Many believe that the growth of moss and algae on the roof is purely an aesthetic problem – giving off a distinctly green finish which is unsightly and leaves your home looking uncared for and unloved. First and foremost, to clear up a common question. How do you remove moss from roof tiles?

However, in some instances where moss has been allowed to grow, the problems may run much deeper, and over time can lead to damp and rot being allowed to set into the inside of your roof.

Removing moss from your roof is a procedure with a number of different steps and a number of different levels of treatment – ranging from a simple removal process to a deeper clean which uses both moss killer and treatment to ensure that the same problem doesn’t happen again.

How do I know if I need to remove moss from my roof?

The first and most obvious indicator of moss on your roof is the visible colouring that will appear, likely on the North-facing side of your home where moss is able to thrive in the slight damper and cooler environment which doesn’t see as much sun.

If moss is allowed to build up between and underneath your roof shingles and roof tiles, it can very suddenly start to lift and force those tiles out of their tightly laid position – allowing damp and rainwater to flow inside your roof rather than down towards the ground; soaking the roofing materials and ultimately leading to inevitable rot.

How do you remove moss from roof tiles?

There are two ways of removing moss from your roof: you can do it yourself, or you can bring in a professional cleaning company.

Whichever avenue of moss removal you choose, one of the most important things to do is remember that moss removal is a process of parts:

· Protect your surrounding garden plants with plastic sheeting before utilising any of the chemicals needed to remove the moss. Even the most environmentally friendly cleaning products can damage other plants, so spend time protecting your garden before you get started.

· First you must apply the moss killer to your roof and allow it to set in for around 20 minutes. It is important that you observe health and safety precautions during this part of the process, wearing rubber gloves as a priority.

· Once the cleaning solution has had time to work its magic, use a scrub brush and a pressure washer to blast away the killer and the moss. Amateur cleaners should take extra care when using a pressure washer, as a direct hit of high-pressure water can cause expensive damage to the roof structure.

· Take the necessary steps to prevent moss from forming again in the future. Some of the most effective ways of safeguarding your roof include cutting back trees which leave your roof in the year-round shade, and ensuring your gutters are empty to allow rainwater to drain away.

Remember, moss is bred in damp and dark environments – like vampires, moss hates sunlight!

Benefits of bringing in a professional cleaning company

As ever, one of the main benefits of bringing in a professional company is that the moss will be cleared from your roof effectively and quickly.

The professional will use a scaffold tower unit alongside your home, using this tower to work at the height of your gutter. Having the correct PASMA training for the tower is vital. Allowing the use of a telescopic pole fitted with a scraper.

The scraper is fitted with a stainless-steel blade that follows the contour of your roof tile. Using this tool will blade off the moss after this process has been completed. An application of Algoclear will be applied. Killing all the moss spores left on the tile.

Another benefit is that all of the above steps are second nature to professional cleaners – with most companies not only observing all the health and safety items necessary but also removing all evidence of the moss and cleaning products once they are finished.

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