What is the going rate for having your gutters cleaned?

Cost of bringing in a professional to clean your gutters depends on a couple of different things:

• The extent of the clean / the time it will take to clear
• The length of your guttering
• Multiple storeys of guttering which need cleaning

In short, all of these variations will affect the time the job takes.

How much cleaning is required?

Every home is different – as is the state of every gutter. In our time, we have faced everything from minor blockages through to gutters filled with moss, plant life and even wildlife nests – each requiring entirely different approaches and levels of work.

The most neglected gutters often lead to blocked soakaways, where debris has become clogged not just in the gutter but also in the ground level drain, which drains the rainwater away.

If your soakaway also requires clearing and a thorough cleanout, you will be looking at more of a premium price for the service.

Likewise, if your guttering is located high up, for example on a multi-storey building or block of flats, then you could be facing an elevated cost for the use of extendable equipment.

We often find that some clients approach roofers directly to discuss high-rise gutter cleans, though it is worth noting that the quotes provided by most roofers will far exceed those of a gutter cleaning company, so always collect more than one quote so you can compare costs.

Gutter cleaning companies will also benefit from the right equipment, including long-pole gutter vacuums which alleviate the need for expensive cherry pickers or access towers.

The average cost of a professional gutter clean

The average cost of a regular home gutter clean sits between around £80 to £150. Several factors determine the final price, like the size of the property and location.

Contacting a small business or local trader will almost always provide a lower cost quote than a large company.

It is worth noting that while we have already explored how a neglected gutter will call for extra costs to clear away other blockages if your gutter has sustained damage due to being overfilled with water and blocked debris for a significant period.

You may find yourself facing additional cost to refit and replace pieces of guttering, and their support holds.
To understand the costs associated with a thorough gutter clean and debris removal for your home, get in touch and discuss the various options available to you.