From Do-It-Yourself’ers to Hire-a-Professional’ers, the art of gutter cleaning is one with several different options, ranging from the most in-depth and most thorough cleanout to quick fix removal of debris and build up.

All too often we see that homeowners are only seeking a thorough gutter clean as the response to a problem rather than as a regular preventative method, making the process more complicated – and a whole lot more urgent.

The fact is, allowing a build-up of debris and leaves in your gutter leads to water retention, and that can cause anything from roof damage to cracks in the foundations of your home, damage to surrounding plants and damage to the gutter brackets.

None of these is particularly social problems to be faced with, and none of them is easy or cheap to restore – thus, preventing the problem is always going to be the optimum solution.

The most convenient gutter cleaning on a budget

For those operating on a budget, the idea of bringing in a professional to do a thorough job may be an expense you are not able to commit to – resulting in many searches online for the best ways to clean gutters yourself.

The most basic DIY gutter clean involves a ladder, some man-handling of debris, a large bin bag, and a hose.
And really, the work that those tools will do is the same as a professional will be able to do – what you are paying for with a professional is their expertise, a quality finish.

Gutter cleaning 101:

• Your ladder should not be leaning on the gutter piping line but is instead resting near to a bracket or – ideally – on a solid wall.

• Wear gloves to remove debris, as you never know what is lying in there or what may be nesting in the mulch.

• Use the hose to clear out remaining debris and also as a way of checking no other blockages are present along the gutter or piping which carries water down to the ground.

• Check the functionality of your ground drains to ensure that water is flowing away and is not pooling around the base of your home.

Is a professional gutter cleaner the most convenient option?

When it comes to convenience, it is not hard to see the benefits of bringing in a professional. A professional gutter cleaner is likely to come out at under £100, to include safe practice throughout the clean, a thorough check of the gutter and piping using a telescopic pole, and removal of all debris and excess leaves removed.

You can also rest assured that after a professional clean, your gutters should be in a decent working condition for at least another six months.

For a full quote and understanding of what a professional gutter clean involves, get in touch.