Where do I buy the effective gutter cleaning tools?

When it comes to subjecting your gutters to a deep clean, there are two principal avenues you can choose to go down – both boasting their benefits and inevitable drawbacks.

1. Purchase your kit and get up that ladder yourself.
2. Bring in an outside company with their professional equipment and know-how.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. Surely gutter cleaning kit can’t be that expensive, and wouldn’t it be more comfortable and more cost-effective to be able to do it yourself whenever you notice a blockage or problem with your gutter system?

Where can I find the best equipment for gutter cleaning myself?

The internet is packed full of blogs and articles boasting the benefits of expensive kit and hi-tech tools, all designed to replicate the clean you could expect from a professional.

While some DIY gutter cleaners will head up the ladder with two hands and a hose, others will be looking to purchase anything that makes the job easier for them.
With some of the best tools on the market including a telescopic gutter cleaner (extendable for use from the solid ground), a simple gutter scoop, and a power washer or pressure washing wand.

All of these items and more can be found most easily online, though come at a variety of price points and qualities.

Is it a good idea to clear out the gutters myself?

In short, there are indeed a couple of benefits to being able to do your gutter clean, including:
• You can manage the timing and frequency of clear outs
• Once you’ve purchased the equipment, the outgoings and costs are minimal

But do these outweigh the drawbacks?

The fact is, being able to do your own gutter clear out may seem attractive when both feet are on the ground, but once you get up the ladder and find yourself confronted with piles of debris and fallen leaves, you may think slightly differently.

Why you should look to bring in a professional

One of the primary reasons why we recommend bringing in a professional cleaning company is for the health and safety element. Particularly if you are confronted with more than one storey, gutter cleaning can be difficult at height – and purchasing the high-level equipment that professionals use to reach those difficult-to-reach corners is expensive.

Not only that, but professionals will come in, do the job and then remove everything they extract from your gutters; they do a fast job thanks to their high-level tools, and they provide a final check to ensure that you won’t need another clean for a while.

To bring in a professional means:

– A fast service
– Effective cleaning
– Safe removal of all collected debris which doesn’t only wash it over the edges and onto your patio (after all, what would you do with the waste you remove yourself? The likelihood is that this will be left to wash away – potentially causing ongoing issues around the base of your home)
– A thorough post-service check to ensure that no blockages have been left behind.

So, while doing the job yourself may seem like the best and most cost-effective option on the surface, next time you need a gutter clean consider the value of bringing in a professional – and think twice before investing in those gutter tools.