Whenever we quote on a new outdoor pressure washing job, one of the first questions we ask is around water access and water pressure. Low water pressure is something which can create a challenge for even the most professional pieces of equipment.

The high-pressure jet stream requires a steady flow of water from the supply tank. The pressure washer draws 25 litres per minute. So the need for a supply of water is crucial.
As such, the first question you will ask upon enquiry is this: do you have an outdoor water tap?

If the answer is yes, there will likely be no issues in completing your outdoor wash job, and you will be sent a quote as usual.
If the answer is no, here are some of the things that we can do to try and ensure the best possible results.

Alternative water sources when an outdoor tap isn’t available:

• A portable pressure washer – this is something which your professional will probably have access to or could at least hire in for the job. Alternatively, this is also something you can purchase for yourself, though the quality will likely not be as high when compared with a professional’s equipment.

• A bucket of water – only applicable when using the correct suction hose. Though useful in a way, this method will be incredibly time-consuming, given the pace at which the pressure washer will get through the bucket of water before needing a refill. Probably the best way to work through this method is to employ the benefits of teamwork – one cleaner, and one bucket-filler.

• Connect to an indoor tap – provided you have a long enough hose pipe. You will also need to ensure you have the correct adaptor which allows you to connect to an outdoor garden hose, without water leaking all over your home!

Will the finish be as good if I don’t have an outdoor tap?

In short, the pressure washer works by drawing enough water into the nozzle to spray out under a highly pressurised jet. If the supply of water cannot keep up with the output, the high-pressure benefits will be lost, and your overall finish will not be as effective.
If you’re seeking professional support with your clean. If you do not have an outdoor tap, then the professionals may well bring a portable water supply tank.