oil stains can be much harder to remove.

Should I seal my driveway after pressure washing?Block paving cleaning

Yes, it’s a fantastic idea to seal your driveway after pressure washing. But wait at least 24 hours before applying the sealant. Future stains, such as oil and damage through wear and tear, can be avoided by sealing.

Is it illegal to pressure wash my driveway?

Professionals must be aware of relevant laws. If you hire a professional cleaner, then you must do your homework and ensure you’ve chosen wisely. If you choose to pressure wash your own driveway, you must also abide by the law.

You must do your research when selecting a professional. Avoid rogue traders at all costs. General rules when pressure washing a driveway include, wastewater MUST go into sewerage drains or pay for it to be recycled or dumped.

You cannot allow the wastewater to flow into the storm drains in the road or street.

Professional cleaning companies must follow COSHH. COSHH stands for Control of Substances Hazardous to Health. So check if the operatives have the relevant training.

Ask the professional cleaner what else they do to prioritise the health of your family, your pets and yourself.

Is it ok to pressure wash my driveway?

It depends if you have the equipment and know-how to operate it. Pressure washers aimed at consumers generally have a decent amount of power, usually at around 1,300-2,300 psi (pounds per square inch) of pressure, which are typically electric.

These are ok to clean a concrete driveway. But cleaning the driveway will take much longer, perhaps twice as long, and you may struggle to oil stains, for example, old and would have absorbed into the concrete.

You might also not be able to get all the stains out and end up having to hire a professional cleaner in the end anyway.

Professional cleaners use petrol powered pressure washers that are much more powerful than their electric counterparts and WILL get the stains out.

Do I need to seal my driveway?

Many recommend sealing your driveway and say it’s worth doing to prolong the life of your driveway. There are different schools of thought on driveway sealing, though. The frequency of sealing depends on the type of driveway.

What can you use to clean your driveway?

You can buy a solution from Wickes or B&Q. However, you may also have something in your home that might be suitable.

Unfortunately, not of this will be nearly as effective as hiring a professional driveway cleaning company to carry out the job seamlessly and to a high professional standard.

Choose an expert for cleaning, sealing and making your driveway as clean as can be. Whilst the expert is at your home, why not ask them to provide decking cleaning too!

How can I clean my driveway without a pressure washer?Driveway and patio cleaning services

It takes longer to clean a driveway without the correct equipment, and a pressure washer is a vital tool for the job.

If you don’t have a pressure washer, though, and would prefer not to or can’t afford to hire a professional, then the following is a tip to get you started.

Spray your driveway with a solution of hot water and dishwashing detergent.

Also, fill a bucket with the solution.

Scrub the driveway with a brush.

Keep dipping the brush into the solution to rinse it. You’ll need to put plenty of elbow grease in.

Does bleach clean concrete?

A solution containing bleach and hot water can remove dirt, grime, mould, and mildew from a driveway, as well as oil.

But to get a deeper clean, you’ll need to hire a professional cleaning company’s driveway services or patio services.

What is the best way to clean a concrete driveway?

The best way to clean a concrete driveway is by hiring driveway or patio cleaning services, at the same time why not hire the cleaner for decking cleaning too.

Can you damage concrete by power washing?

Yes, in untrained hands, a power washer can cause damage to concrete. If in doubt, hire a professional cleaning expert.

Can I use bleach to clean my driveway?

Bleach can be useful to achieve fantastic results.

Does bleach destroy concrete?

No. bleach is perfectly safe to use on concrete. It cleans and disinfects it. It is excellent for removing unwanted surface matter and stains.

How do I pressure wash my driveway?

You can buy pressure washing and learn how to use it but be very careful and ensure you know what you’re during before starting to operate it.

You’re much better hiring a professional cleaner who will have industrial-level pressing washing equipment that will provide a better, deeper clean.

Expert cleaners have the experience to understand how to stop weeds growing back through your driveway.

