How many times have you wiped down the door of your oven, only to find that the result is less than satisfying because you neglected to clean the inside of the door as well? We are often asked this question How to clean oven door glass?

The great thing about modern glass-fronted oven doors is that you can see inside them without having to open your oven door and ruin your bake or roasting environment. But with every great thing comes a drawback, and in this case, it is the ease with which a glass-fronted oven door becomes dirty and unattractive.

Think of it this way, if you let the grease and glass stains build-up for a significant period, aren’t you simply rendering the glass completely useless? After all, what use is a glass-fronted oven which you cannot see through due to a build-up of grime!

This article explores how to learn how to clean your oven door glass to ensure it is as close to perfect as possible, both on the inside and the outside.

Prepping your cleaning area and equipment

If you ask any professional oven cleaner, they will tell you that to clean an oven door you do not actually need as many products as you might think. In fact, in most cases, a steady supply of warm water, a cleaning sponge and cloth, and a few kitchen items should be more than sufficient.

To get started you will need:

It is also worth investing in a good pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands.

The other thing that is worth considering is the age of your oven – with some of the more modern models boasting a self-clean mode which provides a good starting point from which to begin your clean.

This self-cleaning process is typically not enough to remove the toughest stains on oven door glass, but it can help cut through some of the greases and remove food residue. Make sure you familiarise yourself with the instructions for your own appliance and its cleaning cycle before blindly jumping into a self-cleaning process.

Cleaning the inside of your oven door

In terms of the oven cleaning process, this is the intense bit – and the bit that many of us avoid in favour of the professionals. This can take anything from 20 minutes to a couple of hours depending on how long it has been since your last clean and starts with a solution made up of baking soda and warm water to form a loose paste – use three parts soda to one part water.

Spread the paste over the inside of your oven door glass and leave it to sit 15 minutes. This part of the process can get a little messy, so we recommend wearing rubber gloves to protect your fingers as you spread the paste and place some newspaper under the door to catch any dripping paste.

Once the 15 minutes are up, get your non-scratch scrubbing sponge or brush and scrub the glass to remove and cut into grease and any leftover food from meals gone by.

An alternative method to remove the grease build up on your oven door is to use the Martor premium glass door razor blade scraper. Warming the oven first to 50 degrees will help the grease to be more supple, before using the blade to remove the grease.

Making sure that the blade is flat and level when scraping. The last thing you want when you clean a glass oven is to scratch the glass.

Rinse the paste away with plain water and then take your dry cloth or paper towel to the surface for a thorough wipe down and polish. You can use a glass cleaning product here to really elevate your finished effect, or you can use elbow grease to achieve your ideal result.

Cleaning the outside of your oven door

All too often, we see individuals wiping down the outside of their oven door with a wipe and calling that a job is well done. While this can certainly make a dent in the build-up of grease, for a thorough clean that will leave your oven door glass sparkling, we recommend something a little more intense.

This is where your lemon juice or white vinegar comes in – whichever you have handy – with the acidic nature of both able to cut through any residue grease and lift it away from the glass on your oven.

Ideally, you should put your cleaner solution in a spray bottle and spray it onto the surface before scrubbing a little with your non-scratch sponge or brush. Wipe away the solution with a dry cloth for a perfect shine.

Cleaning between the glass

Unfortunately, we are not quite done (now do you see why so many people choose to bring in a professional rather than attack the glass on their oven door themselves?!)

For the oven to retain its heat and create that ideal cooking environment, the door is made up of two glass panels – and residue can quickly end up setting between the glass if you don’t indulge in a regular clean.

To reach this, you will need to remove the oven door and take it apart to reveal the two sides – and the inside of both sheets of glass panelling. We thoroughly recommend doing this with plenty of sheets and towels underneath to protect your kitchen floor and familiarise yourself with the build and construction of your oven using the instructions and online tutorials before taking it apart.

From there, the cleaning process is much the same as the process for the inside of your door – using the baking soda paste and water.

And of course, you can always fall back on your local professional cleaning company if you want to get the job done efficiently and to a high standard.

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