We usually get asked a wide range of questions about pressure washing, ranging from how much does driveway cleaning cost, problems with the service, how your service compares to other providers.

Who offers the best service near me?
How to remove the white/black spot?

Is it worth buying your own rather than seeking the help of a professional?

One question that always comes up is, should I pressure wash my driveway?

The answer to this explained in a few different areas.
Firstly, is a pressure washer necessary?
If you maintain a clean driveway throughout most of the year, the chances are that a regular sweep with a broom and the occasional hose down will be enough to keep your driveway safe and looking its best.

Jet washing is usually employed when moss and algae has started to set root between the paving slabs, or when grime and dirt has built up over the surface. Maybe your driveway is becoming a hazard, creating an unstable surface topped with a layer that can become slippy in wet or cold weather.

In this case, and if you regularly maintain your driveway by hand, your best option is to bring in a professional for an annual deep clean. Trained, supplied with the best equipment, but experienced to do a thorough job without causing any damage that could cost you more in the long-run.

It is important to note, however, that pressure washers are now readily available for anyone to purchase, and while on the pricier end of cleaning equipment, could be a reasonable investment for those with multiple large outdoor spaces that they wish to clean. Pressure washing has seen an enormous boost over the last couple of decades, both as a business model and a domestic task.

The second question, why is pressure washing so popular?

Is it because:
1. Is it easy?
2. Is it environmentally friendly?
3. Is it more cost-effective?

In short, it’s all three, provided you do it right.
Yes, pressure washing makes life more comfortable – and human beings are renowned for finding the easiest and quickest way to finish a job. Pressure washing uses a powerful jet of water to quite literally blast away any dirt and debris, getting in between the cracks of paving stones and brickwork and ensuring that no area is untouched.

Very satisfying when it comes to washing your driveway, though certain conditions should be thought about to ensure the wash complies to your health and safety.
Done safely; ranging from the clearing of excess debris and waste first, to the angle of the pressure washer when pointed at any given area.

Too direct, and the jet can damage the seal between your driveway paving almost immediately; too subtle, and you won’t see the full benefit of the pressure wash.
Yes, it is also more environmentally friendly when compared with many of the other DIY solutions we see roaming around the internet. Pressure washers avoid the use of bleach and other chemicals which may end up negatively impacting the environments around your driveway.

And yes, it can be more cost-effective – provided you get it right. Are there situations in which you could lose excess money? Of course; go it alone, and you may end up with more damage.
Pick the wrong professional, and you may get charged well above the general asking fee So, should I pressure wash my driveway?

Let’s break this down into our key takeaways.
• Ongoing maintenance is vital for ensuring your driveway is free from as much debris and waste as possible. Using a broom and a hose.
• Pressure washing should only be necessary once or twice a year, provided regular upkeep is maintained.
• Pressure washers are available on the high street, but there are multiple conditions for the use. Misused and you may cause irreversible damage.
• Pressure washers provide a simple, environmentally friendly and often cost-effective cleaning solution.
• A professional will charge depending on the area to clean. How long it takes – by clearing your driveway in advance of excess debris, you are only saving yourself money.

So, when asked whether or not you should pressure wash your driveway, the answer is yes, but you should not rely solely on this. Driveway upkeep is an ongoing task at least once a year. The most straightforward and most worry-free method is to brush and hose yourself and bring in a professional once a year.

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