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Pressure washing

Fed up with dirty patios – driveways – paths – block paving – walls – balconies?

Here’s the answer :
Pressure washing from Stardust Cleaning Services – the jet clean specialists.

Pressure cleaning – Protecting property and people

Algae, slime, moss, dirt and oil. These can all spoil the look of your property – and its value. They’re dangerous too. Do you want to be responsible for accidents or injury around your property? The longer you leave the dirt, the more difficult it is to remove.

Pressure washing – where do we clean?

Are you embarrassed by the state of your hard surfaces? Does your driveway make your home look shabby? Imagine what unsightly, dirty pathways or block paving can do to the value of your property. That once-beautiful patio – is it ruined by layers of dirt, oil slicks or algae?

During the wet winter months, paths, driveways and patios get covered in moss, mould, and slime. They become slippery – dangerously so. You need to protect your property and your people. It would be best if you had a pressure washing solution – fast – before your surfaces become hazardous.

Our professional pressure washing service will restore your surfaces to their pristine best.

Our industry-leading pressure washing equipment will have those dirty old slabs and pavers looking as good as new – in no time at all!

Regular high pressure power cleaning

For jet washing to be effective, we need to be visiting you twice a year – ideally in spring and autumn. The more often we pressure wash your driveway, paths and patio, the less chance that algae, moss and slime will build up.

How do we carry out our high-pressure cleaning service?

  • Step 1 – We measure out the area that needs pressure cleaning.
  • Step 2 – We confirm the price before preparing the pressure washing equipment. Of course, we need access to electricity and a water source.
  • Step 3 – With the pressure cleaning machine set up, we start the pressure washing process. The machine shoots out a powerful stream of water, blasting away accumulated dirt and grime you’re your driveway, patio, paths, decking or exterior walls —no need for detergents. The pressurised water alone is enough.

We can only carry out this jet washing service if there is adequate drainage nearby.

Best Pressure Washing Services

You know you need professional pressure washing services when everyone around you starts putting on protective gear at the first sign of you taking out your power washer. No, there’s no need to board up your windows and steel coat your doors either.

Just take some time off to relax or plan your next garden party while the pressure washing experts do their job. And come back to a pristine house exterior, with a spotless deck, patio, and driveway.

It doesn’t matter what kind of dirt, stains, or growth is on your house exterior or block pavingpower washing will get them off.

Residential use power washers can clean everything from brick, vinyl, and wood to fences, cars, and outdoor furniture. The only tricky thing is to familiarize yourself with its usage and tips. Otherwise, it can end up doing more harm than good.


Power washing is perfect for hard-to-clean-surfaces that are exposed to outdoor elements. It is also great for indoor areas like tiles and fireplaces. It gets off the dirt and stains within minutes, eliminating the need for fruitless scrubbing and sweeping.

The different water temperatures and water spray setting give the users a versatile and efficient way of getting off:

Accumulated dirt and Stains

Regular exposure to environmental conditions such as the weather, pollution, acid rain, and animal droppings makes your exterior surfaces look old and dirty. Your house walls, patios, decking, driveways, and fences lose their vibrance and colour.

Power washing restores the surfaces to their previous shine and colour by getting mud out from each nook and cranny. Power washing with heated water is even more effective.

Mould and Mildew

Mould and mildew are a common hazard of the damp and overcast English weather. A high-pressure wash gets the mould out effectively, and protective solutions prevent it from appearing again.

Organic Growth

Algae, moss, lichen, and weeds are inevitable on outdoor surfaces. They are an unavoidable menace of nature that makes their presence known with dark spots and growth between cracks.

And they are difficult to remove. It can be a strenuous exercise of digging and pulling before the actual wash. Pressure washers eliminate the manual pulling and tugging and replace it with targeted blasts of water to get the growth out.

Oil and Grease Stains

Oil stains are a nightmare to get out of your driveways. They need chemical cleaners combined with a high-pressure jet wash to remove them.

And power washing is just not limited to outdoor cleaning. You can also wash your vehicles, lawn furniture, grills, gutters, and man-holes.

Portable pressure washers are great for cleaning the indoor kitchen and bathroom tiles, fireplaces, chimneys, and furnaces.

Commercial kitchens and factories employ regular power washing services to maintain their businesses.

Types of Pressure Washer

  • Electric pressure washer
  • Coldwater pressure washer
  • Hot water pressure washer
  • Gas pressure washer
  • Portable pressure washer
  • Petrol pressure washer
  • Industrial pressure washer



Don’t you love the brand-new finish of your house walls, driveway, or patio after a power wash? When the cleaning fervour takes you by storm at the start of summer, and you end up looking for pressure washers for sale. You spend hours looking for the best pressure washer deals and finally become the proud owner of one.

