How much does gutter cleaning cost?

The likelihood is we have all spent time up a ladder at some point, attempting to unblock a portion of guttering which has become clogged up with falling leaves, debris and even the odd abandoned birds’ nest.

Why is this build-up such a problem?

By stopping the flow of rainwater through the gutter and towards the drain, our homes can end up infested with mould, leaks, and damp – and can even become the home of unwanted pests.

The truth is, we need to keep our gutters unclogged and as clean as possible – indulging in regular clear-outs which cover the entire property. And while it is possible to do this yourself and many do, the safest and most time effective way is to call in an expert such as the team at Stardust.

What does an expert gutter clean involve?

The cost of a professional gutter clean will depend on several factors – namely the size of your property, the number of stories, and the last time you had it cleared out.

Here at Stardust, we can clean up to the height of 4 stories up from the safety of the ground, meaning that only properties above that height will require ladders or the added expense of hiring in a cherry-picker.

You will find that most professional cleaners choose to work in this way, and will only leave ground level if they have to.

Once your professional cleaner has reached their desired level, that’s where the equipment comes into its own.

Eradicating the very manual task that is often undertaken by DIY gutter cleaners (doing it by hand) and instead relying on long-tail pipes which suck all the debris up, down the shoot, and into our waste collection down at ground level.

Once complete, small cameras are attached to telescopic poles and levelled up into the gutter, to check all blockages are clear.
Yes, it sounds simple – and it is.

How much does it cost?

To bring in a professional means:
– A fast service
– Effective cleaning
– Safe removal of all collected debris which doesn’t only wash it over the edges and onto your patio
– A thorough post-service check to ensure that no blockages a

The standard cost starts at under £100, with an increase likely for every storey of the home. The higher the gutter, the higher the cost, though we recommend approaching several local firms to ensure the most competitive quote.

It is worth noting that while the cost of cleaning your gutter is not high, it is likely that your quote will be based around a minimum charge to make the job worth your professional’s time.

Because of this, we highly advise only investing in a professional gutter clean as often as you need to, as the minimum charge will be quoted no matter how long or challenging the job is – you might as well make each clean, professional worth the money.

Do I need to get an expert in, or can I do just do it myself?

Whenever a cleaning task involves heights, we would recommend bringing in an expert – if for no other reason than to ensure the safety of those around you.

Manual scooping out of debris is an age-old task that many of us take on ourselves every year. Still, with professional service, this will be performed quickly and safely, checked thoroughly on completion, and with the added removal of all debris at the end of the job.

Get in touch for an accurate quote for your home today.