When it comes to cleaning, far too often we focus almost entirely on our inside spaces and interiors, with little regard for the first impression that the exterior of our home gives off every time someone comes to visit or walks by.

The fact is, when you live in a space and see it every single day, it can be easy to look past a little grime and dirt on the exterior walls and surfaces, instead choosing to focus on the charm of the home and what lies inside. However, very soon and without the proper attention, a little grime and dirt can quickly build up and become something that requires proper professional attention in terms of a cleaning solution – before the problem can become worse.

Which surfaces use and require soft washing techniques?

When asked which surfaces should be soft washed, we tend to recommend that you start with the top of your exterior walls and move downwards – taking in the entire surface. Rendered walls are one such surface which needs soft washing regularly as power washing can quickly damage the surface. At the same time, cladding is another style of exterior wall covering which requires extra attention – namely in ensuring that the overlap between each plank of cladding is given as thorough a clean as the main surface.

Why do we use soft washing instead of power washing?

The clue really is in the title, with soft washing tending to rely on a style which is much lower in pressure and uses the potency of the solution as a thorough cleaning mechanism rather than the power of a jet of water.

Some of the advantages of soft washing include:

• It treats mould and grime spores at the very root of the problem, rather than merely blasting away the effect of an underlying problem
• It produces much longer-lasting results by hitting the root of the problem
• It uses much less water, with less potential of damaging the surface with a very high powered jet
• It is more cost-effective and safer for DIY cleaners to use
• It will not damage the surface of your wall or surrounding surfaces or plants
• Soft wash tends to be created with an environmental perspective, meaning it is better for the environment and much safer than some of the harmful chemicals included as part of the power or jet washing technique.

Should I get help with my soft washing?

As with many large cleaning projects, we tend to find that the more experience you have with a certain technique or product, the better the overall results will be. As such, you are bringing in a professional to assist with your soft washing is often a really beneficial first step in providing highly effective and long-lasting results – though this does inevitably come at a cost.

Be aware, with any professional quote, that the size of your property and the scale of the damage and dirt layering will impact the quote – but that a local family run business is likely to provide a much more realistic quote than a large city-based company. Keep it close to home, and give your local cleaning company a call to find the best soft wash support at the best price.