While many homeowners – particularly those with older homes – will notice that their gutters may are manufactured from a thick black plastic piping, a rise in the number of new builds popping up around the country sees an increase in aluminium gutters.

Available in a couple of different colours and styles and able to be decorated to match the roofing where necessary, aluminium gutters provide a premium solution for modern homes, with a durable shell which is cheap to buy and install, and easy to maintain.

Their super light construction means that the aluminium does not require any additional support, and the exterior protects the guttering from rust or corrosion – even with regular water running through it.

In short, it seems fair to conclude that aluminium gutters are the future of guttering thanks to their sturdy design and easy installation – but how easy are they to clean and maintain for the average homeowner? And would you be better off keeping them clean yourself, or bringing in a professional?

Cleaning your aluminium gutters

As any homeowner will know, keeping your gutters clear and clean not only keeps the outside aesthetic of your home looking great, but also ensures that your home does not be subject to leaks, build up or water damage.

Cleaning standard gutters requires a ladder and some manual labour for the DIY cleaners or a quick call to the professionals with their long-ended gutter cleaning system operated from the ground. However, aluminium gutters do require a little extra attention, primarily around the way that you manage your cleaning to protect the more fragile exterior.

• If you’re attempting a DIY clean, you will likely use a ladder. Placement is so important, making sure that you rest the ladder against the guttering at a location as close as possible to the nails holding it in place. Where possible, try and lean the ladder against the main body of the house as opposed to the gutter, to avoid any issues.

• Scoop out the leaves and other debris carefully using a small trowel or your hands, then flush them out using a garden hose. It is worth noting that this is the most time-consuming part of the cleaning process for DIY users as they must get down and move the ladder every few feet to cover the entire length of the guttering.

Calling in a professional may well come at a cost, but the time you will save, and the quality of the end clean may well be worth the price – get in touch with your local gutter cleaning company to find out more.

• Test the flow of the gutters and drainage system with the hose, running water through the gutter to ensure there are no leaks along its length and no blockages in the downward piping. A professional cleaner will use a telescopic pole for ease and a thorough check, but you may find you can do the same level of job with a simple garden hose.

• Spray an aluminium gutter cleaner on the exterior of the gutter, leave it to settle for about 10 minutes, and then scrub it with a non-metal brush – taking care not to scrub so hard that you damage any protective coating. Aluminium gutters, in particular, are a little harder to clean, as their fragile surface needs a clean with care. If you are worried about doing this yourself, give us a call to discuss the best next steps for you.

Should I do it myself or call in a cleaning company?

While cleaning aluminium gutters is a process that can be undertaken by any homeowner who owns a ladder and a garden hose.
Calling a professional ensures the job is done quickly and safely as possible, including the final inspection of your piping and drainage system, with the removal of all debris at the end.

If you do decide to go for a professional company clean, make sure you get a few quotes from different companies to ensure you get the best price, with the standard fee being around £100 or less depending on the height of the house and its size.