Does bleach remove black spots on a patio?Driveway dirt removal in Rugby

Black spots and white spots often referred to as lichen, can be removed by bleach. But it might not be completely gone with just one application. The bleach does continue to work after rinsing. You may need to rinse and repeat the cleaning process a few times to achieve better results, though.

Will bleach clean block paving?

Yes, and natural stone, brickwork, concrete, asphalt, block paving, etc. It’s useful in tackling algae, moss, and weeds.

You can again buy specialist cleaners, which might do a better, quicker job. Or even better still, hire a professional cleaner to come and do the cleaning task for you.

Read How to Remove Moss From Concrete Permanently.

How do I make my driveway look new?

Patio restoration is possible, and if you’ve searched for ‘patio restoration near me’ to find this page, this should help you find what you need.

First of all, hiring the driveway cleaning services of a professional cleaner will achieve what you want.

The number one tip is regular pressure washing, once every six months or so, more if you live near lots of trees and a busy main road. Next, repair any broken or cracked bricks or pavers. Next, apply sealant. If your driveway is looking particularly old, you may need to have it entirely replaced.

Also, rather than a driveway replacement, look into having your driveway resurfaced, as it’s less expensive, and the result is the same.

If you need a brick driveway cleaner or a cleaner to help bring whichever driveway type you have up to tip-top condition, contact Stardust. We’re experts in cleaning block paving driveways and surfaces including concrete.

We choose the right cleaning product for the job and never skimp on quality, as we want long-term relationships with our customers.

We can clean any outdoor surfaces, any type of paving surface.

Who should you choose Black Country Driveways, Geyser Clean or Stardust Cleaning? Stardust Cleaning!

How do I pressure wash my driveway?

Bear in mind that professional cleaning companies experienced in pressure washing the driveway will have the right equipment and know-how to use it properly. In untrained hands, pressure washers can be dangerous and cause harm people, pets, and property.

Always wear PPE when operating a pressure washer to ensure personal safety. If you’re looking to DIY pressure wash your driveway, it will take you longer with the types of lower psi pressure washers that are available to the general public.

Pressure washing businesses use commercial grade pressure washers which are petrol driven, not electric. Psi pressure is much higher. A trained operative is required.

Hire a professional cleaner if in any doubt because if the jet gets away from you, there may be injuries and damage.

How long does it take to power wash a driveway?

It depends on the amount of preparation work required, when the driveway was power washed, how much debris and objects need to be removed, how much oil has been spilt or leaked, the type of driveway, the size of the driveway, etc.

It can take two or three hours to thoroughly clean a driveway using a power washer, depending on the driveway’s size and type.

How often should you pressure wash your driveway?

It can help prevent dirt, muck, grime, oil, etc. embedding and absorbed too much into the driveway every six months. If you live near lots of trees, then sap may also be an issue. Living next to a busy road can cause your driveway to become dirtier more quickly.

Driveways which need more frequent cleaning may need intervention more often than every six months.

The longer you leave being cleaning, the more time it will take and costs. Regular cleaning is vital and will improve your home’s kerb appeal.

Driveway cleaningWhy should I pressure wash my driveway?

To improve kerb appeal and protect the value of your asset. To remove lichen, mould, and mildew, which may be hazardous to health.

To reduce your family’s change slipping on the driveway due to oil etc., or bringing muck into your home.

To improve the longevity of your driveway so that it will look good for longer.

What is the difference between pressure washing and power washing?

The main difference is the heat. Pressure washing uses cold water, whilst power washing, mainly know as jet washing in the UK, uses heated water.

Each has its benefits. Pressure washing relies on brute force to blast away debris and dirt, but if the application requires a gentler approach and disinfection, then power washing or jet washing would be the better tool for the job.

Suppose you’re considering DIY pressure washing remember replacement parts such as lances, wands, hoses, nozzles. It can wear out especially on cheaper consumer-grade pressure washers, which also run at lower psi than their commercial counterparts.

Consumer trade pressure washers are electrically powered. Expert cleaners will always use a petrol-driven pressure washer.

In general, you want to avoid an electrically powered machine. Water and electricity don’t mix well and can cause a health and safety risk.

