What type of gutters do not require cleaning?

Those of you are reading this and asking yourself. Suppose it’s a trick question – well done.Let’s be honest if there was a type of gutter available which didn’t require at least some form of maintenance or cleaning.

Homeowners everywhere would be rushing to have it installed – and those companies who specialise in gutter cleaning services would fast go out of business.

The fact is, gutters have to be open to allow rainfall to run through them – and by opening themselves up to water, they are inevitably also open to a host of other things which can quickly cause blockages, leaks and other issues.

Even a few seemingly harmful leaves can cause extensive damage if left for too long. In comparison, some brands are appearing on the market with hooded gutters which promise to protect your channel from blockages.

The potential that an animal could nest in the covered space or that damage could occur means that regular checks still need to be undertaken to ensure your gutters are flowing freely and safely.

With that in mind, here is a short exploration of the best ways to keep your gutters in good condition, so that – while not able to avoid cleaning entirely – you can at least reduce the amount of time and money you have to spend on having them cleared and cleaned.

Tips for keeping on top of your gutter cleaning

• Look for a gutter style which carries a right amount of water while remaining structurally reliable, such as the K-shape gutter. One of the most popular because the straight back and base attach securely to your home.

While the more curved shape of the front ensures that the guttering is still attractive from the outside. Thanks to its ability to carry more water than the generic half-round gutters, K-shape guttering clears quicker with a larger volume of water.

• When you call on a professional cleaner and get a quote, make sure that the quote also includes removing the downspouts with a thorough check on the drains which clear away the water. These can quickly become clogged with debris and shingle if left unattended, which can cause flooding and water damage to the foundations of your home.

• If you have trees hanging over your home, be sure to check the gutters more regularly as it is likely that leaves and other debris from the trees will be dropping onto your roof and rolling straight into your gutters.

• Look at cleaning your gutters once or twice a year to keep them clear and compelling.

While this is a job you can do yourself with a ladder and some good old manual labour,

Investing in a professional service will ensure that your gutters are clean safely, checked with a camera to ensure the job has been done thoroughly, and also include removal of the debris and blockage waste.