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Bringing civic pride back

Don’t you hate the anti-social scourge of graffiti?
Do the buildings you own or manage suffer from this so-called ‘street-art’?
Restore the mood in public or private spaces. Remove that graffiti – fast!

Have graffiti eliminated quickly and efficiently by Stardust Cleaning Services – the graffiti removal experts?

We’ll clean your hard services in no time, making your area a pleasant place to be.

Remove graffiti and restore the look and feel of the entire area.

Graffiti – don’t you hate it? Unless it’s a Banksy, graffiti is an unwelcome curse wherever it might appear.
We have the equipment and know-how to restore spaces to their original standard – quickly and efficiently.

Removing graffiti – where we work

When your buildings and their surroundings are targeted by graffiti, you need to respond quickly and efficiently.

The Stardust team are highly trained in the latest graffiti removal techniques and can quickly and safely remove graffiti from every kind of surface.

We work in public and private spaces alike. We remove graffiti from residential homes as well as schools, rail and bus stations, factories, warehouses, sporting facilities, hotels, fire stations and any other public buildings. We’re super-efficient at removing graffiti from surfaces made from

  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Render
  • Cladding
  • Soft sandstone
  • Wooden fences and walls
  • Glass
  • Toilet doors
  • Tiled walls
  • Street furniture

How do we remove graffiti?

Our biodegradable and environmentally sustainable graffiti removal products are entirely REACH-compliant (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals).

If necessary, we use MEWPs (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms), enabling us to access the most challenging areas.

We make sure that no ‘ghosting’ is left behind on your surfaces. Our processes avoid the need for high-pressure jet washers or abrasive solutions. We leave your surfaces thoroughly clean, restoring the positive ambience of the area.

Graffiti Remover

Our specialist graffiti removal services effectively remove all signs of unsightly graffiti from your property surfaces. We use the latest professional graffiti cleaning equipment and cleaning agents to restore your premises to a tip-top condition.

Graffiti might be a way of expressing oneself for some, but it is an uninvited form of vandalism when done on public and commercial properties. It damages walls and fences and portrays a negative image to customers and the public.

Often localities, businesses, and municipals invite talented artists to paint graffiti on walls for aesthetic purposes. This type of graffiti is commissioned and created to uplift and beautify without damaging the surrounding areas.

But the graffiti that shows up without any warning on indoor or outdoor surfaces with crude and offending messages and garish colours is a defacement of public and private property.

Graffiti Damages

Graffiti brings attention to your property in all the wrong ways. It makes it look ugly and portrays a negative image to potential customers. Graffiti can:

  • Damage porous surfaces like brick, the paint going deep in the cracks and crevices, making them extremely difficult to remove
  • Portray discrimination or racial messages that disturb and offend people and communities
  • Act as a sign of encouragement to other vandals if not removed promptly. It starts with just a tag or stencil, and soon you’re dealing with layers upon layers of graffiti paint.
  • Bring down the goodwill and the reputation on the business
  • Be taken as a sign of criminal or gang activity by people in the neighbourhood as it represents a lack of control on the part of the regulatory authorities
  • Bring down tourism and negatively impact businesses, jobs, and growth rate of the locality

On top of that, city graffiti removal can cost up to millions of pounds in taxpayers’ money and city funds. The damage to their reputation is significant with private businesses as it turns away potential and existing customers both.

The best course of action as soon as you see graffiti is to hire a graffiti removal company. They have the expertise to remove all types of graffiti from any surface without any damage.

Graffiti art is a persistent problem in urban areas and sometimes in small local communities too. It is a heavy financial burden on governing bodies. Subways, bus stops, malls, parks, public libraries, buildings, and streets, nothing is safe from graffiti vandalism.

But not all graffiti is bad…

Commissioned art graffiti is a permanent part of cities and districts these days. It’s the use of art and colour to enhance plain and older areas aesthetically. You can use it to spread positive messages that boost the morale of your locality and spread goodwill. Or you can revamp parts of the city with street art to give them more vibrance.

Brands or businesses use reverse graffiti as street ads. They commission graffiti art to display important messages and signs like directions, rules, or safety warnings. It is a popular advertising tactic in which they can get their name out to their potential customers and carry out their civic duty simultaneously.

But when the same concept is twisted, it turns into petty acts of crime and vandalism that deface and damage properties and become an eyesore. The cleanup costs are massive, and the damage irreparable.


Materials used to make graffiti are:

  • Spray paints
  • Stencils
  • Stickers
  • Paint bombs and rollers
  • Markers
  • Scratching directly on the surface


Graffiti removal is a laborious and time-intensive task. It requires rubbing, scraping, repainting, and using a heavy-duty chemical-based graffiti remover.

If you don’t know how to remove graffiti or powerful graffiti removers, damage to your wall or bricking surfaces is inevitable.

Graffiti cleaning specialists have experience with removing graffiti grime from all types of surfaces. They know how to remove graffiti from brick and what will remove graffiti from plastic.

Cleaning contractors use low-pressure washers with steam

Cleaning companies have industrial-grade pressure washers to remove graffiti from concrete, bricking, stone, wood, and exterior surfaces.

The hot water at one hundred and fifty degrees at very low pressure is a safe way of removing the graffiti spray paint out quickly and efficiently. It is environmentally friendly and uses only water and cleaning detergents if needed to remove the graffiti.

