As you read through our blogs, guides and articles about various cleaning processes and tips, you may stumble across one or two mentions of commercial cleaning, nestled in with our private residential cleaning services. Often, people assume that a commercial building is a factory or large warehouse space tied in with the commercialisation of retail or manufacturing – but it is in fact much more widespread than that.

Commercial space is any office, desk space or area which is owned by your company and thus represents the company and its brand values. This could be anything from your office headquarters to the outside parking lot where visitors to your office’s park – essentially covering all aspects of the business which become the face of your company.

After all, every time you go to visit a new client or supplier in their office, don’t you take note of how well kept and how organised their office and car park space is?

Commercial cleaning also refers to the commercial spaces mentioned before, including entertainment centres, shopping malls and centres, clubs, restaurants, and hotels. Anywhere that is not considered a private residence can be grouped in as a commercial property or space.

What is commercial cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is a service we offer which covers all of those areas – either through a regular cleaning service, or more of a sporadic one-off deep clean which is often performed at the beginning or end of a specific season.

We tend to find that most commercial property owners engage a regular cleaning contract with a local company to ensure a well-maintained office space that matches the organised and hygienic values of the company.

For many this will mean a daily clean at the close of play, supported by one or two deep cleans every year – generally during the Christmas break, and during the Summer to create a refreshed space.

What makes a commercial cleaning service what it is?

Despite both being performed by cleaning companies to create a clean and hygienic space, there are a handful of prominent things which separate commercial cleaning from domestic and residential cleaning.

  • The first is the tools and cleaning equipment used – with the scale of commercial cleaning companies often meaning that cleaning companies will use more powerful tools that could even be damaging in smaller private properties.


  • The process will be more organised, and the team will probably be bigger for a commercial clean. With more ground to cover, the cleaning tasks, cleaning methods, and approach for commercial cleaning is different and so needs to be organised in line with the demand and the timescale.


  • The contract for a commercial cleaner, particularly one with a regular client, will likely include a certain number of hours per day rather than a breakdown of the job. The cleaning company will be expected to do as much as possible in that time limit.


  • Commercial cleaning must adhere to business regulation health and safety standards.

The benefits of commercial cleaning are extensive, both for business owners and for employees. A clean and tidy workspace is one where productivity levels are at their highest, and it also serves to provide visitors and clients with a positive first impression as soon as they arrive on site.


The type of Commercial cleaning services offered:

  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Business premises
  • Domestic Cleaning Services

For more information on commercial cleaning and how we can support you both with the interior and exterior of your commercial property, get in touch with our team.