Solar Panel Cleaning

Regular cleaning for maximum energy.
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Easy Solar Panel Cleaning

Did you know dirt can have a real impact on the efficiency of your solar panels?

Even a thin layer of dust or grime can affect how much sunlight is converted into energy, but reaching the rooftop to keep those panels clean can be tricky. At Stardust Cleaning we’ve got the specialist kit needed to reach those panels safely and keep them sparkling clean, without any risk of damage.

Maximise your solar energy

Sap, dust, limescale and birds droppings all have the potential to decrease the energy efficiency of your solar panels. The rain and morning dew can help to naturally keep the panels clean, but won’t entirely remove the layer of dirt that can build up over time.

We recommend solar panel cleaning at least once a year, typically during the drier summer months.

However, if you live on a new housing development where there is still a lot of dust on site, or you have overhanging trees, we’d recommend cleaning your solar panels every 4-6 months to keep them in tip top condition.

Solar panel cleaning can be done as a standalone service, or at the same time as window cleaning.

There is no need to be at home when we visit.  We use the latest Reach and Wash purified water cleaning system to clean your solar panels safely from ground level.  The system is safe, quick and doesn’t cause any damage to the panels.  It also doesn’t leave any residue.

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To book a solar panel cleaning appointment, just give us a call or drop us an email. We regularly combine solar panel cleaning with window cleaning, so if you’d like both done at the same time, just ask. We look forward to hearing from you soon.