The fascia boards on a building are the horizontal strip of metal or wood which covers and conceals the end of the roof rafter where it overhangs on the edge of buildings. Meanwhile, the soffit is the flat panel which covers the underside of the rafters along this overhang. We are often asked What is Fascia Cleaning?

These two elements are integral not only to the aesthetic finish around the roof of the home and its overhang but also to the structural integrity of the building and its ability to keep out water and damp.

Add to that the fact that a clean fascia will make it easier to identify any cracks or damaged parts, and the reasons behind a fascia clean seem more obvious than ever, to clean the fascia, the best thing to do is keep on top of a regular cleaning regime rather than attempting to clean away months of grime and dirt on a sporadic basis.

While most homeowners choose to bring in a professional cleaning company to clean their uPVC fascia and soffits as part of an exterior home renovation and overhaul cleaning process, for those who consider cleaning their Fascia and Soffits themselves the number one thing to remember is to be careful – both with the fragile nature of the structure, and the health and safety of working at height.

How to clean a fascia

By far the easiest way to clean is with a solution of water and dishwashing liquid, with a couple of teaspoons of bleach added to kill any moss or mildew at its source.

This solution should be scrubbed into the surface by hand, focussing on nook and crannies where moss and mildew can settle and cause more damage if left unattended. Then it is time to rinse.

A few pointers from us with regards to ensuring you get the best finish, as safely as possible:

  • Use a regular garden hose rather than a pressure washer
  • Do not move the ladder around too much, clean as much as you can from one position and always use a spotter on the ground to hold the ladder steady
  • Use a stiff brush to provide a high standard of finish which removes all the solution and grime, as well as any unwanted moss
  • If you are cleaning your fascia, investigate a fascia and soffit cleaning service at the same time. If you clean one and not the other, the overall finish will be substandard and untidy
  • Include fascia, soffit, and gutters cleaning as part of a well-rounded cleaning process, as gutter overspill can add to the grime and dirt effect of your fascia and soffits if you are not careful

Above all, if you’re in any doubt at all about what you need to be cleaning and how to get in touch with your local professional window cleaning company or us for a quote and a breakdown of everything involved in creating aesthetically pleasing and structurally safe fascia and soffits.