What’s the most effective – and safest – way to clean solar panel cleaning in Northamptonshire?

The world is divided between those who invest time and money in keeping outdoor objects and items clean, such as their cars, windows and patios, and those who rely on nature’s cleaning power – acknowledging that the rain will keep everything clear enough for safe and effective operation.

Solar panels are no different, with many buyers believing that their panels will continue to work with little to no upkeep due to the weather elements.

And the use of rain as nature’s own cleaning professional, as well as the diagonal angle of the panel, which means rain washes down it regularly.

However, when the inevitable finally happens, and a bird decides to poo on your solar panel, or a mass of dirt and grime is blown onto your roof with some landing on the panel, you may quickly find that the effectiveness of the solar panel becomes affected.

It is ensuring complete user effectiveness – a few tips.

You purchase a solar panel for its effectiveness and cheap running costs, as well as its environmentally friendly nature. Thus, as soon as something happens which impacts the panel’s running, it’s time for a fix.


Our first and most important tip is to always use clean and fresh water, with no detergent. How many times have you cleaned a window or mirror with detergent, only to find that you leave the surface covered with streaks? Keep it fresh for a thorough clean.

If you live in a hard water area, it is important to wipe all the water away from the panel to ensure you aren’t left with a limescale build-up.

Take care not to scrub the panel too hard. In the face of tough stains like bird poo, a window cleaning solution is often enough to break down grime and ensure a thorough clean. Use the cleaning solution first with a soft brush before rinsing the panel thoroughly and wiping away all the excess water left.

Solar panels, like gadgets and toys, come with instructions. So, when in doubt, read the manual to find out the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning methods. Ensuring your cleaning process is as safe as possible.

You will likely have noticed that all the above tips deal with a hands-on cleaning method, which ultimately means getting up onto the roof to clean the Solar panels effectively. Achieving this in the safest way possible will depend on the structure and build of your home. In many cases, we recommend bringing in a professional cleaning company that possess the experience and tools required to get the job done in a time-efficient and safe way.

If you’re anxious about the safety and security of the panels themselves during the cleaning process.

Solar Panel Cleaning Northamptonshire

One of the biggest tips we can give you is not to rush and not to employ too many different tools to do a straightforward job. With the help of a professional company like Stardust Cleaning, you can rely not just on the years of experience that the team can bring but also on their specific knowledge and know-how around operating machinery and dealing with homes of all shapes sizes.

For more information on our Solar Panel Cleaning Service, get in touch with the team.

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