The main point to note in this article is the word ‘permanent’. After all, many of us know how to remove moss growing from our paving and concrete surfaces for a season or two, understanding that a few months down the line we will need to repeat the process to ensure the safety of our family and visitors passing by. We are often asked How to permanently remove moss from concrete?

The fact is that power washers are ideal for the cleaning and removal of unwanted debris on concrete surfaces. So many consumers invest in or hire a pressure washer to blast away the evidence of moss and other weeds and leave the surface smooth and free from trip hazards.

However, if you were to bring in a professional cleaning company to do the same job, they would invest time in a couple of extra steps which rid the affected area of moss for good.
What will you need to rid of moss for good?

What you need to do is to kill the moss at its root rather than simply unsettling most of the plant – first pouring hot water onto the affected area.

Following the hot water, brush at the surface to scrub away the moss.

From there, you will need the following things:

  • Baking soda
  • Rubber gloves
  • Household bleach solution in a sprayer
  • Zinc sulfate
  • Ammonium sulfamate – looking in the garden centre for Amcide, Amicide, Amidosulfate, Ammate, Ammate X-NI, Fyran 206k, Ikurin, Silvicide, or Sulfamate


Do not worry, we will not be using all these things at once – and the likelihood is that you will not need to go beyond the household bleach step without the intervention of a cleaning company.

The point is that all these ingredients provide different levels of cleaning intensity when it comes to removing and cleaning away moss from concrete surfaces – creating a permanent solution which can last for years if applied correctly.

The process, once you have your chosen cleaning product picked, is simple. Though it is wise to read up on the chemicals, you are using before application to ensure that you protect both yourself and the living plants around your concrete area.

After application (usually performed using a sprayer), leave the chemical to settle for the specified period of time, use a scrubbing brush where necessary to dig deep into the concrete, and then rinse the area with a pressure washer, taking care not to push the chemical out onto your other plants.

Alternative methods to pressure washing

For those of you who are completely against the use of chemicals unless necessary, consider other things you can do to rid your concrete of moss. One example is to expose the area to sunlight which dries up the surface and stops moss from setting seed and growing there – after all, moss likes damp spots.

Another thing you can do is check your outside area for leaks and water blockages – as again, moss likes damp surfaces and so maybe spreading from a leak that you did not know you had.

If chemicals are the only way forward but you are concerned about using them yourself, your local professional cleaning company will be able to rid your concrete surfaces of moss in no time at all – leaving you with a safe space in which to allow family members and visitors to walk by without the risk of slipping or tripping.