One quick search online and you’ll find yourself in the middle of a pressure washer frenzy; with reviews for everything from professional services to best practice: the cheapest models available and the best ways to maximise the effectiveness of your washer.

If you’re looking for the best pressure washer to clean your block paving, you first need to consider these simple questions:

1. How large is the area you want to clean, and how deep a clean does it require?
2. What other outside areas might you use your pressure washer?
3. Do you want/need to invest in a pressure washer yourself, or would you instead use the services of a professional?

Best pressure washer

Let’s reverse these and look at number three first. If this question already has you doubting the need to go out and buy yourself a pressure washer, then enquiring about the services of a professional is your next step.

Our crucial suggestion would be to get more than one quote, to make sure you are getting the best deal possible, as prices can fluctuate depending on locality. The size of the job and even the size of the company you contact.

Professional exterior cleaning companies provide a certain level of expertise to ensure your block paving is safe from damage while receiving a thorough clean. Hence, it is also worth keeping in mind that you are paying as much for the professional’s expertise and knowledge as you are for their time.

Professionals own the best of the best equipment, which will likely feature more nozzles and extensions, and a higher pressured washer. Professional pressure washers machines provide a deep clean in a shorter timescale. Still, they can be more difficult to master if you don’t know what you’re doing and so are often not the same models found on the domestic market.

So, what are the best pressure washers on the market?

There are so many reviewing sites out there that we couldn’t list them all if we tried, though there is a specific UK-based site which provides content targeted to those looking for a pressure washer. Exploring the different options available in light of the clean and finish required.

Let’s look at the features that are evident in the best models.

• Multiple hose heads and extensions, as seen across the Karcher range. Renowned for being one of the best products in the industry, Karcher creates pressure washers that do the job. – no matter what the situation; focussing on different sizes and different styles depending on if the buyer wants to use it on a small area or more significant areas; outside or even inside.

• A product designed for residential use. While the Karcher range supports a wide variety of tasks, the Nilfisk products created with domestic use in mind; tailored to home use with a smaller design and more compact storage, and including a washer brush which is ideally suited to patio and outdoor stonework. Though the Nilfisk range contains products for professionals, these are helpfully separated from the more residential items so that you can ensure you are buying the product fit for your needs.

The pressure of the washer you buy is a significant factor.

However, if you don’t fully understand the numbers mean, then we suggest looking into the support of a professional at least once. If only to find out the pressure which your block paving can withstand. The higher the force, the easier it is to remove stubborn stains and dirt, as this relates directly to the speed of the water. Pressure can range from 110 up to 180 bar, with anything below 130 not strong enough to see a difference. Anything above this, however, is where the risk factor begins to increase, with high pressures putting your block paving under a significantly higher pressure – one which can quickly destabilise them.

In short, when looking at the best pressure washer for block paving, there are several factors to consider; from the services of a professional to the must-haves of the best high-stress brands. If in doubt, seek support from the experts and discuss your cleaning needs – before you jump in at the deep end.