Carpet Stain Removal

Making stains and spills disappear like magic!

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Are you in a carpet stain dilemma?

If you’ve spilt something sticky or got a ground in stain on your carpet, the temptation is to scrub at it with some kind of household cleaning product in the hopes that it’ll wash away.

Unfortunately, scrubbing can often make the problem worse by driving the dirt further into the fibres of the carpet, making a sticky mess or bleaching the colour from the carpet.

Spot and stain removal

The alternative to making an expensive claim on your household insurance for replacement carpet, is to give Stardust a call. Test our amazing ability to make carpet stains disappear!

We’ll need to know:

  • What the stain is and how old it is
  • If you’ve tried to clean it and how
  • How old is the carpet and what type of carpet is it (e.g natural, synthetic, short or long pile)

Even if you don’t know exactly what the stain is, we’ll give you an honest answer about whether we can get it out. The answer is usually yes.  You’d be amazed at how many different types of stain we can remove!


Find out which types of stain we can remove by checking our FAQs here.

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