Several key factors come into play when assessing how long it does take to pressure wash your driveway? – not least how large the area is and how much grime and dirt there is to clean away.

Whether you choose to clean it yourself or with the help of a professional, the first thing to do is to record the size of the area for cleaning – the larger the square metres, the longer the clean, and in the case of hiring in a professional, time is money. After that, the following steps provide a guide to help you assess how long your pressure clean will take:

How many items and objects need removing?

It May seem obvious, but moving vehicles, plant pots, benches and other moveable objects takes time. If you employ a professional’s services, it is worth noting that all this will be added to the fee for their time – unless, of course, you move it in advance.

How much additional prep work is there?

Before you can even think about turning on the pressure washer, excess weeds, moss and debris all need to be scrubbed away to ensure the optimum finish on your driveway. Often employing a chemical mix aid, professionals will usually include this scrub down as part of the overall cleaning process to loosen up any excess dirt, which you will pressure washed away.

The scale of grime, algae and lichen and debris present will be a factor in how long this step of the pressure cleaning process takes. It pays to understand here that a regular clean of your driveway – once a year at least – will render this process as quick and pain-free as possible.

What kind of pressure washer are you using?

Not so relevant for those paying a professional, but if you are taking on the cleaning job yourself, it is essential to realise that different equipment leads to different results.
With the entry-level pressure washer hose likely not providing the same level of clean in as quickly a time as a full-powered rotary nozzle attachment, an electric washer was more likely to be effective when compared with a gas-powered machine.

Linking on to this, for a DIY user, how experienced are you with the pressure washer? Those who know what they’re doing will undoubtedly be able to do the job much quicker than a novice, so consider how experienced you are – and what the value of experience is.

What is the driveway made from, and how will this affect the cleaning approach?

The world has a combination of concrete and brick or block driveways – and brick/block driveways are much harder to clean with a pressure washer due primarily to the care you have to take around the edges and the joins. While a simple concrete driveway can take a pressure wash clean and left to dry, a block driveway or one made from bricks has the additional final step of re-joining the edges, restoring the seal between each block in light of the high-pressure jets you fired at them for the clean. As a result, these types of driveway inevitably take more time to clean – whether you bring in a professional or not.

In short, there is no set answer to how long it will take to pressure wash your driveway – instead, the answer is dependent on several factors which can all determine the timescale, cost and effectiveness of the process. Should you be looking to get a pressure wash done as quickly as possible, using the highest quality tools.

Then your best bet is often to hire in the expertise of a professional; whose experience ensures fantastic results in the most time-effective manner.
And if you choose to go it alone, it’s not a race. Take time to understand how your equipment works, and be sure to take care when using it – not just for your safety but also for protecting your driveway.

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