First and foremost, to clear up a common question. What is the best way to clean a fascia?

The fascia on a home or building is the horizontal strip of metal or wood which covers and conceals the end of the roof rafter where it overhangs on the edge of buildings.
And for those who have heard fascia’s used concerning soffits, the soffit is the flat panel which covers the underside of the rafters along this overhang.

What is the best way to clean a fascia?

A fascia and soffit cleaning service is one which understands the importance of these parts of the home and is committed to providing a finish which is high in quality but also structurally safe and reliable. Often, the fascia and soffit on a home will be white – and so immediately, the cleaning services face the challenge of restoring the white UPVC or wood to its former glory.

Most professional cleaning companies will do this using a soft wash solution and a bit of elbow grease – steering clear of the potentially damaging pressure washers and jet washers which can easily dislodge the fragile structure of the fascia and soffits.

How to achieve a great finish on your fascia

Whether your cleaning company complete the clean from the ground or ladders or even cherry-pickers, the best cleaning services are those which are performed effectively and quickly, while observing all the health and safety requirements of working at height.

When it comes to searching for a high-quality cleaning service quote, we recommend that consumers also find out if companies provide:

· A gutter clean as part of the service – after all, what good is a clean external fascia if the clogged gutters will render it dirty again soon after
· Removal of all debris removed from the gutters
· A full structural check of the fascia and soffit before cleaning, to check it is safe and undamaged
· An environmentally friendly service which uses natural ingredients and solutions rather than harmful chemicals
· A cost-effective, non-committal quote

For more information on how we can support a full cleaning service of your fascia and soffits, get in touch today – or look for your local professional cleaning service.

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