How much does a professional gutter clean cost in 2021?

Blocked gutters – the hidden danger to your home.

Professional gutter cleaning – the perfect cure.

The problem with blocked gutters

You might not be able to notice blocked gutters and drains – but your wallet will. The price of repairing damaged walls, inside and out, can be horrendous. Whether it is rendering, brickwork, paint or plaster that gets damaged, the cost can be high in the long term.

The reason? Simply that water damage caused by blocked drains is like a slow, silent killer. It can take months, years even, for water to seep through brickwork and mortar.

Imagine that you have a wardrobe covering the high part of your bedroom wall where the damp is coming in. How long will it take for you to realise the expensive damage that blocked gutters are doing to your property?

If you have any overflowing gutters located above your windows, the dirty water that spills over the blocked guttering will stain the glass.

Also, bear in mind that blocked gutters make the perfect breeding ground for insects, bacteria, and fungi.

What causes blocked gutters?

Those familiar old enemies of almost every kind of property – overhanging trees, twigs, moss, and leaves – are what cause blocked guttering. These organic materials are usually at the root of every water drainage problem. It is astonishing how just a couple of handfuls of leaves and a few twigs cause such issues and expense.

Here is how it happens.

Over time, natural debris builds up in your roof gutter system and begins to rot. This forms a slimy, thick gooey substance that quickly blocks the flow of water. Leaking or overflowing of the gutters soon follows, and this puts your home at risk of water damage.

The answer?

A complete, thorough gutter cleaning service at least twice a year.

How much does a professional gutter clean cost?

Stardust Cleaning Services are not just about fast and efficient gutter cleaning services. We are about value too. We understand how much their homes mean to our clients. So, it is our mission to deliver an effective gutter cleaning service at an affordable price.

Our prices start as low as £30 (for conservatories).

Before we examine prices in detail, let us look at …

… how our gutter cleaning service works

Gutters are awkward to see into and can be difficult to reach, which is why they are so often neglected. We begin by using our GoPro Hero 9 inspection cameras to get a thorough look at the gutter and downpipe and identify the gutter blockage problem’s extent.

We use the very latest, sophisticated Skyvac gutter cleaning equipment supplied from Spinaclean. The powerful vacuum system does not just wash the debris over the edge of the gutter to spill down the walls below. Our equipment sucks up all the debris that is blocking your gutter. It easily removes even the largest clumps of leaves, twigs, roof moss, or plant matter.

Then, we use our sophisticated GoPro inspection cameras again to get a thorough look at the gutter and downpipe. We check that water is now flowing correctly; also, that we do not leave any debris behind.

The features of our gutter cleaning services include

  • A fast, friendly, and fully insured service from our highly trained team
  • Professional gutter cleaning equipment operated from the ground level – no ladders or and only very rarely cherry pickers* required.
  • Use of the latest GoPro inspection cameras before and after gutter cleaning
  • Safe removal of debris from your guttering – no fuss, no mess
  • Collection and disposal of the cleaned-out debris in bags.

*If we do need to use a cherry-picker, we’re fully IPAF certified – trained and insured.

In this article, you will learn what those factors are, how the procedure works, and the benefits of this service.

Bear in mind, roof cleaning is essential too … and that’s one of our specialities too.

Residential gutter cleaning or commercial gutter cleaning –

What affects gutter cleaning prices?

There are numerous factors –

  • It can depend on the type of property. Our gutter cleaning prices for typical semi-detached, terrace, end-of-terrace, the detached or semi-detached house will clearly vary, depending on how long the job will take us. Clearly, the larger the property, the more you will pay.
  • The height of the building. The taller the building, the longer and more complex the gutter cleaning job can be. It is easier for us to clean the guttering on a bungalow than a four-storey building.
  • Additional services. Gutter cleaning only is cheaper than multi-storeyed buildings. We ask you to make this clear when you first ask us for a quote.

How much does a professional gutter clean cost?  

Property type prices from:

Bungalow £55

End of terraced £70

Semi-detached £75

Detached £90

Downpipe £15

Conservatory £30

Each gutter cleaning service comes with a minimum booking cost of £45. When we work out the price, we also consider the metre of guttering dimensions at the time of the appointment.

Do not forget – we also clean gutters on commercial blocks. We will quote the price having conducted a survey first.

What you should do before your gutters are cleaned

There are certain steps to take before your professional gutter cleaners arrive.

  1. Make sure that electricity is easily accessible so our technician can use the gutter cleaning machinery.
  2. Make sure our technicians can park nearby. This is vital for us to be able to manoeuvre our equipment.
  3. Make sure there is easy access to the front and rear of our property.

How long does gutter cleaning take?

How long our gutter cleaning services take depends on your type of property. Here are some approximate times –

  • Terraced house – 40 minutes
  • End-of-terrace – 50 minutes
  • Semi-detached – 1 hour
  • Detached – depending on the size – around 1.20 hour

Why shouldn’t I carry out my own gutter cleaning?

It can be dangerous. You could easily fall.

While gutter cleaning might be straightforward, it can be. Without the kind of telescopic equipment that we use, you could easily fall.

You can damage the outside of your home.

If you choose to rent a professional gutter cleaning machine and aren’t familiar with how to use it, you can easily break a window with the telescopic pole, cause damage to the actual gutters or break the device’s camera.


There can be wiring around roof guttering. The dangers of this speak for themselves.

Top gutter maintenance ideas

  • Regularly check your gutters on lower levels. Then clean out by hand any existing debris if you can.
  • Fasten gutters to the building. Repair any loose gutters. Use a cordless drill to replace the spikes with gutter screws. Gutter screws are much more secure and stable than plain spikes.
  • Seal holes. Check the joints and seams of your property’s gutters. If you find any holes, seal them with silicone caulk.
  • Fix downspouts. Clean any debris out of the downspouts and make sure that all joints fit together firmly.
  • Water runoff. Use splash blocks, a downspout extension, or an irrigation pipe to divert the downspouts’ water.

Frequently Asked Questions to the professional gutter cleaning cost specialists

Q: How often should I ask a gutter cleaning company to clean my gutters?

A: You should get your gutters professionally cleaned at least twice each year. Guttering is a critical part of your property. It is important to keep it in tip-top condition.

Q: How do I know if my gutters need to be cleaned?

A: If you see that your gutters or downpipes are overflowing, leaking, or sagging, then there is every likelihood that they are blocked. Ignore the problem at your peril. This can lead to

– roof leakage

– basement flooding

– cracks in the foundation of your house

– insect infestation

– a damaged driveway.

Q: Is there anything that can be done to avoid the need for gutter cleaning?

A: One way to reduce the build-up of debris is a gutter guard. This will not be a 100% solution, but it will reduce the amount of debris to some degree.

Q: The exterior of our gutters is covered in black mould; can these be cleaned?

A: We offer a full cleaning exterior service that includes outside gutters, fascia, soffit, and windows.

Protect your property with thorough, regular gutter cleaning.

Take the first step – today! Let us get talking.

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