Some call its ‘graffiti’.
Some call it ‘street art’.
We call it “difficult to get rid of – but not impossible!” First and foremost, to clear up a common question. What is graffiti removal?

Whether splashed across a communal space, an open piece of public land or an area of private property, graffiti and unwanted spray paint coating can be uniquely challenging to remove.
Because the paint has often been sprayed onto a surface which would not ordinarily require such intense and targeted cleaning.

What this means is that graffiti removal requires a service that is effective and environmentally friendly, but also which will not affect surrounding areas, for example, telecommunications electrics.

Let us break it down a little further.

How does graffiti removal work?

As a service, professional graffiti removal starts with a quote which is determined through detail and often photographic evidence of the graffiti needing to be removed.
A part of this regards the establishment of the age of the historic building and its material construction – as you may find that a modern building has been layered on the outside with an anti-graffiti coating.

In contrast, an older building with surfaces including stone and old brick, will not have that same protection and so is more likely to fall foul of spray paint.

Graffiti Removal Service

Once you have received your free quote, you are perfectly entitled to a small trial clean, whereby the professional company will remove a small corner of the graffiti so that you can understand exactly how the removal process works and how it is potentially likely to affect the building.

When it comes to graffiti removal, our main priorities include:

· Restoring the building exterior to its former grandeur and finish
· Cleaning by hand and with targeted pressure washing equipment to ensure only the specified area is subjected to the intense clean and high-temperature water spray
· Ensuring that the customer is fully aware of all graffiti remover products, method of removal, and cleaning solutions being used for full transparency
· Getting out to you as quickly as possible – as we know how distressing unwanted graffiti can be on a business or private building
· Coating the building with an anti-graffiti layer to prevent a future attack

Why should I bring in a professional to do the job?

No matter what you think of graffiti cleaning, there are many instances where the imagery and destruction of a clean surface are inappropriate- and our job is to protect the aesthetic and appearance of a surface for the benefit of its owners.

We often find that customers can sometimes channel their own cleaning expertise into trying to remove graffiti, only to discover that they can actually make the problem worse by spreading the paint rather than removing it, and by blasting away their render or even parts of the wall through a high powered jet of water.

Effective graffiti removal requires the right balance of chemicals and hand washing pressure, mixed with low-pressure high water temperature jets where necessary – something which our team are trained in and have experience of, in order to ensure that the building can be restored to its former glory.

Before signing any contracts, make sure you receive a free quote from your chosen professional cleaning company, and where possibly utilise the trial service to see how exactly they intend on removing the graffiti before they get started on the whole image.

For more information, please speak to our team.