Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning

Antiviral Property Sanitisation to eliminate 99.9% of germs and viruses

  • Are you a tenant who wants to rescue you deposit?

  • Are you a landlord who wants the property immaculate for your new tenant?

  • Short notice bookings

  • 48-hour guarantee so you get your deposit back

  • Detailed checklist approved by agencies

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Immaculate, thorough & meticulous.

How we clean your property.

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Experienced carpet cleaners

Every nook and every cranny.

We ruthlessly clean ever square inch of your property.

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Why use Stardust Cleaning Services?

Fast, Efficient, Friendly, Affordable

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Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning

Fast | Efficient | Friendly | Affordable

Are you a landlord whose tenants have just moved out? Do you need to return your property to its previous immaculate condition before you show it to prospective new tenants?
Maybe you’re a tenant? Do you want to be sure to ‘rescue’ your deposit? You’ve cleaned the property as best you can, but you need a proper professional cleaning job doing?

Here’s the answer:
End of tenancy cleaning from Stardust Cleaning Services – the property cleaning specialists.

At the end of a lease, whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, you need the property to be immaculate – spotless. This is a non-negotiable. As a landlord, if you let the standards of end of tenancy cleanliness drop, then you’re inviting the standards of the new tenants to drop too. As a tenant reaching the end of a lease, calling us in will be a great investment. By making sure you leave your property in as perfect condition as possible, you have every chance of having your deposit returned.

Rental Property Cleaning – how do we clean?

We clean immaculately and professionally. All you need to do is make sure that the property is cleared of all personal effects.

Do you have any special requests not normally covered by end of tenancy cleaning? No problem. We’ll handle any special request. Let us know in advance and our team of professional, fully equipped, cleaning technicians will look after the rest.

Here are just some of the benefits of our rental property cleaning service –

  • We don’t charge hourly. We’ll work as many hours as the job demands. Our technicians always follow a detailed checklist until the property is as clean as it possibly can be.
  • Special detergents – our end of tenancy cleaners use professional products from the UK’s leading suppliers.
  • Deep oven cleaning – We use a dip-tank oven valeting service in our end of tenancy cleaning service. The oven will look like new.
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Request Pricing for End of Tenancy Cleaning
End of Tenancy Cleaning
Request Pricing for End of Tenancy Cleaning

 End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist– where do we clean?

Our professional End of Tenancy Cleaning technicians follow strict company procedures. They work rigorously though checklists, so you can be sure that you receive the very best service.

We generate our checklists following years of relevant cleaning experience.
We’re 100% confident that by working through this checklist, our technicians will give you a thoroughly clean property – perfect for your new tenants.

End of Tenancy Cleaning – why use Stardust Cleaning Services?

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So many reasons!

  • We’re quick – Clients tell us how delighted they are with our response time and how fast we get the job done.

  • We’re efficient – Our expert, highly trained teams of cleaning technicians use only the finest, most up-to-date, cleaning equipment. The detergents we use are top-of-the-range and eco-friendly. We don’t rush. We never cut corners – we clean them!

  • We’re friendly – We’re a family run business with masses of experience. We’ve been carrying out end of tenancy cleaning for many years. We understand the importance of courtesy and good manners. We’ll treat your property with the respect that we treat our own. Why else do our customers come back to us time and time again?

  • We’re affordable – Maintaining your property and its rental value has never been more important. Keeping it clean and safe should be your number one priority. We keep our cleaning prices low – you’ll keep the value of your property high!

  • Insured and guaranteed – For your peace of mind, all our end of tenancy work is fully guaranteed and insured.

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