For further reading, see Pressure Washing vs Power Washing: What’s the Difference?

External wall cleaning: Should you pressure wash your house?

When external wall cleaning, you need to know what you’re doing when thinking of pressure washing the exterior of your house, and there may be a better tool for the job, which uses less pressure.

A professional cleaner will tend to have every cleaning tool available at their disposal, so they don’t have to compromise when using the correct machine or device for a particular cleaning task.

As a homeowner, you may be looking for a one-size-fits-all solution. You may also not have the experience of pressure washing.

If you’d like to learn how to DIY pressure wash your home and have the interest and motivation to do so, that’s fine. But be cautious as pressure washers can be dangerous and hazardous in untrained hands.

Cleaners use best-practice methods. It’s better to hire a professional cleaner in many instances.  This helps avoid risks to people, animals, and property.

If you’re considering pressure washing your house, then obviously, it would just be the exterior of the property, not the interior.

There are real risks, including the chance of putting holes in older brickwork: damaging soft stone and increasing risks of rotting behind panels. Damaging wood exteriors is another risk.

If in doubt, hire an expert cleaner to clean the exterior of your home.

How do I clean black tyre marks off my driveway?

Hire a professional driveway cleaner to remove the black tyre marks from your driveway.

If you want to prevent black tyre marks on your driveway, then you could purchase a degreaser. Leave the degreaser on the surface for around ten minutes, scrub with a stiff-bristled brush, use a pressure washer on the tyre mark (a consumer-grade pressure washer will have lower psi than a commercial one but might remove the type marks).

If it doesn’t, then continue to repeat these steps. If you’ve tried the process around five times and the tyre marks still retain, hire a professional pressure washing expert.

It’s better to hire an expert in the first place to save on the cost of buying a pressure washing device and save time.

It will be much more effort using a consumer-grade pressure washing machine as they aren’t as powerful.

What do you spray on the driveway before pressure washing?

A degreaser is a good option.

How many psi do I need to clean bricks?Driveway cleaning

For bricks, you’ll need to use a psi (pounds per square inch) of between 500-2000.

What is the best time of year to pressure wash your house?

The best time of year to pressure wash your house is Spring and Autumn.

Is it bad to power wash your house?

It can be dangerous and cause damage. A professional cleaner will use the right tool for the job and know the correct psi.

What is the average cost of power washing a house?

The average cost of power washing a house depends on the size, state and property location—also, the cleaning requirements.

Hire a driveway cleaning services company who will be able to advise you.

What is the difference between a power washer and a pressure washer?

A power washer uses heated water, whereas a pressure washer uses cold water, forced through the nozzle at high pressure.

When should you clean your house?

Regularly, as regularly as possible. The ground-in dirt and grime are harder to shift.

More regularly cleaning is generally advised when you have children and pets.

Can you pressure wash asphalt?

Pressure washing is a fantastic cleaning option for cleaning concrete and asphalt but uses the minimum amount of pressure to get the job done.

Very high pressure on asphalt can cause damage. But it’s important to realise that you’ll need to reseal using sealant after every wash. You’ll need sealant and kiln-dried sand.

Hire an expert cleaner if you’re in any doubt at all about how to approach the job

Be careful to use psi as the incorrect psi can cause damage to your asphalt driveway.

On the other hand, many DIY homeowners also tend to neglect the removal of weeds properly when it comes to block paving and don’t get in the roots.
A professional cleaner will know how to tackle this issue.

How much psi do you need to clean an asphalt driveway?

100 to 300 psi.

Block paving cleaningWhat is the best way to clean asphalt driveway?

You can use a flat surface cleaner or pressure washing but ensure you know the correct psi before attempting the job as asphalt driveway can be damaged using the wrong technique and amount of pressure.

If you don’t possess a pressure washer and prefer not to hire a cleaning expert, then dishwater and elbow grease can work but will take much longer, and you still might not get the best results a professional cleaner can.

Is 2 inches of asphalt enough for a driveway?

Two inches is enough for a regular driveway. You’ll get a proper bond with 2 inches with an asphalt driveway.

