As homeowners, we often find ourselves inundated with timescales and cleaning requirements, from when the bins need putting out to when the grass needs mowing, how often the roof should be checked, and how regularly you need to give your gutters a proper clearout.

Sometimes, it can all get a little much – and the discovery of one or more lifehacks to make those everyday tasks that little bit easier can mean the difference between a good day and a terrible one.

1. The Tools

Much of the value of a professional gutter cleaner comes in the form of their tools – extendable telescopic poles, high powered hoses, and proper debris scoops.

However, for the DIY gutter cleaner, there are ways of crafting tools, for example cutting the bottom from a plastic bottle to create a useful scoop or attaching a high powered hose end to your regular garden hose to create an effective gutter wash.

TOP TIP: If the downpipe from your gutter appears to be blocked, try pushing the hose pipe itself through the debris – using the impact of the water and the structure of the tube to break through any blockage.

2. Location and Surroundings

The most common causes of blocked gutters are natural ones, including:

• Leaves
• Fallen twigs
• Moss
• Nests created by animals if the debris is allowed to build-up

To prevent your gutters from becoming overwhelmed with waste and build-up, ensure that you keep tree branches trimmed – especially the ones which overhang your home or who sit above your roof and may blow in the wind towards your gutters.

3. Leaf blowing

We have already established that fallen leaves are one of the primary causes of block gutters, so why not use a conventional leaf blower in your channels – the same way as you would on solid ground? After all, if all you need to do is keep your gutters clear of leaves, there is no point investing in expensive gutter-specific equipment when you have a handy tool already in your possession.

4. Gutter Wedges

The market around gutter guards often comes with a hefty price tag – until gutter wedges came along. Easy to place into your gutter, these wedges prevent the gutter and downpipe from becoming blocked up, by allowing water through but stopping leaves and other debris from settling and causing a problem. Eradicate the issue, and your gutters will stay clean for far longer!

5. Bring in a professional

By far the most convenient way of keeping your gutters clean and well maintained is by bringing in a professional twice a year to conduct a thorough clean and inspection; including removal of the debris and a full test of all the guttering and down piping to ensure a smooth flow of water.
To discuss your next gutter clean, get in touch with us for a local quote and trustworthy service.