Are you a green-fingered God or Goddess, or do you prefer to leave your garden work to the experts?

Whether you are a year-round outdoor lover or someone who only really spends time in the garden during the Spring and Summer months, we can all appreciate the aesthetic and calming value of a well-maintained garden.

But what does garden maintenance really involve, and how can we get away with doing the bare minimum but still creating a space which looks great?

What does garden maintenance involve?

Garden maintenance is a service which depends almost entirely on the size of your garden and the kind of outdoor space/type of garden that you have chosen to create.

An outdoor patio with manicured lawn, for example, will require a deep patio clean once or twice a year, and regular lawn mowing to keep the space looking clean and tidy.

If, however, your garden is packed full of different plants, bushes and trees, your maintenance routine will be a lot more intensive with different seasons calling for a variety of pruning, watering, and re-planting demands.

When it comes to average regular garden maintenance costs, again this will depend on the regularity of the service – with a weekly upkeep service costing between £20 and £50 per session. At the same time, more of a sporadic complete overhaul could see you paying a lot more.

The services typically included as part of a standard garden maintenance job include:

• Lawn cutting and general lawn care
• Pruning and weeding the flower beds
• Hedge trimming
• Grass Cutting
• Garden clearances
• lawn maintenance
• Garden care
• Garden waste clearance and disposal
• Patio cleaning
• Leaf blowing
• Gutter cleaning
• Pressure washing
• Weed removal

When it comes to costing up the maintenance of your garden, you need to consider its size as well as its environment and the range of jobs that will be required to maintain its appearance.

Should I do it myself or bring in local gardeners?

If you love being outside and feel a sense of pride when it comes to your garden and outdoor space, then garden maintenance can be a very satisfying job in the Spring and Summer months.

During the colder months, you may decide to cut back on regular maintenance tasks and instead make your plans for the following season, so that come to the dawn of spring you have all your maintenance and renovation plans in place.

If, however, you like to spend time in a garden which is maintained and looked after without too much work from your end, it may be worth your time to bring in a high quality professional and experienced gardener. Gardeners will each charge their own standard rate. However, you will generally find that the best gardeners operate on an hourly or day rate so that you can understand and know exactly what you are paying for.

Additional services

One of the biggest questions we see being asked with regards to maintenance is where to find out more about decking, patio and lawn laying – all services which are regarded a part of the upkeep of the garden but require further expertise and labour.

You may find that some of these jobs are best undertaken by a landscaper – the difference between a professional gardener and a landscaper being their area of focus and the way that they work with existing and new plans and layouts.

In each of these instances, or if you are interested in changing the layout and mapping of your garden space, or if you want to find out more about ongoing maintenance or gardening services.

We recommend getting in touch with your local professional and getting a full quote with a breakdown of the cost of labour and materials for each of the services you require, to ensure you get the best and most cost-effective service, get in touch with a couple of different companies for a pricing comparison exercise.