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Giving your decking the care and maintenance it deserves

Is your decking condition giving you heart palpitations every time you use it to relax and unwind?

Cancel your doctor’s appointment and put away your meds. Treat your decking with the love and care it deserves by calling in the experts who provide decking cleaning services.

All decking needs a professional clean about twice a year, usually with a pressure washer to keep it looking beautiful and new. Decking areas provide a perfect place to de-stress, entertain, or do the outdoor grilling.

Decking is a practical and functional yet beautiful addition to your house. It gives you a fun outdoor space perfect for your garden or yard.

Decking acts as an extension of your house, adding to the living area. It’s your own private space to enjoy a cup of tea while enjoying the fresh air and sun. They are also great for outdoor gatherings and family get-togethers.

Benefits of having the experts provide regular decking cleaning services

Your outdoor decking is not only a fun place to hang out but also:

  • Appreciates the value of your property
  • Increases the square footage of your house as it is attached to the house
  • It is aesthetically pleasing and functional
  • Resilient to outdoor elements
  • Safe outdoor playing area for children
  • It can be utilised in winters by adding a convertible shade.
Cleaning a deck

Types of decking materials

The material you choose depends on your personal preference, outdoor décor, durability, maintenance costs, and more. Some of the different types of materials for building decking are:


The most popular choice for decking is wood. The type of wood you use can determine the maintenance costs and durability.

You can choose from expensive woods such as mahogany, cedar, and redwood. There is also softwood (pressure-treated) and hardwood.

Hardwood is pure wood and is the most expensive to buy and install. Softwood is pre-treated wood to protect against moisture and harsh weather. It comes in different price ranges.

Composite Material

A composite material is a mixture of natural wood grains and plastic. It has a wide range of colours and textures to choose from. It is highly resistant to rot, fungus and mildew. Composite decking does not attract termites and woodworm and is resistant to most kinds of decay.

The downside is that it is quite expensive when compared to wood decking. Moreover, cheaper composite materials don’t look as natural as their wooden counterparts.


PVC is purely plastic and easy to maintain. It is splinter-free and is resistant to rot and mould. But PVC decking is a costly investment, and not everyone can afford it.

Common Problems with Outdoor Decking in the UK

The UK’s climate is prone to frequent changes, but it is almost always wet. Due to this, British homeowners mostly prefer wooden decking. Wood dries quickly and is resistant to most stains.

Wooden decking does need professional cleaning twice a year to keep it in a tip-top shape. The British homeowner has to be very hands-on about cleaning and maintenance.

It is easy to keep your wooden decking dry and clean in the short summer months, but the rest of the year is another story altogether.

Cleaning and washing the by yourself does not remove the stubborn dirt, woodworm infestation, or fungus on it. Your decking is susceptible to:

  1. Sun and Water Damage

Exposure to weather and environmental elements fades the colour of your decking. It weakens the wood causing holes and splinters. The faded colour and discolouration ages your decking. It appears dull and lifeless. The holes and gaps escalate the rot and decay in the wood.

A routine professional wash goes a long way towards protecting your decking and increasing its longevity.

  1. Darkening of the wood due to Rot

You can’t escape from the rain in the UK. It’s either hot and wet, or cold and damp. Don’t forget bleak, windy, and wet or sunny but rainy.

In a country where there is wet weather all year round, rotting wood can cost some serious money to repair. Rotten wood is an eyesore and a safety hazard.

You must replace the wood quickly to avoid the spreading of decay. The repairs aren’t easy and require professional equipment and sealants.

If left long enough, the rot can spread towards the wood in your house exterior as well.

  1. Mildew and Mould

An additional hazard of damp wood is the resulting mould and mildew. They leave dark stains on your wooden decking and spread rapidly. There is a permanent musty smell, and it looks horrid.

Industrial-grade solutions are required to tackle mould on wooden decking as soon as it begins.

  1. Creepy Crawlies

Wood is the tastiest snack for creepy crawlies like termites and bugs. These insects can hollow out the wood within days, weakening the decking structure.

Damp wood, rot, and mould is home to termites and insects. The only way to keep them away is getting specialist cleaning done every couple of months.

  1. Loose railings and Boards

Strong railings around decking are a safety net. Daily usage of your outdoor space loosens the railing bolts and makes it unsafe for you and your family.

Loose boards on your decking are yet another safety hazard. They cause accidents and create gaps in the wood of your decking. They lead to structural harm and weakens the joints.

No amount of repair cost is worth the safety of your loved ones.

Go for the Specialists!

Domestic and commercial cleaning companies use specialised cleaning methods combined with soft pressure washing to clean accumulated dirt, algae, and stains.

A professional decking cleaning services company:

Delivers a Perfect Clean Every Time

Unlike DIY decking washing, a professional decking cleaning company uses commercial pressure washing machines and cleaning equipment. They have trained workers that clean every speck of grime from your home’s decking.

Pressure washing in inexperienced hands can damage wood decking, causing breaks and splinters. It also wastes water and leaves the wood damp.

You can prevent the decay and splinters by hiring experts, thereby increasing the lifespan of your decking.

