First and foremost, to clear up a common question. The best way to remove graffiti from brick?

There is a growing trend which is seeing graffiti pop up all over the place – supported by street artists like Banksy who make the concept of instantaneous public art seem attractive and coveted.

And while there are some scenarios where the presence of spray paint art can be charming and decorative pleasing, there are other situations where graffiti on brick is something you want to get rid of quickly and effectively.

In fact, the problem of unwanted graffiti has become so common that graffiti removal services and anti-graffiti coating are all now widely available on-demand – ensuring that those who become victims of unwanted artwork are able to deal with the problem efficiently and without trouble.

So, why is graffiti so difficult to remove from brick?

The Challenge – Clean Graffiti

Bare brick looks great in the right setting, but its main challenge is its rough and porous surfaces like a brick – making it extraordinarily difficult to clean.

Combine this with the modern need for environmentally friendly graffiti removal methods, and you soon find yourself faced with so many challenges that many consumers turn to simply painting over the graffiti with a new layer of coating over the entire wall.

Mistake number one. Painting over graffiti is rarely a long term solution – in fact, as the colour of the wall fades over time, the graffiti beneath can start to show through and leave the consumer consistently having to add more and more layers to their wall.

Not only does this remove the natural effect of the bare brick, but it also creates a costly and time-consuming job which must be undertaken regularly to ensure it remains effective.

The Process – Graffiti removal product

This is where professional graffiti remover services come into play. Professional cleaning companies will be able to survey your cleaning requirements and, with a basic understanding of the surfaces affected and the graffiti colour, will then provide a free quote to remove the spray paint without damaging or altering the primary surface.

Removing spray paint from the brick.

The main methods used by professional graffiti cleaners tend to combine a series of natural and green paint stripper removal chemicals and paint remover solutions, with the high-temperature low-pressure washing of a jet wash – loosening the paint surface before blasting it away with the high-temperature flow of water.

For those considering a DIY graffiti removal job on their brick, or brick concrete we urge you to get to know your pressure washer before taking it to your brick wall – as a blast of water which is too direct or too close to the brick surface can dislodge and loosen the construction of the wall, and leave you with more damage than you started with.

Likewise, consumers should take care of using graffiti removal cleaning solutions as, if used incorrectly, these can leave discolouration or streaks on your brick surfaces.

For help and advice on the best way to remove graffiti from your brick wall, whether it’s a small piece of something expansive, get in touch with your local professional cleaning company for a free quote and guidance on the best steps for safe and effective removal.

Remember, painting over graffiti might work today, but it is only a full-scale removal which will work in the long run.

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