But before you spend your hard-earned cash on the best power washer in the market, it is advisable to look into the ins and outs using a pressure wash.

Some of the things you need to be careful about when using a pressure washer are:

Damage to your Property

Contrary to popular belief, power washers are not for cleaning everything. Yes, the high-pressure of water is 100% more effective for getting dirt out than a scrubbing brush, but the blast at such high PSI levels can cause splinters, denting, and breakages.

Don’t try to use a power hose on your windows as the glass can break from the force of water. Sidings and benders will also be damaged. Certain types of tiles and bricks can break under high water pressure.

Injuries and Accidents

Most home-use pressure washers have a pressure index of about 2500 to 4000 PSI. The force from a power washer can break through concrete and cement. It is not easy for a beginner to gauge the correct pressure washing levels. It can cause accidents and serious injuries.

A fierce blast of water aimed wrong can be fatal. Even worse, children and pets running around can get caught in the power hose spray. Finger cuts and skin lacerations are other common hazards.

Water Wastage

Power washers save water, but only if used correctly. In inexperienced hands, the water usage doubles. A pressure washer spurts out gallons of water per minute. When you don’t know how to use it, most of the water is wasted instead of being utilised in the wash.

It amounts to high water bills and wastage of an already scarce resource.

Complicated Attachments

Presser washers come with different nozzle attachments that spray water at various pressure levels and patterns. The all-for-one approach doesn’t work with high-pressure washing. Using the correct nozzle for the area you are washing is essential in getting the job done right and without damage.

You need to figure out if you need a light spray or a targeted stream of water. Furthermore, be careful to keep the correct distance from the washable surface as being too close can cause fallback of the debris leading to injuries.

Protecting the Surrounding Areas

Most of the time, pressure washing is for removing harsh stains and natural growth on outdoor surfaces. Since soap-based cleaners only work for dirt and grime, you must use chemical cleaner for growth and oil stains.

Chemical solutions wash away paint, kill plants, dry out gardens and fade colour. All the surrounding areas must be protected with a plastic covering or tarp. Even then, you have to use the correct nozzle stream with different pressure levels to achieve a perfect clean without any casualties to your outdoor areas.

A Costly Investment

Not everyone can afford the best pressure washer UK has to offer. A Screwfix pressure washer or Nilfisk pressure washer is a costly investment to make if you are not confident about using it. And a cheap pressure washer or a pressure washer rental doesn’t work as well.

Are you willing to take the Risk?

The damp British weather breeds moss, algae, and weeds that cannot be removed with simple cleaning tools. Oil stains and grease also need heavy-duty chemical cleaners and a power jet wash.

Don’t compromise on the value of your house or business.


Instead of looking up power washer reviews or power washer for sale, search for professional pressure washing services in your area. They have the expertise and the equipment to power wash any surface you want with guaranteed results.

Benefits of Hiring Specialised Pressure Washing Services

  • Appreciates your property value- High-pressure washing keeps your property in tip-top shape. It enhances curb appeal and raises the value.
  • It makes your cleaning easier- a power wash cleans away the accumulated grime and growth, leaving you with less work—simple washing and hosing with soap work well enough in between.
  • Keeps your house safe- no dented siding or broken wood: no peeling paint or ruined vegetation. The cleaning specialists guarantee a perfect clean without any eyesores and damage.
  • Insurance- in case of any damage to your property, the pressure washing companies have the insurance to get the ensuing repairs done without any personal cost to you.
  • Have the training and skillset to use the power washers with jet spray, high-pressure hose, and various nozzles.
  • Treatments and applications- surfaces with natural growth and mould on them must be treated after cleaning to prevent further regrowth. Cleaning contractors have the solutions and sealants that protect your walls, decking, patios, and block paving.
  • Preventive measures- Professional cleaners quickly notice areas in need of repair. They point out the first signs of woodworms, rotting, mould, loose panels, and leakage. It will save you a lot of money to get timely repairs done.
  • Healthy and hygienic- power washing is a deep clean.
  • Environmentally friendly- pressure washing cleaners have access to the latest environmentally friendly solutions. Furthermore, they keep water wastage to a minimum and dispose of the waste properly.
  • Economical over the long term- a professional clean every couple of months saves you money on cleaning equipment, pressure washers, and repairs.
  • It saves you from spending your days off struggling with complicated machines. Hiring experts to do the pressure washing will save you from the stress and exhaustion of cleaning your exterior surfaces yourself.

Pressure washing experts combine soft and hard washing to give results that are impossible with a self-clean. Commercial parking spaces, buildings, stadiums, walkways, and storefronts are no exceptions.

They need an industrial pressure wash between short intervals to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

Pressure washing is a quick and cost-effective method to get the brand-new look that every private homeowner and business owner wants. Keep your investment safe and maintain its beauty with routine professional power washing services.