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Why You Need Jet Washing Services

Don’t max out your credit card on useless cleaning equipment for your driveways, patios, walls, or garden decks. Use for professional jet washing services instead.

A power jet washer is not only limited to outdoor block paving and decking. It is also great for cleaning all kinds of outdoor furniture, fences, and guttering as well.

A jet washer can clean years of accumulated dirt, grime, and mildew from the exterior of your home within a couple of hours. Jet washing services for cleaning outdoors is a must for the routine maintenance of your home’s exterior.

Wet and cold weather is prevalent in most parts of the UK. Continuous exposure to such climate results in mould, moss, and dark spots from lichen. Big cities and areas near industries suffer from pollutants and acid rain. All these factors collectively deteriorate and damage your home exterior and make it look grimy and old.

Eventually, the damage from the outside seeps into the interior as well. It depreciates your property, costing you a large amount of money in house repairs.

Professional jet washer services can help you avoid future losses in house repairs, making your home look brand new.

Jet Washing – A Necessity, Not a Luxury

Most people take quite some time to buy a house. It is a lifelong investment that takes years to save and plan. There are mortgage payments, taxes, and general maintenance costs.

The British greatly value their roots and take great pride in their homes. After all, your home is an extension of yourself and a safe retreat.

Using the services of specialised cleaning companies using high-pressure washers will keep your driveway, patio, walls, and fences stain-free and vibrant. You can welcome the summer months with a freshly cleaned patio that is perfect for barbeques. Or you can host a pool party with squeaky clean garden decks and furniture with surfaces proofed against hazards with a thorough jet spray wash.

What does jet washing do for your home?

A jet washer uses an extremely high-pressure blast of water to clean away all kinds of accumulated dirt, debris, stains, and growth outside your house. A high-power pressure washer washes away:

  • Mould and mildew

  • Moss, weeds, lichen, and algae
  • Damage from acid rain
  • Pollutants like exhaust fumes and smoke stains
  • Peeling and loose paint
  • Mud, dirt, and debris

Outdoor areas that require a high-pressure power washer

  • Patios

  • Driveways

  • Decking

  • Walls

  • Garden furniture

  • Fences

  • Gutter grills and guards

  • Paving slabs and stones

  • Concrete paths

Benefits of Specialised Power Washer Services

Most people think that a general clean and wash outside your house is enough to keep it looking clean and well-kept. What they don’t know is that continuous exposure to environmental elements can gradually cause damage to your house siding, walls, patio, decks, and more.

It is not humanly possible to keep your walls free of dirt and mud. Or take care of the growth in between cracks and crevices. That is a job best left to the experts. They have heavy machinery, equipment, and training to power wash away years of grime and stains.

And it only has to be done every six months or so. A good quality jet washing will:

Make your property look brand new

Your house is strong enough to endure the onslaught of the changing weather and environment. But over time, the wear and tear start showing. Lichen leaves dark spots on your paving blocks and stains cover your driveway.

The damp weather causes weed and moss growth in cracks. Furthermore, your house siding and walls accumulate dirt and mud in the hard-to-reach corners. The colour fades, and your house, no matter how well-maintained, starts showing its age.

An expertly handled pressure washer by specialists will solve these problems and keep your outdoor areas stunning and clean. Usage of pesticides, sealants, weed inhibitors, and anti-fungal solutions will protect your home for years to come.

Save money on buying your pressure washer

There are many top-grade pressure washers available in the market. Quite a few people invest in an electric pressure washer and jet spray machines. Such high-powered machines can cost up to thousands of pounds. Often homeowners get duped by a cheap pressure washer in the name of quality.

On top of that, not many buyers are equipped with the knowledge to use a power washer. They end up spending a large chunk of money on a machine they barely use once a year. The added cost of pressure washer detergent also puts a dent in the budget.

Instead of trying to save money, you end up doing the exact opposite. Spending those pounds on hiring a professional power washing company is more economical and with superior results.

A Job Well Done

Cleaning companies have workers trained to use a pressure washer. They know the exact amount of force to be used when cleaning different areas. Your paint job, doors, windows, and fixtures will be safe from the water pressure.

Specialist companies will ensure that your house is washed without any damage to valuable fixtures and fittings.

Save More in the Long-Run

Hiring professional cleaners to do pressure washing or jet washing may add to your maintenance costs. But in reality, you end up saving more. Neglecting your walls, drives, or patios causes lasting damage and a pile-up of grime and dirt.

Growth between crevices leads to ruts and cracks. Mould on the outside starts advancing on the interior of the house. Weeds and moss can eventually weaken the foundations of your property.

By hiring experts to handle the pressure or jet washing around your property, you prevent further damage by weeding out the problems beforehand. Specialised companies also offer additional services of repairs before and after the high-pressure wash.

Furthermore, when you get power washing done, mild repairs and problems are uncovered before they can cause lasting damage. This will save you money in the long run as you can get repairs and maintenance done before the cost becomes too high.

