Driveway Cleaning

Give your home that extra bit of kerb appeal.

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Patio and driveway cleaning

A neglected driveway can easily make the front of your home look shabby.  If that beautiful block-paving is covered in layers of dirt or sporting a slick of car oil, it’s not going to look it’s best. Thankfully, our professional drive cleaning service can restore that kerb appeal in no time!

We’ll get those dirty old slabs and pavers looking good as new with our industry-leading driveway cleaning equipment.

During the wet winter months, a driveway or patio that is covered in moss or mould, can also become really slippery, so we recommend clearing the dirt before your drive becomes a hazard.

Restoring kerb appeal

Lots of homeowners like to have a go themselves and get busy with a jet-wash, but if you’ve ever tried using one, you’ll know that it’s a time-consuming and messy process.  Bits of dirt and debris fly everywhere, the jet can only clean a small area at a time and it’s easy to accidentally dislodge the sand or cement that actually holds your drive together!  All in all, it can be false economy.

Why not let your local driveway cleaning company tackle the job for you instead?

Using industry-leading cleaning equipment from Spinaclean we can work on any hard-landscaped surface and you don’t even need to be at home whilst we clean.

The process is quick and the results are really satisfying.  The stainless-steel head of the cleaning kit keeps all the dislodged dirt on the floor, so there is no unwanted spray or debris left on surrounding areas.  We’ll just leave you with a brilliantly clean driveway or patio, that will be the envy of your neighbours.

Reliable, friendly service

At Stardust Cleaning we’ll happily clean even the sorriest looking drive or patio to brighten up the outside of your home.  Our father and son team provide domestic driveway cleaning to homes across Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. We can also provide contract cleaning for the shared driveways and communal areas of apartment blocks too.

How often should you clean your driveway?

We recommend that you have your driveway professionally cleaned twice a year.  Consider a Spring and Autumn spruce up to get rid of the build-up of dirt, keep moss at bay and ensure the bricks or slabs don’t get slippy. We can even combine driveway cleaning with window cleaning or gutter cleaning at these times of year too.

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To book a driveway cleaning appointment, just give us a call or drop us an email. We are more than happy to come and visit if you have a number of cleaning tasks that you’d like us to look at. Why not talk to us about window or gutter cleaning too? Speak soon.