We are often asked how do you clean a soffit?

Built, maintained, and cleaned hand in hand with the fascia of a home or building, the soffit is the sheet of material that lays on the underside of the roof rafter, overhanging the exterior walls of the building.

In terms of the structural safety of the building, the soffit is essentially there to protect the rafters of your roof from adverse weather conditions, and to ensure that the structure of the roof itself is safely concealed behind a sturdy surface.

Look at it this way – without the soffit in place, the roof would fast become subject to moisture, growing into the mould, and eventually allowing for the rotting of the very beams holding your roof stable.

It all comes down to this – without soffits, your home would be subject to issues in its very foundational construction. And it is up to us to make sure that those integral parts of our home are kept clean and well protected.

How to clean a soffit

We have already identified that the soffit runs on the underside of the roof rafter, immediately meaning that it is naturally protected from being directly hit by bad weather. However, it also means that when you are standing outside and looking up at your home and the roof, it is one of the first things you will see – and if it is dirty, you’ll know.

Cleaning a soffit is best achieved with pressured running water, though you will find that almost all quality cleaning companies steer clear of pressure and power washers due to the sheet volume of water pressure they kick out. Such pressure can ultimately be damaging, and so most companies will rely on the more standard pressure of a garden hose to get the job done.

The cleaning process itself relies largely on cleaning solutions which are made of things you will have in the home – laundry detergent and bleach being two of the most used items in the process. Mixed into a large amount of warm water, these chemicals are designed to kill mildew and cut through grease and dirt to leave a finish which is clean and resistant to future mould growth.

For the most part, cleaning companies will work in sections and will break down the soffit area into chunks which they clean and then rinse, using a trigger added to a standard garden hose. This means that the solution can be quickly removed before it has a chance to dry or drip down onto your surrounding garden or outside space.

If the soffit needs extra attention, cleaning companies may use a scrubbing brush during the rinse process though, for the most part, the cleaning solution is enough to cut through any dirt coating the soffit surface.

Things to look for when you find a professional cleaning company

Due to the height of the average soffit, professional cleaning companies are best placed to deal with these kinds of exterior cleans. However, many consumers can get drawn into deals which are not as good as they seem on the surface. Make sure that any quote you get covers these items before committing to a cleaning company service:

· Cost-effective and fair quote, based on cost comparison with a few other companies

· A gutter clean as part of (or recommended as an add-on to) the soffit cleaning service

· Health and safety factors are followed

For a fair quote based on your requirements, get in touch with us or your own local cleaning company.