Appreciate the Value of your Investment

It’s easy to maintain the interior of your house as it is closed off. But the exterior is always exposed to the natural elements.

And if you want at a later stage to sell your property or buy something more suited to your needs at that particular time, you will need to spend a whole lot of cash to buff it up.

Hence, regular jet washing of your surrounding outer areas will protect your investment and appreciate the value of your house. There’s really no beating jet washing services when compared with the DIY option.


Lastly, hiring people who know their job saves you the hassle of doing it yourself. You don’t have to monitor or overlook the cleaning process.

You can rest assured that you can leave your house and come back to find each nook and cranny sparkling and dirt free. You save valuable time and money without any hassle and win on all fronts.

Factors to consider before investing in Commercial Jet Washer Services

Once you’ve decided to hire experienced workers to get the work done on the outdoor space of your home, look up a few things before calling them. Entrust your house in the care of a reliable and capable company to get the best possible results.

To find the perfect cleaning company, consider the following factors:

Trained Employees

An industrial pressure washer is a complicated piece of equipment to handle. It has different settings that control the blast of the water. A power jet wash is done with warm water, so heat is used, whereas a pressure washer uses cold water.

House sidings and walls are made of different materials such as bricks, wood, vinyl, and more. Block pavements should be washed delicately as too much pressure can jolt the joints of the slabs. These are just some of the factors that cleaning operatives know about.

The complicated handling of jet spray washers requires trained staff to use the different nozzles, settings, and force of the washers. Book a company that is reliable with a solid reputation.

Reasonable Rates

Getting perfect cleaning done on your property does not mean emptying your bank account. Do thorough research on the best pressure washer services and companies to get an estimate that fits your budget.

Combine quality work with affordable rates to get your house exterior looking fresh and new.

Proof of Work

Jet washing is a specialised field. Companies that have been providing power washing services usually have a sizeable portfolio showcasing their work.

Jet washing can cause significant damage to your outdoor assets. Therefore, it is advisable to check on previous work done by the jet washing services company.

Soft Washing vs Jet washing
Cleaner at work

Water leakage on the inside

If you are not used to jet washing equipment, you can easily miscalculate the force in the blast of water. It will get water inside your walls and window seals, causing water damage inside your house. Remember hot water is used, and this comes with its own health and safety risks.

How Often Should I Have My Driveway Jet Washed

Exorbitant water bills

A high-powered pressure washer uses around 10 gallons of water per minute. In a novice’s hand, the water usage is even higher. It can rack up massive water bills, along with wasting precious water.

Moss on a tarmac driveway

Hazards of DIY Pressure Washers

The benefits of using high-pressure power washers for your house are numerous. Hence, more people have gravitated towards using power washing machines for their homes. But the downside to purchasing high-powered washers is that most users don’t know which pressure washer to buy.

They go for popular adverts like the best pressure washer or pressure washer rental to start cleaning their outdoor areas. Most of these people are ill-equipped to handle the wide range of power washers in the market as they lack the know-how of using these machines. It can cause:

Damage to paint and house siding

High-pressure jet sprays wash away paint and break away siding due to the extreme force of the water.

It also washes away mortar from brick houses and damage or splinter wood outside the house.

Broken windows and doors

A high-pressure hose can shatter the glass from the windows of your house. The force of the jet spray is strong enough to break wood and damage doors if used carelessly.

Loosening of block pavement joints

Jet washing may be the best way to restore your block paved driveway and patio, but it can loosen the joints of slabs. This destroys your block pavement causing fissures and water seeping, leaving space for weeds and moss to grow.

Block pavement cleaners are experts at adjusting pressure levels of power pressure washers. You can easily damage your block paved driveway or patio while trying to use a pressure washer to clean it.

The ‘Whens’ and ‘Hows’ of Power Washing

Everyone understands the benefits of getting power washing done on their property, but the frequency is often miscalculated.

Some factors to consider when before getting a power wash done are:

  • Weather conditions
  • Environmental factors
  • The age of your house
  • The time between each wash


Hiring the experts to jet wash your house exterior removes dirt and grime accumulated over time, but some aftercare is essential to make your power wash last. A couple of things to take care of after a high-pressure wash are:

Letting it dry completely before attempting any external modifications or repairs.

Re-sanding regularly between the block pavement slabs to keep the foundation secure and levelled out. Kiln-dried sand between the slabs also prevents the growth of weeds.

Always paint or do brush-ups after a jet wash.

Use quality detergents and stiff-bristled brushes for regular cleaning.

And lastly, don’t let the dirt and the mud pile up. Use pesticides and weed inhibitors to prevent growth. Regular cleaning of your drainage prevents water collection and moisture damage.

High pressure/jet spray washing is a fantastic way to maintain your property and keep it in tip-top condition. Decide to invest in your home now by booking an appointment with cleaning experts who provide jet washing services.

Driveway cleaning with a pressure washer