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  • Get ahead of your competitors by hiring a professional property photographer!

  • Experienced, skilled property photographer with the latest equipment

  • Expertly composed photography – presenting your property at its best

  • Fast, immaculate processing and editing – within hours!

  • Efficient online booking – often with same-day slots available.

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4 steps to professional photography perfection

Book your professional property photographer today – online or with a phone call

Your photographer arrives on time before making any necessary adjustments to the room

The shoot begins.
Top level equipment combining with professional photography skill to produce great results

You receive your portfolio of carefully selected and immaculately processed property photos

Property Photography Service

in Northamptonshire and the surrounding area

Are you a landlord or a homeowner looking to sell or rent your property?
Are you an investor with an entire portfolio to take to market?
Are you looking for top-quality corporate photography?
Perhaps you’re a Real Estate Agent looking to do the best job for your clients.
Are you in the hospitality sector, with a hotel, pub, or restaurant to promote?
Are you thinking of leaving your property photography to an estate agent?
Think again!
Don’t underestimate the importance of top quality photographs.
To give yourself the best chance of selling or renting …
… only the very highest quality property photos will do
The way you visually market your property will make all the difference

Why use a Stardust property photographer?

Our professional photographers combine the very latest equipment with their extraordinary photographic and processing skills to produce quality photography – every time!
We believe that, as specialist commercial and home photographers, we can do a better job than standard estate agent photography. Our professional property photography service will produce amazing photography to present your property at its very best – every time.
As specialists in interior property photography specialists are renowned for their

  • Skill
  • Experience
  • Creativity
  • Diligence

Combine these qualities with their editing ad processing skills, and what do you get?
Great results and a great chance of selling or renting your property … fast!

Don’t leave professional property photos to the amateurs

Smartphone technology has, in recent years, become more advanced. Digital photography with smartphones is great for social media and numerous other uses. But – to ignore the superb capabilities of modern-day hi-tech photographic equipment could be a big mistake! Your property – whether it’s your home, property portfolio, your Airbnb – is worth hundreds of thousands of pounds to you. Would you risk that value for the sake of cheap DIY-standard photography? Far better to leave it to a professional to take high-quality photos – someone with an eye for detail, with the skill to pick the best angle and who comes equipped with the latest photo technology to do a great job for you. In other words, you need a real estate photography specialist.

Highly trained and super-skilled property photographers

Stardust property photographers are trained in quality photography. They use specialist technical skills and use the best equipment to produce the perfect results you need.

Your property is unique. The build and architecture may be similar to other properties, but yours will have distinctive differences in terms of lighting, design, décor and furnishings. Our photographers have a keen eye for such nuances and will use their expertise to highlight your property’s best elements.

Property photography to promote your property

When you’re selling or renting your property, time isn’t on your side. The property market is desperately competitive. You need to be promoting and showcasing your property with excellent exterior and interior photography ahead of your competitors. Your property needs to be standing out, head and shoulders above the others. With our professional property photography service, you’ll be able to use your images for numerous promotional purposes, including virtual tours.

Your potential tenant or buyer will give you just a few seconds to impress them. With photographic images that are just ‘standard’, your property just won’t get noticed. It will be lost amongst the dozens of run-of-the-mill property ads. To get that vital viewing, you need to give your property the best chance. You need to invest in high-value professional photography.

Expert property photographers

The expert property photographers from Stardust have all the skills and experience to produce photographs that will both attract and engage your target audience. They know how to focus on the most appealing features of your property – highlighting what’s unique, original and attractive. It could be an intriguing perspective of one particular room, or maybe an interesting architectural feature of a particular architectural element of your property’s exterior.

Post-production of your property photographs

The actual photography is, of course, a big part of the job. But don’t be fooled into thinking that’s where it ends. Far from it! Once the photos have been taken, there comes the critical step of photo-editing – a highly specialised skill that needs to be exercised before the final portfolio of photos can be presented. Your Stardust photo experts have all the training and skill required to edit the photographs – removing any blemishes or unsightly elements, finishing up with, striking, exquisite and attractive images that will put your property right at the front-of-mind of your target audience.

Using their eagle eye for detail, our photographers will diligently scour each image for elements which will benefit from enhancement. They will then make the subtle adjustments that are needed to make your photos as attractive and effective as they can possibly be.
Within a day or two, we’ll send you your portfolio of premium quality photos. For a small extra charge, we’ll also send you the complete pre-edited photo set for you to use as you wish.

How to prepare your property for photography

To make the most of the session, and to avoid any delays, there’s plenty you can do in advance. Of course, your rooms must be immaculately tidy. They need to be clean too – for this, talk to us about our Domestic or Commercial Cleaning services.

Are you a landlord or letting agency? Then, the best time to book your photography session is immediately following your end-of-tenancy cleaning service.

