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5-Star professional exterior cleaning service with a 100% money back guarantee

  • A guaranteed clean every single time

  • Certified and trained team of cleaning technicians

  • Inured and protected from accidents and damages

  • A deep clean that goes beyond the surface

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Trusted & Experienced

For all kinds of cleaning services, we know what works. A clean property maintains its looks and its value.

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We’ll never let you down. No hanging around, no missed appointments. We’ll be on time – every time.

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Regular domestic or commercial cleaning contracts. Transparent no-nonsense pricing.

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We set the bar high – high for the quality of our work, for the value we bring and for our world-class customer service.

Why Choose Us For Exterior Cleaning In St Neots?

All our cleaning employees are thoroughly vetted before being hired. They are required to have the qualifications, training, and experience to work with Stardust Cleaning Services.
Alongside the hiring process, our employees are required to go through a training course and a comprehensive manual. It allows them to provide the quality work associated with the high standards of our company.
We pride ourselves on understanding the needs and specifications of every single one of our clients. It is what drives us to deliver superior results consistently.
Our team of cleaning technicians is fully compliant with cleaning industry health and safety including the following:

  • Equipped with the experience and training to use our high-tech industrial-grade equipment
  • Supplied with protective gear, uniforms, and company IDs that identify them as a part of our company
  • Professional, courteous, and willing to help and listen to any issues or problems you may have regarding your property exteriors
  • Diligent workers that treat your exterior premises with respect and professionalism

Leave your walls, driveways, patios, car parks, windows, decking, and bricking in the hands of certified and reliable professionals.
Residential customers can sit back, relax, and enjoy your day off.
Commercial customers can boost sales and promote a positive business image.

How We Work

Here’s how we carry out Exterior Cleaning in St Neots. We have a simple three-step methodology that helps us understand your needs and schedule a wash. It begins with:

  1. Survey And Assessment

Once you get in touch with us, we initially schedule a quick meeting to help us understand your cleaning requirements. A friendly and capable assessment team will visit your premises to assess the area to be cleaned and your specifications. They also guide you with any issues or questions you have on hand.

This step is carried out to ensure your complete satisfaction and approval. We pride ourselves on our eye for detail and believe in delivering a clean that lasts.

  1. Booking an Appointment

Following that, we schedule a final appointment that enables our quick and efficient cleaning teams to clean your outdoor surfaces.

The appointment is scheduled at your convenience so that any commercial activities are not interrupted. Homeowners can also choose timings and days that work with their home and work routines.

  1. Cleaning Day

On the scheduled cleaning day, our organized and capable team of cleaners will arrive at your property. They will be equipped with the appropriate cleaning equipment and eco-friendly solutions. Our cleaning technicians operate like a well-oiled machine ridding your exteriors of:

  • Dirt build-up
  • Animal droppings
  • Oil and grease stains
  • Natural vegetation and micro-organisms
  • Black and green spots
  • Mould, mildew, and pests
  • Unwanted graffiti

Our pressure, power, jet, steam, and soft wash services effectively clean even the most stubborn stains and growth spores from your exterior surfaces.

Don’t let the growth and the dirt fester.

Exterior Cleaning in St Neots: Our Cleaning Services

We offer a complete range of exterior cleaning and pressure washing services for both commercial and residential premises.

Don’t let the long cold winter in St Neots take a toll on your property. Our cleaning contractors employ a combination of washing technologies to give you an immaculate clean that boosts your property’s curb appeal and attracts visitors.

We use water-fed poles and purified water to clean windows to a height of 60 feet. Our speedy and efficient cleaners leave your windows sparkling and streak-free.

Our pressure washing techniques will make your patios and block paving look brand-new.

Our render and cladding cleaning services use jet and power washing to extend the life of your property exterior and leave it maintenance-free.

If you’re hesitant about ruining your old and timeless bricking facades, rest assured. We use only the gentlest cleaning solutions with a soft or steam wash to clean every crack and crevice of your bricking. We understand the reverence the British hold for their historical homes and buildings and treat your property exteriors with the utmost care and reverence.

The same goes for fibreglass and delicate stones like limestone. Our cleaning contractors are experts at handling all kinds of exterior surfaces and only wash them with industry-approved methods.

Our commercial-strength moss, lichen, and algae cleaners discourage growth and leave you growth-free and pristine outdoor surfaces that you can enjoy.

Our services also include fascia and soffit cleaning so that you get a uniform clean on your house exterior. We even do solar panel cleaning as an additional service.

Our flexible timings and booking schedules will not disrupt your business operations or home life.

We aim to serve at your convenience with:

  • Experienced and professional cleaners
  • Friendly and helpful teams
  • Affordability and transparency
  • Insurance coverage
  • Speedy and faultless service

What can we do for you?
Choose wisely. Make the best choice for your assets.

St Neots in Cambridgeshire

St Neots is in the county Cambridgeshire within the Huntingdonshire district. It lies on the River Great Ouse and is the largest town in Cambridgeshire.

It has its own railway station, and Cambridge is only 19 miles away. St Neot’s market square is the largest in England, with a distinctly Georgian feel to it. The St Neots Parish Church and the St Neots Museum are historical attractions that are a must-see.

Add to it a thriving town centre, great restaurants, cafes, and bars, and you have a place where there is something for everybody.
For people who enjoy outdoor activities and nature, there is Priory Park, Riverside Park, and Paxton Pits Nature Reserve. (And that’s just the beginning of the lists of parks and open green lands).

Arts, culture, and cinema aren’t far behind. There is Priory Centre, The Rowley Arts Centre, and Cineworld.

And Stardust is proud to serve the people of Cambridge with faultless service and infallible standards.
Keep your town looking beautiful with clean and vibrant exteriors that make you feel proud.

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Stardust Exterior Cleaning in St Neots – coverage Information

Postcode coverage: PE19

Areas we cover within the town: All of St Neots, Eynesbury, Eaton Ford, Eaton Socon, Little Paxton, and surrounding areas.

Other locations we cover nearby St Neots