Gutter Cleaning Service

Professional gutter cleaning

Gutters are awkward to see into and difficult to reach, so they’re often given very little attention.  However, over time, they will naturally fill with moss, leaves, twigs and other debris.  This stops rainwater from flowing properly and can lead to leaks, mould, pests and damp.  None of which are good for your property.

Clearing blocked gutters

We’ll get all that gunge cleared in a jiffy! Using our industry-leading telescopic cleaning equipment, we can safely inspect and clear gutters up to 4 stories high from ground level.  No need for ladders or cherry pickers!

Our equipment sucks up debris so that it isn’t washed over the edge or into the downpipe.  Large clumps of moss or plant matter are removed easily and gutters are flushed through completely.  We use inspection cameras to get a thorough look at the gutter and downpipe, ensuring we don’t leave any blockages behind and water flows properly.

Stardust; your local gutter cleaning team

  • Residential and commercial gutter cleaning
  • Fast and cost-effective process
  • Professional cleaning equipment, operated from the ground – no ladders!
  • Inspection cameras
  • All debris removed safely
  • Friendly, reliable father and son team

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