The best method for gutter cleaning?

When it comes to cleaning your gutters, there are several ways to approach it.

The critical difference between the different methods available is effectiveness, time, and safety.

Cleaning gutters – the hard way

Annual gutter cleaning is something that many homeowners face, as they climb their ladders and plunge their hands into debris and fallen leaves in an attempt to clear blockages and cease the torrent of water which is likely spilling over the edge at the source of the blockage.

Gutters provide rainwater with an easy way to drain away from the roof and down into the correct drains.

A blockage of debris can very quickly become a more serious issue if left unattended, with water causing damp and mould on and inside the roof or else pouring down and causing damage to the ground below.

But is climbing a ladder the most time or quality effective way of cleaning your gutter? The answer to that is no.

How the professionals do it

With a professional cleaner comes professional equipment – not only getting the job done quicker and more safely, but also more effectively.

One of the most annoying things facing DIY gutter cleaners is what to do with all the debris they remove – but with the telescopic cleaning equipment used by professionals, that is no longer a problem.

This equipment can be extended the full height of your home from the safety of the ground – without any call for ladders or expensive cherry pickers – resting comfortably inside your gutter and sucking up all the debris cleanly and effectively.

That means:

• Effective cleaning
• Safe operation from solid ground
• No extra expense to hire in a cherry picker or long ladder
• Fully trained staff who know how to operate the equipment

And the experience doesn’t end there.

Here at Stardust Cleaning, we take it one step further, following up the clean with camera inspection; extending a lens up into your gutter to check that all of the blockages have successfully removed.

Before moving to the downpipe and ensuring it’s clear for a constant flow of water.

So, the next time it’s time for your annual gutter clear out, save yourself the trouble of climbing that ladder, and instead, get in touch with us to see how we can engage our high-quality team to provide you with a safe and reliable service.