First and foremost, to clear up a common question. What is the best way to clean windows?

With new products and new gadgets coming onto the market pretty much every week, it can be very easy to lose yourself in cleaning implements for all the nooks and crannies of your home and forget about the most fundamental areas which need regular attention.

The windows of your home are what provide that crucial transition from inside to outside. They invite natural sunlight in during the day and keep you safe and warm during the night.

Moreover, with modern homes defying all the norms of traditional building and construction, windows are getting bigger and more prominent – and so finding the best way to clean them is key if you want to maintain an aesthetically attractive portal to your outside space.

Do I need a window cleaner?

There is nothing in this article that you can’t do yourself – however, when it comes to achieving squeaky clean windows, we tend to find that many homeowners turn to the pros, simply because it’s quicker and easier, with a guaranteed high-quality finish.

Depending on the size of your windows and how many you need cleaning, professional window cleaning needn’t be a costly affair – and isn’t a little fee worth the beauty of clean and streak-free windows?

What equipment you will need

Before we move into the top window cleaning methods as identified by the pros, you first need to get everything together for a high-end finish.

• Warm, soapy water
• White vinegar
• A sponge or spray bottle
• Paper towels or lint-free cloth
• A squeegee to remove excess water from the surface
• Some old newspaper sheets

Once you have got all that ready, you are set to go. This process is essentially one of the simplest in terms of cleaning in the home, primarily because all it really takes is some warm water mixed with washing up liquid, and a little elbow grease.

Take care when adding the washing up liquid to keep the solution at a minimum – any bubbles, and the cleaning solution will leave marks on your windows.
What you are looking for is a warm watery solution with a small amount of cleaner to support the cut-through of grease. Once your window is coated in a layer of soapy water, it is time for the important bit – removing the water with a squeegee or lint-free cloth.

For the best finish, we recommend always bringing your squeegee blade down in the same direction, to create a consistency which will minimise the potential of unsightly marks or streaks.
Alternative methods including coating the windowpane in lemon juice or White vinegar and using a newspaper to wipe it away – leaving a sparkling finish.

Top tips for clean windows

Have you ever cleaned your windows and been impressed with your work, only to sit down and notice – from a different angle – that you have left a few finger marks and streaks on the windowpane?

And how many times have you stepped away from a beautifully clean glass window, only to find that suddenly the window frames and sills are ruining the overall finish?

A professional window cleaning service is one which cleans both the windows and their surrounding frames – but how can you achieve that professional finish yourself? Here are a few tips from some of the top window cleaning services in London:

1. For an alternative method which cuts through grease and leaves no streaks, consider using vinegar or lemon on the glass surface.

2. Clean the windowsills last, as you may find that dirty water or dust drips or floats down on to them as you wash the window surface.

3. Once your windows are dry, use some bunched-up newspaper to leave an extra shine. The printers’ ink achieves an added sparkle which will have others complimenting your windows for weeks!

4. Be safe and cautious, particularly when approaching top floor windows. Make sure you have someone helping you and holding the ladder, and when in doubt call in the experts to assist you with high quality and safe window clean on your residential or commercial property.