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Moss removal on a tarmac drive

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Fed up with moss spoiling the look of your drivewayspatiosblock paving – paths – decking – balconies – walls – roof tiles?

Here’s the answer:
Moss removal from Stardust Cleaning Services

Moss Removal – Protecting property and people

Moss can ruin the look of your property – and its value.
The longer you leave it, the more difficult it is to remove.

Where do we clean?

Are you ashamed of your hard surfaces? Does moss make your home look shabby? On your roof, walls, driveway, patio or decking.

During the wet winter months, driveways and patio get covered in moss. You need a cleaning solution – fast.

Our professional moss removal service will restore your property to its pristine best.

Our industry-leading moss removal cleaning equipment will have those hard surfaces looking as good as new – in no time at all!

Regular Moss removal service

For moss removal to be effective, we need to be visiting you once a year – ideally in spring.

How do we carry out our moss removal service?

  • Step 1 – We measure out the area that needs cleaning.
  • Step 2 – We confirm the price before preparing the cleaning equipment. Of course, we need access to electricity and a water source.
  • Step 3 – With the moss removal machine set up, we start the cleaning process. The machine scrubs away the top layer of the moss, using the rotating wire brush.
  • Step 4 – Apply our chemical that will kill the moss growth for up to 2 years

Moss Removal Services

Wish you had gotten professional moss removal services after you noticed the moss growing on your roof? Before it spread further, ruining your tiles and causing damage.

No use lamenting about it now. There’s still time to act now.

Moss is the opposite of your prize-winning flowers. It will grow and thrive on your roof and lawn without any effort from you. It’s like a mulchy green uninvited guest arriving after the cold, wet winter.

Moss is a living organism that flourishes in damp and shady places. It soaks up moisture in its leaves and grows on all types of materials and surfaces. And the wet UK climate is perfect for it.

Why is moss so difficult to get rid of?

  • Moss can grow all year round
  • It even grows under snow as it takes moisture from it
  • It is resilient and doesn’t die when stepped or trampled on
  • All it takes is one tiny bit of growth or spore to start growing
  • It doesn’t need soil to grow like other plants as it takes its nutrients from the leaves
  • Moss can grow anywhere from stones to grass and tiles

Types of Damage Caused by Moss Growth

Moss on surfaces may be an eyesore, but it is not harmful. It even adds character to places like stone and outdoor sculptures. But moss growth can cause damage because it infiltrates hard surfaces like tile, stone, or brick. It steadily weakens structures and creates a ready environment for mould and mildew.

Moss, if left unchecked, can cause significant damage:

On the Roof

Moss growing on the roof between tiles and shingles is a common occurrence. It’s not a problem in the beginning, but as it spreads, it becomes difficult to control.

Moss loves moisture and soaks it up like a sponge. And a roof is always out in the open with rain, humidity, or snow. Moss on the roof spreads like wildfire because there is ample nutrition for it up there and the lack of sunlight in certain areas helps it even more. It grows between shingles, damaging the corners and making them curl up. Tiles also loosen and break because of the moss growth underneath. The moisture seeps underneath, priming the roof surface for mould mildew.

Furthermore, roofs are not waterproof. They are sloped to allow the water to flow downwards. But when moss starts growing on it, it obstructs the water flow. It soaks up the water and multiplies faster. As the roof surface remains continuously wet in certain places, it leads to leakages. The temperature inside the house is also affected, making it even colder in the winters.

Nobody wants a damp, mouldy smelling house with increased heating bills.

The water seeps in, rotting the roof materials. Birds and insects are also attracted to the moss growth, and they make themselves at home on your roof with their mess.

During thunderstorms or windy weather, the moss falls off the roof into drains and gutters, blocking them. The cleaning is a nightmare once the weather settles down.

In retrospect, it is far more feasible in the long run to get professional roof moss removal services once your roof shows the first sign of it. It will save you from costly repairs and a whole lot of headaches in the future.

On the lawn

At first glance, moss lawn might look like small green growth filling up the sparse areas in your garden. But as moss takes root, it will quickly spread and smother the grass.

It is easy to miss the first signs of moss in your lawn. It is only later when it outgrows the grass, with the shaded areas covered in green fuzz, do you realise that it has completely taken over your lawn.

Moss in a lawn is usually an indicator of an underlying problem such as poor soil, lack of sunlight, or drainage issues. Hence if you want to find out how to get rid of moss in lawn, you will have to resolve the root issue with your garden first. Otherwise, it will just grow back.

