In a modern world where warranties and longevity promise backs up every purchase and service, it seems important to recognise and understand the length of time that any single soft wash treatment will last.

After all, though the treatment uses a potent chemical to assist the cleaning routine and to ensure that any mould spores are killed from the very heart of their roots, the fact is that they will eventually grow back. No weed is gone from the ground forever – and the same is true for surfaces.

Of course, when it comes to determining the effectiveness of anyone cleaning routine or service, it is also important to compare it with other alternatives – with soft wash commonly coming out on top thanks to the solution, which means results last for up to 500% of the time that power washing remains effective. Not a bad review for soft wash, hey?

What will affect the longevity and endurance of my clean surface?

First and foremost is experience and the effectiveness of the treatment itself. This essentially means that if you bring in a professional, the results are sure to last a great deal longer than if you do it yourself – primarily because the professional knows what they are doing and can really get to grips with all those crevices and corners which you might miss as a DIY soft wash cleaner.

Another factor that will affect your soft wash treatment’s longevity is the routine followed during the clean, with a two-product approach being the ideal solution for long-lasting results thanks to the residual protection offered by the cleaners, which both remove and attack the build-up of biological growths and moulds.

The longevity of your clean also depends on natural factors, such as:

• The amount of sunlight the surface is exposed to
• The amount of water it gets
• The extend of the shade which shields the surface
• How often it is tampered with by external sources

And then we have the ongoing treatment – with regular touch-ups leaving your surfaces looking far better than if you were to treat them once, then leave them.

How long will the treatment last?

In essence, it all comes down to your treatment method and your commitment to maintaining a long-term battle against spores and growths, which spoil your surfaces’ aesthetic and structure.

If you’re not sure about the most effective treatment method or are looking for advice on how to maintain a regular cleaning routine, contact your local cleaning professionals for advice and engage in their services.