Prevents future Damage

Deck maintenance is all about preventive action. There is no way you can maintain your outdoor decking with just a wash and a sweep. Your deck accumulates dirt and absorbs stains daily. Soapy water and a deck cleaning brush just don’t cut it.

You can’t get the stubborn grime out without soft pressure washing. Nor can you treat the fungus and algae. Rot and mould get worse with time. Bugs are also attracted to the weakened wood.

It’s the safest course of action to routinely book decking cleaning services to do the semi-annual wash of your decking.

Saves Money and Time

Looking up the best way to clean decking on YouTube really won’t help you much. It’s not as simple as cleaning and sweeping. A deck wash is a time-exhaustive process that requires skills and finesse.

It involves washing, brushing, and sweeping. There are repairs to be made and sealants to be applied. You can spend plenty of money on cleaning equipment like a decking wire brush or a power washer.

Even then, you miss out on loose boards, nails, and holes. You are not experienced enough to recognize the early signs of termite infestation and corrosion.

Save valuable time and energy by booking skilled cleaners for your decking. Invest your time and money into hiring the best people for the job.

Seals and Stains

A professional decking cleaning company will apply a sealer after washing your deck. A high-quality sealant will protect your decking from moisture. Cleaning crews know how to test and apply sealants correctly. Furthermore, they have the training to treat different decking materials to protect them from deterioration and environmental harm.

Stains, on the other hand, protect the decking from UV damage. A combination of sealant and stains offer protection from both moisture and the sun. Cleaning operatives have the experience to carry out the sealing and staining procedure for maximum results.

Points Out Repairs

Deck cleaning companies offer additional services that include repairs to your boards, railings, and holes. Professional workers can catch the early signs of deterioration and point you in the right direction.

Even if they do not offer repair services, they give referrals to companies that do. That will help you save big in repairs and replacements.

Increase your deck’s Life Span

Harsh exposure to rain, sun, sleet, and snow can take a toll on your decking. They wear out the colour of the wood and weaken it. Excessive washing without getting rid of the algae and mould will destroy your wooden decking.

If you want your decking to age as well as your house, then fork out the cash for semi-annual cleaning and fixes.

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Wooden deck cleaning
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Advantages of Professional Decking Pressure Washing and Cleaning

If you’re still not convinced about employing a professional cleaning company, let’s look into a few advantages. Experts who provide decking cleaning services will:

  • Use an industrial pressure washer and high-grade cleaning equipment to transform your decking to its original glory. The result from high powered machines is in no way comparable to a simple DIY washing.
  • Has people trained to use a pressure washer with all the various nozzles and attachments. As pressure washing can break wood, it is crucial to use the right amount of force to wash decks. A heavy-duty pressure washer removes dirt and mould marring the surface.

  • Have access to quality cleaning agents for all kinds of deck materials that are not readily available for personal use. The effect of such cleaning agents is far superior and takes less time to dry and set.

  • Are insured against accidents and liabilities to your property Any damage caused to your house, garden furniture, or house is insured and protected.

  • Can spot early signs of They will guide you on how to spot signs of early mould and fungus and ways of counteracting it. Or refer you people who you can hire to do the work.

  • Employ the use of sealants to prevent moisture from seeping into the deck. They work fast, and cleaning operatives know the best weather conditions to clean and seal your deck.

  • Can apply stains to protect from sun damage and bring the colour back to your deck.

  • Don’t wreck your house exterior or any surrounding areas as they treat your deck to a thorough deep cleanse.

  • Remove algae from the deck by cleaning decking with bleach-based cleaners and pressure washers.

The proper DIY care after professional cleaning

Wooden decking is a smart investment to make in your home. They are practical and multi-functional. They offer a much-needed outdoor reprieve and make your house exterior look gorgeous and inviting.

Wooden decking fits in with the natural environment of the outdoors and helps you enjoy nature.

How to clean decking between the annual outdoor cleaning of your wooden deck?

Wash your decking with a good quality cleaning product. Scrub away the dirt and the grime to prevent algae and mulch with vinegar or bleach. Hose down the soap and clear the debris.

Do your cleaning on a sunny day as the sun’s rays kill mould.

Use a stiff-bristled broom or a large brush to apply cleaning solutions.

Do routine checkups for holes and gaps. They are an invitation for the wood-eating bugs to crawl into.

Hammer in loose nails and fix splinters. Check with your cleaning company for an effective water-repellant solution to keep your wooden decking dry.

Test for moisture by spraying it with water to check if your sealant is fresh or wearing off.

Use fungicides to keep the fungus away.

Hazard proof your decking by fixing loose railings and replacing broken ones.

If you are not trained to use a pressure washer, don’t try to wash your decking with a rental or domestic one. It will cause water leakage, uneven surfaces, and chips on the paint.

Follow all the above steps after a professional wash to keep your decking looking brand new.

Attempting perfect cleaning and pressure washing on your own will cause you more grief than your wallet can afford. After all, extensive house and decking repairs done by inexperienced hands can give all homeowners heart palpitations and stress. Hire experts for decking cleaning services.


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