Which is better? Soft Washing vs Jet washing

One uses a high powered stream of water for an effective power clean, employing nothing but the power of water.
One uses a high powered chemical agent which cuts through unwanted surface mould and growth and can be wiped away or hosed off using a regular water hose.

Which is better? Soft Washing vs Jet washing

That’s up to you and will often depend on the surface that you are looking to clean and the severity of the issue that you are looking to tackle.

Jet Washing explored

The effect of a high powered jet wash is immediate and extremely pleasing to the eye, as the user can literally see unwanted growths and spores being blasted away from the surface of their wall or patio as they work. However, despite the surface-level clean that powered Washing provides, the effect is short-lived – with the roots dug deep into the crevices and cracks remaining untouched and able to grow again quickly.

In short, jet washing is a short term solution which must be regularly upheld in order to achieve a consistently clear finish on your surface.

Jet washing can also be damaging to your surface if you are not careful with your handling of the equipment, with a direct jet able to blast paint or render away from a fragile wall to leave you with lasting – and often expensive – damage. This is why we tend to recommend that jet washing is performed by a professional cleaning company, with most cleaners able to come and quote and perform a jet wash job for you quickly and safely – at the most cost-effective price.

Soft Washing explored

Soft Washing is a more time-consuming approach to cleaning outdoor surfaces, but it appears from all perspectives to be a much safer and more effective way of approaching a surface clean. The solution not only washes away the surface spores and growths but also attacks the growths from their roots – killing them at the source so that they are not able to grow back again anywhere near as quickly.

Soft Washing doesn’t harm the exterior of your property, and though care should be taken when using the chemical treatment, there is little in the way of hazardous risk for users or for their homes.

In terms of sustainability, soft Washing is also more cost-effective than jet washing and uses far less water, making it less wasteful even while being more effective in the long run. Not only that but its long-lasting results mean less ongoing work for you, with regular soft wash cleaning top-ups required sporadically to maintain your clear surfaces and walls.

The Winner? Soft Washing vs Jet washing

This really comes down to personal preference and the task at hand, but if you are looking for
• Fast results
• Lasting results
• Safe results
• Environmentally friendly results
• Cost-effective results.

Then Soft Washing is probably the best option for you. Get in touch with us today to discuss when your home is next due to a soft wash clean!