Check the PH level of your lawn soil and the drainage flow. Or you could be mowing your grass all wrong. Once you fix the problem, you can use a moss rake or lawn moss treatment to get the moss off.

On your wooden decking                                                           

Moss on wooden decking starts eating into the wood. The moisture from it leads to rot, mould, and algae. Apart from the eyesore and damage, it can lead to accidents as it is slippery, especially in cold and wet weather.

Moss should be removed from a wooden decking with moss killers and scrubbing brushes as soon as it grows.

On your block paving and stone paths

No surface is safe from these tiny green plants. Moss can grow between stones and spread between all the slabs and crevices. The shaded areas of block pavements and stone pathways are more susceptible to moss growth as it settles deep between any gap it can find.

It will eventually loosen the slaps causing damage to the joints.

On your driveway

Driveways are the most exposed area of any house or building. Due to daily usage and no cover, they rarely stay clean or dry. They are a prime target for moss spores dropped by animals or blown in with the wind.

Also, the overcast British weather doesn’t always allow the driveway to dry after a wash or a rain shower. Such factors encourage moss growth, making your driveway uneven and untidy.

Add in the oil and grease stains with rotine wear and tear, the algae and lichen aren’t far behind.

On your brick walls

Bricks are porous, making them the perfect surface for moss growth. The green growth on bricks sometimes even looks charming, apart from the fact that the dampness in it is an invitation for algae and mildew too.

Moss also leaves stains on bricks that show even after cleaning. Since bricks absorb water, moss on it spreads at a rapid-fire pace.

Moss loosens the mortar on brickwork and is an eventual threat to the structural integrity of the property. Not only that, but it also ruins the classic elegance of brickwork with unsightly green fuzz and spots.

How to Get Rid of Moss From Roofs And Other Surfaces

The first sign of moss should have you running for bleach-based cleaning solutions. Since moss growth is small and not easy to pull out, it is better to apply a moss killer before pulling it out with a moss removal tool.

Roof moss removal is even more tricky. Slanted slopes with shingles and tiles get moss growth in between them. A bleach solution loosens the moss on roof. The moss killer spray must be applied several times for older growth, and then removed with a moss scraper for roof.

On lawns, use a rake to get the moss off, or you can first spray a moss killer solution on it. Then remove the moss after it has changed colour and died.

When using bleach-based and chemical solutions, you must ensure that the surrounding areas and surfaces are protected as they cause discolouration and fading. Natural vegetation and plants also can’t survive the onslaught from bleach and chemicals.


Moss is a natural recurrence on all surfaces exposed to the outdoors. Its cleaning is a part of the routine maintenance and upkeep of your property. Ignoring its moss will only land you with expensive repairs in the future.

Hence it is best to employ the services of moss removal specialists. Especially for hard-to-clean areas like roofs, walls, and block paving. A professional moss removal expert:

  • Will have the necessary equipment to remove moss from any area

  • Can access your roof for any repairs or maintenance needed and refer you to nearby roofing contractors
  • Saves you the expense of acquiring moss removal tools like moss rake, moss killer and scraping tools
  • Also treat other growth on your surfaces like algae, lichens, and weeds
  • Have the experience to treat each material with the appropriate cleaning methods such as using low water pressure for roof tiles and high-water pressure for stones
  • Apply re-growth and protective solutions to your roof, decking, patios, and paths after the moss removal
  • Help you figure out the underlying cause of moss lawn to improve the quality of your garden

  • Get the dirt, dust, and grime out along with the moss

Moss is not only a hazard to your property but your insurance claims as well. Moss on roof lowers the value of your property and negatively impacts its curb appeal. Furthermore, insurance surveyors do not approve properties with excessive moss growth on them because of safety standards.

Moss growth decreases the lifespan of your roof, bricking, and block paving. It is essential to include regular moss removal services in your maintenance budget to protect your investment.

Moss Prevention

You can keep your roof or lawn free of moss in between professional cleaning with products like wet and forget moss killers. Moss killer sprays work very well in inhibiting moss growth between professional cleans.

It is also prudent to keep an eye out for any unsightly growth marring your exterior surfaces and nip it in the bud before it wreaks havoc.

Restore the beauty of your home and maintain the appearance of your business by investing in the services of reliable and competent cleaning contractors. Get your house ready for spring or revamp your business front for a new launch. And enjoy a fresh and vibrant property exterior by using professional moss removal services.