Garden and Ground Maintenance

Weeding, hedge trimming, lawn mowing and more delivered by local gardeners

  • Looking after your brand image with smart surroundings

  • Neat & tidy lawns, shrubs & hedges make all the difference

  • Experienced, friendly teams of local garden and ground maintenance

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Stardust operative using a knapsack sprayer to apply weed killer on block parking areas

Gardens & Grounds Maintenance

Where do we work? Offices, hospitals, accommodation blocks.

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How we carry out our Garden & Ground maintenance duties.

Hedges, lawn mowing, shrubs, lawn care, leaf clearing, weed killer

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Why use Stardust Cleaning Services?

Fast, Efficient, Friendly, Affordable

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Garden and Grounds maintenance

Fast | Efficient | Friendly | Affordable

Fed up with how your outdoor areas are looking?
Do you feel ashamed at the overgrown state of the grass, rooted weeds, annual weeds, shrubs and hedges?

Here’s the answer:
Garden and Grounds maintenance from Stardust Cleaning Services – the outdoor clearance specialists.

Garden & Grounds maintenance – where do we work?

How you look from the outside reflects what you’re like on the inside. Enhance the image of your business by keeping the green spaces around it in immaculate condition. We’ll help you to present your brand as you would wish with regular high-quality professional gardening by dedicated, fully equipped professionals who perfectly understand your needs.

We provide comprehensive grounds maintenance services to all kinds of commercial clients:

  • Offices
  • Communal Blocks
  • Industrial units
  • Retail spaces
  • Hotels
  • Sports grounds
  • Schools
  • Churches

We cover every garden or grounds maintenance you can think of, leaving your surrounding areas looking just as you’d want them to look – smart, neat and tidy.

  • Grass mowing service & Strimming
  • Weed control
  • Hedge trimming
  • Pruning
  • Moss control in lawns and pavements
  • Planted pots & Hanging baskets
  • Litter picking & site cleaning and tidying
  • Winter gritting and snow clearing
garden and ground cleaning
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local garden and ground maintenance
Request Pricing for local garden and ground maintenance services

How do we carry out our outdoor maintenance service?

Grass Cutting

Our grass cutting team are trained and equipped to cut both large and small areas such as lawns, sports fields, verges or cemeteries. We don’t just cut the grass. We’ll collect and dispose of the cuttings either on or off-site. We’ll cut all kinds of grassed areas – rough or fine grass. All our operators are professional in their approach and are Health & Safety aware.

Sometimes with rougher, more inaccessible areas, we’ll use strimmers to keep the grass down. Our operators always wear full PPE and do everything necessary to avoid damaging the surrounding areas.

Weed Control

This is vital, not only to preserve the aesthetic look of an area but also to comply with the Weed Act 1959. It’s your statutory duty to keep weeds under control. We’re trained in the use of safe pesticides, using knapsack spraying equipment.

Hedge Trimming

Our staff are trained in various kinds of pruning – for a wide variety of plants, trees, shrubs and herbaceous perennials.

Garden and Grounds maintenance – why use Stardust Cleaning Services?

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So many reasons!

  • We’re fast – Clients tell us they’re astonished by how fast we respond and how quickly we get the job done.

  • We’re efficient – Our expert, highly trained teams use only the best, up-to-date, garden maintenance equipment. No rushing. No half-measures.

  • We’re friendly – We’re a family run business with years of experience. We’ve been maintaining outdoor areas for many years. We understand the value of courtesy and good manners. We’ll treat your grounds with the respect that we treat our own. Why else do our customers come back to us time and time again?

  • We’re affordable – Maintaining your grounds and gardens has never been more important. Keeping your lawns, hedges and shrubs neat and tidy should be your number one priority. We keep our prices low, while you keep the look and image of your premises looking great!

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