2 inches in imperial is the equivalent of 5.08 centimetres (cm). In some circumstances, you might need to go to 3 inches.

How do you remove stains from an asphalt driveway?

Oil stains are some of the worst looking asphalt driveway stains. Baking soda can be great for absorbing excess oil.

What’s the best thing to use to clean concrete?

A pressure washing machine, operated by a professional cleaner, is the best thing to clean concrete.

How can I clean my driveway without a pressure washer?

It depends on how saturated the driveway is with dirt, oil, mould, lichen, etc.; it can be possible to get a decent clean without a pressure washer. But it’s going to take longer and much more work than simply hiring an expert for driveway cleaning services.

You can try cleaning your driveway the old-fashioned way, using soapy water, bleach can also be useful, and white wine vinegar and baking soda. There are also various degreasers available on the market.

What’s the best way to clean a concrete driveway?

Cleaning a concrete driveway is best done with a pressure washer.

You’re better off hiring a professional cleaner to help you with this. Expert cleaners use industrial-grade machines such as the Whirlaway – some of the models have three jets, which mean quicker and more efficient at getting the job done right the first time.

There are also different types of nozzled, including turbo nozzles and different jet sizes, to compensate for different angles and pressure adjustments. Hiring a professional for driveway cleaning services which use commercial trade equipment, means cleaning can be much more versatile than what is possible with home use cleaning tools.

Can you use bleach to clean concrete?

Yes, bleach can be useful in cleaning concrete. Hire a professional for driveway cleaning services.

How long does it take to power wash a driveway?

Depending on the driveway’s size and the material it’s made out of, a typical power wash can take 2 to 3 hours.

A professional cleaner will return a few days later to ensure weeds haven’t grown back following treatment. Professional cleaners tend to use weed killing pump sprayers.

Block paving cleaningIs power washing terrible for concrete?

In the wrong hands, power washing can damage concrete. You need to know the psi to use; this should be up to 230 bar. But it depends on how close and at which angle you’re positioning the power washer jet.

You’ll get a more laser-focused jet of water at a 15-degree angle and hit a smaller patch with a higher pressure.

Whereas at 45 degrees, the jet will be wider, and you’ll reach a larger area at once, a metre, for example.

If in doubt, always use the cleaning services of a professional business. In untrained hands, power washing can damage concrete.

How many psi do I need to clean concrete?

Between 2000 to 3000 psi.

Can I wash my car with a 3000 psi pressure washer?

Around 1200 to 1900 psi would be appropriate when pressure washing a car.

To pressure wash a car without causing damage, you also need to think about the angle and distance from the surface that the water jet is hitting.

Will a 1600 psi pressure washer clean concrete?

1600 psi is about the maximum for many consumer-type pressure washers, and it may not get a deeper clean. Of course, the water pressure depends on how much cleaning the concrete driveway or patio needs.

What is the best pressure washer to buy for home use?

You could start your cleaning company research by looking at brands like Karcher, Stihl, Bosch, Nilfisk, and Muc-Off.

These are popular brands, but many can be expensive. You need to consider if you have the time and motivation to use these types of machinery properly.

Consider if it’s better to hire an expert cleaner instead and also think about the risks of potentially doing damage to your driveway, your patio, and your home.

Is 2000 psi safe for washing a vehicle?Block paving cleaning

2000 psi is too high—the maximum for washing a vehicle is 1900 psi and between 1200 and 1900 psi.

Does Coca Cola remove oil stains from concrete?

Coca Cola (Coke) contains acid, which loosens oil from concrete, making it easier to clean it away.

What is the best product to remove oil stains from concrete?

A good degreaser should be acceptable.

Will a pressure washer remove oil from concrete?

Yes. A pressure washer can remove oil from concrete. But only when used in skilled and experienced hands.

How do you remove deep oil stains from concrete?

Using a pressure washer, you can remove deep oil stains from concrete.

Will bleach get oil stains out of concrete?

Yes, bleach is highly effective in removing oil stains. Hire a professional for driveway cleaning services.