What is render cleaning in 2020?

All too often, we see homeowners searching for home interior cleaning and exterior building cleaning solutions without really understanding what it is they need.

They don’t know what processes are involved, they don’t see what the finishes delivery should look like, and they haven’t familiarised themselves with the pricing structure of a cost-effective company.

In many cases, this can lead to consumers paying high fees for jobs which are not performed to a high standard, and which can leave home in a worse state than before the treatment.

This article looks at render cleaning as one of the leading examples of cleaning work for coloured renders and the exterior of the home, exploring the value of cleaning regularly and paying for cladding cleaning services which ensure the job is done to a high standard.

What is the render?

First and foremost, to the problem. Render refers to the layer of plaster which is coated onto the exterior of a building, directly on top of the construction brick or stone surface and effectively protecting the exposed structural materials.

For the most part, types of render are found on more modern buildings and commercial properties and create a whitewashed style of finish across the entire building.

Over time and if left untreated, render both fades and becomes stained with algae, mould spores; leaving trace lines of red, dark green and black staining, patched in amongst faded and discoloured areas depending on how the render responds with the surrounding environment and weather conditions.

Rendered buildings in damp areas with large North and East facing walls will often discolour more quickly. At the same time, the antibacterial properties in the sun serve the South and West sides well – and for many, the quickest solution is to repaint the rendered surface and touch it back up to its former glory.

But isn’t that just covering up the issue? What we offer is a render cleaner solution which removes the headache of painting and which instead focussing on the value of cleaning and restoring your rendered cladding to how it should look – clean and stain free.

Why is render cleaning so effective?

Render cleaning used only to be achieved using a high-pressure power washer or jet wash.

An excellent invention for hard surfaces, but one which can quickly cause extensive damage to the render when it falls into the hands of an amateur or someone who doesn’t know how to operate the machinery safely.

While many service providers still rely on high-pressure washers, the more modern and safer option is to use a soft wash process which coats the entire wall and gently removes the grease and grime which has built up to create that unsightly staining and mould.

Bring the render back to its original condition.

It follows that those who leave their building render untreated for more extended periods will require more of an intense clean.

However, for the most part, we tend to find that high-quality local service providers can deliver a soft wash render cleaning service, which:

· Kills the bacteria at the root to prevent future staining from appearing too quickly

· Clears the staining away from the render

· Replenishes the appearance of render and creates an even finish across the whole building

· Uses pH neutral products which are gentle for users and the environment

· Creates a longer-lasting finish effect than standard power washing

Head outside and take a look at your own specialist rendered walls. If discolouration is apparent – and if you’re reading this then the likelihood is that it will be – then we recommend a render cleaning company, get in touch with us today to discuss a free quote and the next steps towards recharging the aesthetic appearance of your home.

We will also provide window cleaning free of charge after the render has been cleaned.

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