One of the most important things to note about industrial cladding is its usage – both as an aesthetic finisher on a building, and as part of the integral structure which supports the building from adverse weather condition and other challenges.

When it comes to cleaning industrial cladding, the main challenge that users face is that from afar the surface looks shiny and new – it is only when you get up close and start to notice algae, mould and grime within the gaps and overlaps of the cladding that the problem becomes more apparent.

One of the main design features of any style of cladding is the way sections and planks overlap with each other, meaning that rather than sitting as one solid surface which is easy to wipe clean, the overlaps leave certain areas of the cladding untouched by rainfall and adverse weather.

These areas, typically the underhanging sections of the cladding planks, acquire a build-up of grime and mould over time which needs to be cleaned manually by you – or a professional.

Washing Industrial Cladding

We tend to find that soft wash products are the most effective, not just at wiping away the evidence of mould spots and grime, but also in ultimately killing and eradicating any future growth on the surface – mainly when used regularly.

1. Start by mixing your soft wash cleanse up at a 10:1 ratio with water, to dilute the mix and ensure it does a thorough cleaning job without eroding away your surfaces. There are a variety of potential products and brands you could use, so do your research depending on the material of your cladding to find out which is best.

2. Apply the solution through a sprayer, using the fitting which will come with the soft wash, and leave it to settle on your cladding surface for a few minutes.

3. Take a soft bristle brush to the surface and gently scrub the solution into the surface, making sure to get underneath all the overlaps and in between all the gaps.

4. Rinse the solution off on a low pressure using a pressure washer. Take care to keep the pressure as low as you can, as we often find that the overlay and join between pieces of cladding can be quite fragile under a high-intensity jet wash.

This is one of the main reasons why so many professional cleaners recommend their services for cleaning industrial cladding rather than a DIY job, as their expertise can ensure that your cladding stays intact and safely protected!

Why you should bring in a professional

Aside from protecting your cladding, another reason for bringing in a professional to clean your industrial cladding is to ensure a thorough and effective job which cleans the surface entirely from all angles – all without dripping the concentrated solution onto your outside space or garden.

Washing Industrial Cladding

Professionals also possess all the equipment needed to reach even the highest and most challenging to get sections of cladding. This means that not only can they operate safely but also efficiently and effectively.

If you’re not sure about how to clean your industrial cladding or don’t have the expertise or equipment needed to do a thorough job, Stardust Cleaning provides an all-round service which covers a full consultation, clean and rinse – leaving you with cladding that could almost be mistaken for a brand new exterior.

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