Do Repainting

Graffiti paint has a high chemical content on them. Wax and adhesive also bond strongly to certain surfaces. And markers, pens, and stencils have permanent ink in them. When you paint over it, there is an unbalanced mess of light and dark paint colour. Only a graffiti remover spray is not enough to fix it.

Professional cleaning companies are experts at removing the graffiti with minimum to no damage and repainting it to restore it to its original finish.

Have environmentally friendly graffiti removal products

With the world shifting towards environmentally friendly products, using harsh chemicals for cleaning has become a big no. Since graffiti cleaning is done on a larger scale, using chemicals releases harmful fumes. They cause damage not only to the workers doing the job but to the environment.

Specialist graffiti cleaning contractors don’t use highly chemical and toxic cleaners. They have sophisticated equipment like power washers, jet sprays, nozzles, and attachments, along with non-toxic cleaning agents.

Graffiti protection paint, sealers

Professional cleaners use anti-graffiti sealants and coating on the cleaned surfaces to prevent the paint or ink from seeping into them. It makes future graffiti cleanups easier and causes lesser damage. The anti-graffiti coats also remove any spray paint marks and inks, leaving your surfaces brand new.

Professional graffiti removal contractors will not damage your property with power washers or jet sprays. There is technical expertise involved with using high-powered machines for cleaning. High-pressure washers can break solid concrete and lead to cracks in your block paved sidewalks.

Nor can you clean up brick graffiti with sandblasting or power washing. It will lead to cracks in the mortar and cement. Wood fences can splinter and break with too much force. And the paint washes right off, leaving your walls bare or splotchy.

Don’t worry about the graffiti cleanup costs. Act instead by finding a solution.

Look for a graffiti removal company near me to get a free quote now.


An attempt to clear up spray paint with a graffiti paint remover or spray will only give your more of a headache. Hiring cheap cleaners is even worse than doing it yourself. Inexperience will cause far more lasting damage to your building than a grime graffiti artist.

Graffiti removal is a complicated process because there are different techniques and strategies for each type of surface. Plus, graffiti cleanup in public areas must be done responsibly to prevent further loss or damage.

Inefficient and untrained cleaners will:

Leave faded marks and shadows

If you think that all it takes is a spray paint remover and soapy water for graffiti removal, then you’re in for a shock. There is no such thing as easy graffiti removal.

The wrong graffiti cleaner will also remove the surrounding exterior paint, especially on light or grey walls common in public buildings and parking lots. It adds to the final repair cost as the area around the actual paint marks is also damaged.

Create holes and cracks

Pressure washing, jet sprays, and sandblasting are very effective in removing graffiti from most surfaces. But in untrained hands, these machines become weapons of mass destruction.

Not only do they cause damage, but they are dangerous to use. They can weaken the structural integrity of structures and blast away bits and pieces of concrete and stone.

Don’t attempt using these machines if you don’t know how to remove spray paint from a brick wall. They loosen the mortar and weaken the structural integrity of the structure.

High-pressure washers used for jet wash stencil or paint removal can leave permanent scratches on your walls. It can destroy wooden fences if you don’t know how to remove graffiti from wood.

Furthermore, you must have safety gear and equipment to protect yourself from accidents. You also can’t have children or pets around when you attempt to use heavy-duty power washers.

Burn marks on surrounding areas

Some graffiti removers are so harsh and corrosive that they burn the whole area that you are cleaning. They remove the spray paint and graffiti grime and burn away the surface finish and colour. It causes irreversible damage that looks ugly and is expensive to repair.

Paint-overs, uneven paint, and peeling

Repainting the affected area is a popular fix if you don’t know how to remove graffiti from a painted wall. But it leads to an ugly mess of colours when the old and new paint mix into each other.

To get a nice, even finish, it is essential to remove the old paint so that the pigments don’t mix.

Painting over the graffiti also leads to an uneven finish and application. Because there is already a layer of paint underneath, the new paint will not adhere to the surface as fresh paint should. It will make the paint peel over and have a coarse finish.

It’s difficult to decide what is worse…

Such sloppy fixes or do-overs with DIY or cheap services are hired randomly from a cleaning advertisement.


Graffiti vandalism is fast becoming an expensive maintenance chore for cities and businesses. Graffiti removal in London alone can cost the government millions in pounds every year.

It looks horrible, scares, and offends customers, and decreases property and district value. It isn’t much you can do against offending graffiti except hire more security and get it removed.

But there are some measures you can take to minimise loss and protect your surfaces. They include:

  • Using anti-graffiti paint and coating
  • Use of protection films on glass
  • Fortify structural points with steel, iron, or metal
  • Install more security cameras
  • Remove graffiti as soon as possible, preferably the next day

And lastly, hire reputable and capable graffiti removal companies.

Our cleaning technicians are trained to assess and remove graffiti grime and damage for all types of surfaces. We can arrange flexible appointments that suit your schedules. We also offer cleaning services after hours so that your clients and business operations are not interrupted.

We understand that public areas are tough to maintain with constant foot traffic and timings. We can work out a convenient time that takes care of any or all graffiti damage in such areas, keeping in mind the safety regulations and quality standards.

Our company uses the latest cleaning technology and environmentally friendly techniques and products. We offer cost-effective solutions that will restore your graffiti-covered walls, buildings, parking lots, and sidewalks to a pristine finish.

Our cleaning staff works quickly and efficiently to remove the graffiti without any delays.

Get a quote now for more information on our services.