For those who are lucky enough to benefit from a glass-fronted conservatory, you will already know about the power of having space which serves both the inside and outside of your home. First and foremost, to clear up a common question. How to clean a conservatory roof?

The conservatory is quite literally a portal which combines the beauty of your outside and inside space, allowing you to enjoy both from a single space.

That is until one day you are sitting in your conservatory and you realise that the sun is being blocked by layers of grime, moss and algae and debris that have accumulated on your conservatory roof over time.

Conservatories are renowned for letting in tons of natural light, and as such, they offer some of the most versatile space in the home.

But the challenge with an all-glass construction is of course cleaning – and the simple fact that an unclean glass surface is hugely obvious to those both inside and outside the room.

When it comes to cleaning your conservatory, consumers tend to be pulled in by the idea of pressure washers and abrasive detergents; finding ways of blasting their conservatory windows and glass roofs which can actually cause more damage in the long run.

Steps to prepare for cleaning your conservatory roof

The first choice is simple – are you going to clean your conservatory roof yourself, or do you want to bring in a professional to do it for you?

The choice here depends largely on the level of equipment you already have – as buying in the equipment for a thorough clean can quickly add up and can actually leave many consumers wishing they had just paid someone to come in and do it for them in the first place.

When it is done right, a thorough clean of the conservatory roof should not take too long at all – provided you get all the preparation done in advance.

  1. Decide how you are going to gain access to the conservatory roof. Remember that this is a roof that is made of glass, and so standing on it will likely cause irreversible cracks and damage. The best choices available are:
  • Invest in a telescopic brush which can be extended to roof height from the comfort and safety of solid ground – this is likely the solution which will be used by a professional cleaning company too.
  • Use a generic ladder or step ladder to gain access at the required height.
  • Buy a conservatory ladder – the second choice of professionals.
  1. Brush or sweep away any fallen debris that you can start the cleaning process on a blank canvas. Once you start cleaning at the height, it becomes tough to remove leaves and twigs from the surface sporadically, so make sure you spend time prepping the surface ready for the clean.
  2. Decide on your cleaning process!

The cleaning processes

If you speak with any professional cleaning company, then you will likely find that they herald the use of warm soapy water and straightforward and natural cleaning solutions – not only to protect the glass and ensure that no marks are left but also to protect the natural surroundings around the conservatory.

Removing stubborn layers of grime and dirt isn’t always easy, however, provided you have a decent sponge attached to your extendable pole or in your hand at the top of a secure ladder, you should find that hot soapy water is good enough to do the job.

For those super tough areas at the top and bottom of the slanted roof where dirt collects, you may find a brush the easiest tool for getting rid of extra-thick layers of dirt.

Once you’re happy with the outside, it’s time to hose the excess soap away and move onto the inside of your conservatory glass roof – after all, what use is a shiny exterior if the interior is covered with finger marks and streaks which ruin the overall finish?

This should be much simpler in terms of health and safety, though we recommend keeping your cleaning sponge as dry as possible to ensure it does not drop soapy water all over your interior.

A professional cleaning company will likely cover any soft furnishings with sheeting for protection and will check with you regarding any other items which need protecting before beginning. The preferred method of cleaning will be a water fed pole system. Our chosen supplier of cleaning equipment is X-Line Systems Ltd.

Tips from the pros

We will leave you with this – a few handy hints from our expert cleaners who have experience of cleaning conservatory roofs and who can guide you towards a finish which is as effective as it is safe.

  • Always have a second person there to guide you towards areas you have missed and to keep an eye on the stability of the ladder.
  • Do not just clean the roof – if you are going to do a thorough clean, then make sure you cover the conservatory windows too.
  • Do your conservatory clean on a dry and sunny day, so the exterior dries quickly and so that the rain does not instantly eradicate all your hard work!
  • If in doubt, get in touch with a professional cleaning company who can provide a thorough clean quickly and safely!