The more effort you’re able to put into preparing your property, the more likely you are to have it standing out from the crowd. To be sure of having your property photo-ready, here’s your pre-session checklist –

External building photography – first impressions

The front of your property is the first thing people see. So – imagine how your potential tenant or buyer will feel if the paint is flaking and the driveway is covered in lichen, moss or grime. Give your property a coat of paint and call us about cleaning that driveway.

Clean the windows too and make sure that any hanging baskets or planters are looking their best. These details will make all the difference.

Make you sure you fix any broken gates and give that hedge a trim too.

Clear that clutter
For great room photography, you need your property to look ‘show-home ready’. Hide away all those trinkets and ornaments. Put yourself in the shoes of your potential buyer or tenant. Allow them to imagine your property as if it were their own. Present your property as a clean slate. People want to be able to imagine themselves in your rooms.

Fix anything that’s broken
Make sure that none of your door handles, cupboard doors or other fittings are damaged. They’ll stick out like the proverbial sore thumb.

Clean all surfaces
Clean surfaces always reflect light more effectively than dirty ones. Dirty surfaces make your house look dull. Make sure you vacuum clean, mop, and dust all surfaces and walls, as appropriate. You need your property to shine in the photographs that your target audience is viewing online.

The kitchen and bathroom
These two rooms are vital to get right. They’re the most expensive rooms to renovate. So, by presenting them in the best possible light, you’ll reassure any potential buyers that they won’t need to splash out on expensive decorating or re-fitting. Make sure the floor, the fittings and the surfaces all sparkle!

As for the kitchen, hide away those gadgets – too many of those can give the impression that your property is light on storage space. If you can’t put your gadgets away, make sure you clean them until they gleam! Remove any postcards or fridge magnets and hide away that tired-looking old toaster or kettle.

Remember – you can’t go wrong with a classy-looking bowl of fruit on the kitchen table.

The bathroom – having thoroughly cleaned the bathroom, again clear away the clutter and untidy looking toothbrushes. Make sure any towels are hanging neatly or are tidily folded.

The Living Room
Once again, make sure you clean and dust every surface. Let the natural daylight in by opening the blinds or curtains. Of course, the TV should be turned off. Your sofa cushions need to be nicely ‘plumped up’. Make sure your bookshelves are neat and the books neatly organised. Keep decorative items, such as the occasional candle or vase of flowers to an absolute minimum.

These should be really neat and tidy with a minimum of clutter. Your finest-looking bedding should be on show, with the pillows nicely fluffed up. Remember to tidy away all clothes and personal bits and pieces, – toiletries, hairdryers etc.

For property photography, excellent lighting is critical. It brings your space to life. So – replace those broken bulbs and use a lamp to brighten those dark corners.

The Garden
We do outdoor photography too. Whether your garden is a tiny yard or an extensive plot, edged with borders and featuring an ornamental fountain, give yourself time to tidy it properly. Make sure all incidental items like bikes, rabbit hutches, toys and trampolines are either hidden away or arranged tidily. Sweep your paths and clean them of moss or lichen. The same goes for your decking. Make sure it’s looking its best.

Home & Commercial Property Photography service – what happens on the day?

There are 7 steps involved in the Property Photography process –

1. Planning and preparation – Your photographer may well move smaller items of furniture around and ask you to move a few ornaments to one side.
2. Setting up the photographic equipment – This can take a little time, as the equipment is very much ‘high-end’. Great care must be taken to make sure that we make the best use of it.
3. Making use of natural light – Your photographer will do all he can to use natural light to capture specific objects at their best.
4. Focus on interesting features – Your photographer will want to make the most of any unusual or appealing features – perhaps that lovely old fireplace or interesting ceiling mouldings.
5. Using clever angles to maximise the sense of space – Your Stardust photographer will use the best equipment and all his skill and experience to make your rooms look spacious.
6. Property photo editing – Our specialist property photographers will do all they can to enhance your images. Without giving any kind of a false impression, they will use carefully judged re-touching techniques and the latest software to make your images look fantastic.
7. Delivery of your property images – You’ll receive these usually within a day or two of the photography session. The price will depend on how many images you need. For a small extra fee, we’ll also supply the entire portfolio of unedited images for you to use as you wish.

Professional Property Photography – FAQs

Q: How do you choose your photographers?
A: Our photographers are all highly skilled and trained. Their knowledge of and experience with the latest photography equipment is second-to-none.
Q: Do you have any samples of your property photography work?
A: As a renowned property photography agency, we’ll be delighted to show you recently produced portfolios.
Q: Is it possible for me to buy prints of my property photographs?
A: For an extra fee, we’ll print as many copies of your photos as you need.
Q: From start to finish, how long does your property photography service take?
A: As you’d expect, you’ll pay affordable professional photo prices. This, of course, depends on the size of your property, the number of rooms and how many photos you need for each room. It also depends on how much rearranging of furniture and ornaments is needed. Between one and three hours is normal.
Q: Is there a property photographer near me?
A: We carry out professional property photography throughout Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

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