As the weather starts to improve and you find yourself spending more and more time outside, you may begin to notice that over the winter months, the exterior surfaces of your home has taken a bit of a hit. So you will be asking how much does pressure washing cost?

Dingy pavements, dirty patio stones and an unkempt driveway can all contribute to the overall feeling that your home is starting to look a little shabby and in need of a little TLC.

The Value of Pressure Washing Services

Enter, the good old pressure washer. Pressure washers first popped up around the 1960s and have been a domestic favourite ever since, leading to a rise in the number of small business and companies offering jet washing and outdoor pressure washing as one of their most popular services.
But why call in a professional when there are plenty of power washers available on the high street?

Professional or DIY?

Well, for one thing, pressure washers of all designs are tricky to master, and for the price tag that you could end up paying for a decent one, you may not even be able to achieve your desired results without help. Your patio, concrete driveway or outside walls may look easy to clean from a distance.

Did you know that when misused, any kind of power washing can do more harm than good, particularly on surfaces not designed for such intense pressure washing?
Damage to paintwork and patio surfaces is something we regularly see when people have tried to take power cleaning into their own hands.
Much of the cost we see is irreversible and could lead to even larger bills simply to rectify the problem.
All things, considered, hiring a professional in for your pressure washing needs is both the safe and sensible option, and will often end up being far more cost-effective in the long-run.

How much will it cost?

So, how much does professional pressure washing cost? And what should you consider?
Pressure washing, when done right, is not a service you will be seeking regularly. Using a trained professional with high-end equipment, you should probably be looking at getting a power washer in to cover your driveway, exterior surfaces, patio and any outside walls about twice a year.

The focus here is on the equipment that a professional will bring, as you can rest assured that the jet washing tools they use will inevitably be 10x more potent than anything you could buy yourself.

Will every company charge me the same amount?

Where locality and company size becomes essential, it is best practice, no matter what service you are seeking, to get between 3 and 5 different quotes.
Depending on how many companies you are keen to approach. The most important thing to note here is that the price your quoted will vary, and this can be dependent on everything from how local they are, to their company size, the equipment they use, and whether they charge by the hour or with a blanket fee.

What does the cost of the quote mean?

We can break the cost of your pressure washing service down into a couple of critical areas:
• Cost of Materials
• Cost of Labour
• Depending on the size to clean
• Required timeframe

When it comes to the materials, not every job will need these. A simple clean of your patio, block paving or driveway is likely to exclude any significant material cost, simply because the only thing your cleaner will require is the washer itself.

Something they already have and access a garden tap. If anything, you may find yourself paying a small percentage of fee towards the wear and tear of the product, but that’s all.
So, to summerise, you’re only looking at labour cost and the timeframe – with the latter depending on the size you need cleaning.

The simplest way to break it down is by looking at a small area, a common area, and a large area. Let’s take a standard British patio as an example.
• If a small patio took 3-4 hours for a professional jet washed clean, you are probably looking at around £100 – £150.
• For a medium-sized patio, the labour that may take 5-6 hours will likely be around the £200 mark or just above.
• For a much larger patio that could take up to 8 hours, you can double your original quote to around £300.
Most of the fee will be for the time and labour, with a tiny percentage attributed to the loan and use of the product.

Are there any extra or hidden costs?

If you choose a locally run company, hidden fees are a no-go. However, there may be one or two extras that you didn’t bank on, and this can talk about during the initial consultation or proposal.

If the patio or driveway is full up with weeds, moss and algae, you may be looking at an added fee for waste removal – something that you can consider.
Most often, the case when weeds and moss have been allowed to grow around paving slabs; creating an untidy and unappealing exterior surface that can also become slippery and unstable over time.

By engaging the services of a professional jet cleaner, you can expect them to visit before the pressure wash, to lay down fungicidal products that will kill the weeds, moss and algae that have grown – making them easier to remove. Once they return with the pressure washer, these edges can be re-established to their former glory, with all the waste product and dirt removed, and kiln-dried sand applied back to the driveway.