Thorough | Effective | Affordable

  • Can be just as effective as pressure washing

  • Safe, pet & child-friendly biodegradable formulae

  • Experienced, friendly teams of technicians

Soft washing a black slate roof

Soft wash UK- What is it?

We use soft washing technology to clean all kinds of surfaces – thoroughly and safely

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Green algae covering the black slate tiles

How do we use it?

We use the safe, thorough processes to clean and remove all moss and debris

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Why use Stardust Cleaning Services?

Fast, Efficient, Friendly, Affordable

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Soft wash – thorough and damage-free

Efficient | Fast | Affordable

Are you looking for a specialist cleaning service for your domestic or commercial property?
Do you need to have your exterior hard surfaces cleaned?
Are you worried about the damage that might be caused by pressure washing?

Wherever appropriate, we’ll apply soft wash chemicals to clean your exterior surfaces quickly and efficiently – and safely too. We’ll clean your surfaces in no time, maintaining or restoring the look and the value of your property.

Are you looking for safe and effective cleaning?

With our washing method, equipment and know-how, we’ll restore your surfaces to their original smart condition.
We’ll clean your property safely and quickly – no eco-damaging chemicals – no flaking caused by high-pressure jet washing.

Soft washing systems – what is it?

It’s is a natural, eco-friendly alternative to the typical high-pressure washing. We provide soft washing services to commercial and residential clients and use a low-pressure power washing alongside a range of carefully selected eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

Our soft wash chemicals are the perfect alternative to pressure washing. This process, as the name suggests, uses physical power to blast away dirt, fungus moss, grime, algae lichen, organic stains, and moss. It can be highly effective.

But – in a few cases it can cause damage to hard surfaces, causing crumbling or flaking of older brickwork or soft stone, such as sandstone.

Our washing methods provides exactly what’s needed for a safe, effecting cleaning job on

The key is know-how and experience. All our specialist cleaners are highly-trained. Before starting any cleaning project, they’ll inspect the area to be cleaned and use their expert judgement to assess the most effective means of cleaning the area quickly, but crucially, safely.

Their single focus will be to come up with the best approach to maintain and protect your property.

How does soft washing work?

The build-up of algae and debris on roofs, walls and other hard surfaces can leave your property looking tired, dirty and unappealing. The problem with high-pressure jet washing systems is that they can cause irreversible damage and mark both roofs and external walls. They can cause flaking or wash away from the mortar.

Our system uses a variety of chemical applications designed to be biodegradable with virtually no environmental impact. We have a wide range of high reach washing systems that we use with our soft wash process. This enables us to reach and clean windows, roofs and cladded/brick walls on most buildings up to a height of 70 feet.

Soft washing technology – why use Stardust Cleaning Services?

So many reasons!

  • We’re fast – Clients tell us they’re astonished by how fast we respond and how quickly we get their surfaces cleaned.

  • We’re efficient – Our expert, highly trained teams of soft wash cleaners use only the best, up-to-date, soft washing equipment. With the help of eco-friendly chemicals, soft-washing ensures thorough cleaning that’s also safe. No rushing. No half-measures. We never cut corners – we clean them!

  • We’re friendly – We’re a family run business with years of experience. We’ve been using soft washing techniques for many years. We understand the value of courtesy and good manners. We’ll treat your property with the respect that we treat our own. Why else do our customers come back to us time and time again?

  • We’re affordable – The soft wash approach will maintain both the appearance of your property and its value for years to come. We keep our soft wash prices low – you’ll keep the looks and value of your property high!